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Heros by calthyechild Heros by calthyechild
Art done while I was trying to recover from depression.
Naaren Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
I hope you recovered enough <3
calthyechild Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

I posted a blitz of images because yesterday was the first time I felt ready to actually post some stuff. You're the only one who commented (because of course I haven't built up a fanbase after so long away), and though I don't know you and I figure you just followed me yesterday trying to get your own fanbase going on...

...but godsdamnit if I don't just want to talk a little bit more now than when I wrote that bit under the art.

That was one of the first pieces of art I did after a few months on medication, while trying to regain some sense of the artist I'd been before the depression really slammed in. I can't remember very much of that time. I know I lived in another apartment before the one I'm in now but I actually can't remember living in it. It only took losing my job though, before I felt like I really recovered. Yeah, money is going to be a really scary thing now. But the day after, for the first time in a long while... I didn't want to be dead. I'd forgotten what it was like to feel that way. One of the reasons I adopted a cat was literally so that I would feel too bad to kill myself and leave my friends who are all allergic to cats to have to either take in my cat or give him back to the humane society. That is a shitty way to live.

I'm not better, but at least now I feel like there's the possibility of a way up.

Take care, and thank you for the kind words. <3
Naaren Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
Hey I don't know if you noticed, but all I have posted is random league screenshots and a picture of my waifu dog lmao. ;P

I don't gain anything from getting watchers haha and I enjoy looking at your art and I like DA just for talking to others (wow im a loser xD).

Actually in a month or two I will be using a totally different account to post actual stuff haha so I just have this to talk to some awesome people. :D

Anyways I really want to get to know you better now after you told me all this, you know that right? >;3

I understand how you feel up to a point because I just got a new job as a sushi chef and I had actually really wanted it and dropped my classes to get this job... but then I realized I am really dumb for doing that and for first time have motivation to just finish my associates/bachelors one day lol.

Being a cook is ridiculously labor intensive for the low pay and I thought because I love cooking on my own time this would be a great job for learing... which I actually already learned a lot but its so tough and I get yelled at the whole time.

What job were you doing?

There is always a possibility of a way up I think, so when you figure out how to get there help me up! :P

I would take care of your cat btw, but I actually rather have the cat and you. ^.^
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