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Let's Go On A Quest



Going-away gift for a friend of mine. Unfortunately the scan made everything a little bit green, but that's all right.

...Yes, that's right! IT'S WATERCOLOR, NOT DIGITAL ART. Hah. Yeah. I do it sometimes still. It made me think, the boy probably wants to go on a quest and so he's bribing his sister with shinies to come with him and defeat the dark lord, and they're going to get into one heckofamess. You know? A couple typical cliche characters.

You should avoid cliches like the plague. (nods wisely)

I used a new technique on this one. Involving quill pens and watercolor. For the small areas. Worked pretty well.
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I like your style. I'm also jealous, cuz I have no skills with watercolor.
The colors fit this very well. =)