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Inking Effect Brushes



Some "inking effect" brushes. A few grungy ones, a crosshatch brushs, some uneven bricks and cobblestones, some lightning, snow, a missing in action stamp... varying usefulness, but since I still hate digital inking I figured maybe someone else would get some use out of these. There's a couple in there I make a ton of use of, especially the snow scatter one. I was trying to make a set to sort of get some effects of traditional inking and mostly failed, so hopefully someone else can find a use for them.

Image pack is included. Go ahead and make your own brush set. If you do, CREDIT ME, LINK ME TO IT--and I'll put it up from here.

If you find my brushes particularly useful credit either to here or my webcomic, Between Places ([link]) is nice, but never ever a requirement. Brushes free for use for anything you can wrap your little mind around except for going off and saying 'I made these!' or repackaging or posting the brushes on another site without my permission. Otherwise, commercial, webcomics, offsite, go ahead, no need to ask.
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Thank u very much iam learning so this is verh useful