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Grass brushes image pack

If you want to use my grass brushset in another program, here is the image for it.

Same "rules" apply... uh... I don't see any reason to request credit for something that took me about two minutes in OpenCanvas, see? So... uh... rules... right.

Yeah, have at it.

Just don't claim them as your own work, and I don't care if you use it commercially, if you don't credit or if you don't show me GASP THE HORRORS. However, if you make these into a brushset and post them, I do want credit and a link back so I can link them from the Photoshop set. :D

Which is in my main gallery.
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I LOVE this! THANKYOU! My first time testing brushes :D
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Thanks! I hope I can install them...
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Well, if you can't install the brush pack, that's what the image pack is for! Thanks.
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will this work in photostudio 5.5 ??
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Yeah, you can make Photoshop 5 brushes out of the images. While I can fairly say I don't know HOW seeing as I'm using CS2, you're welcome to make them and post them in your gallery with credit and a linkback, and give me the link so I can link it to the brushset too.
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I am going to use this! ^-^
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faving so I can save the link, so i can link back if i ever use these brushes anyway, how do you get them in GIMP?
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Crop the brush out of the file that you want, save it as a .GIH in Gimp and save it into the GIMP folder (wherever you have it installed to), there should be one labled brushes, so save it in there. I don't actually have GIMP to verify.

You're welcome. :)
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Thanks <3 I'll try that right now 8D
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Sooo.... would this work on GIMP? Dear nothingness, please freeking work! DX
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Yes, it will work in GIMP. :)
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Used Here: [link] Thanks. :D
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Cool, thanks for letting me know!
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Rocking, thanks I will make some for PS7.
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If you post them up on DeviantArt just credit me and lemme know and I'll link it from the original set. :D
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Ooh, thanks! I use PSP so I appreciate the image pack. :D

Two minutes, huh? That's going to save me hours of background work, especially for a large picture. Thanks tons. :D They came out wonderfully too. I like the different variations.
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Yeah, I'll probably make a PSP set anyway, because PSP people get jypped but I wanted to use them and I've been preferring Photoshop lately. But I figured I'd leave the images up for PSP and other program users anyway.

But seriously, I probably spent 5 minutes on these. You want to use them, you go riiight ahead. They work great. :D
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Aww, you think of us lowly PSP people! :hug:

It's funny to me since PSP basically does everything Photoshop does, just at half the price. Image packs are fine since making brushes in PSP isn't very difficult. :D I just appreciate the extra gesture.
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Heh... as a former user of Paint Shop Pro and a current user of Photoshop I'll disagree. You know what? PSP does a few things better. Gradients, for example. And finding things made so much more sense and oh, I don't know, SNAP CROP TO SELECTION, I loved that.

I got Photoshop and swore up and down I hated it. Stupid program, it didn't do anything I wanted, moving from PSP to Photoshop was so JARRING, and I spent the first few days using it with a friend over instant messenger going PLZ TELL ME HOW TO DO THIS WAHHHH sob Adobe hate...


(clutches head)

I learned otherwise, oh yes. Shall I start with the first thing that pulled me over? Adobe's text tool. That thing. I would have paid for JUST THAT. I mean, not as MUCH, but that. Wow. The added layer blend functions... pretty hot... and it deals with them better than Paint Shop does... and me.

I tend to paint using the opacity blend settings, not size settings for tablet sensitivity. However, I have to try all functions out, right? Paint Shop Pro... sucks. It says PAINT SHOP and its fake art tools are pretty awesome, but you can do the same thing with brushes in Photoshop, honestly. Tablet sensitivity with Photoshop makes me wince to use any other program, it's so smooth there. More realistic than Paint Shop's interpetation. And I grew quickly to love Photoshop's overwhelming amount of shortcuts, as I began to find them.

I used PSP for years. PSP and an even lower grade program. I remember trying to figure out how to color lineart without a multiply layer blend. (winces) Ow. That was torment. I guess that's probably when I stopped coloring it much.

Photoshop is better.

PSP might do it all too... but Photoshop does it better, hands down. PSP isn't all that bad, though. I love the oil tool. It simply lacks things like, oh, Adobe's text tool... wow, I hated adding text to images in PSP... and layer styles... oh, life becomes easier when you can instantly add an outline for speech bubbles!

/Adobe rant.


I still plan to submit PSP brushes because I'll be making the images first, no big deal since I use both programs. If you submit the brush set, credit me and notify me, kay? And I'll link it from the original post.
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I appreciate your honesty here. I have messed around with Photoshop before, but apparently not enough to really get a feel for the program. You have me pretty convinced of Photoshop now. :3 Unfortunately, I was lucky to even get PSP since it was a Christmas present. It's unlikely I will get PS anytime soon, but I now have a little greater respect for the program. What helped the most was actually explaining the transition over. I appreciate that since it does appear rather jarring.

I, too, would like easier texting. It's just "ok" in PSP 9, the version I use. But if I wanted to do, say, comic "sound effects" with varying sizes along with any organic movement... psh. It'd be painstaking in PSP 9. x.x

Also, right after I sent my original comment I found something PSP isn't handling well. My brother found an old picture of our dog. It's got coloration issues and everything. I tried to work with it in PSP and even a bit in GIMP, and they're not really doing a lot for it. (GIMP did more to help than PSP.)

So it appears that Photoshop also gathers together all the possible tools you would need to work on specific things in projects, whereas PSP feels more "generalized." If you want deeper editing on anything, you need to purchase another $80 program from the PSP folks. x.x; In the end it'd probably end up as much as Photoshop. Bleh.
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It was jarring. But CS2 was worth it. I'm homeschooled so we get funding and my funding can be applied to programs, that's my secret. I'll just bribe a college student so I can get the student discount and then use my funding! Poof! Cheap programs. ^_^

Comic sound effects... Photoshop has a pretty easy to use distorter thingy. And it doesn't rasterize the text so you can still edit it. >.> But half the point of effects is having the right font, too...

What's funny is, I have this cheap program that came with our scanner and it still handles some things better than PSP and Photoshop... jpg compression, for one thing. And I refused to use any other program for text except that program because it was sooo annoying in PSP.

Mostly, though, PSP is a good program and worth playing with. And if you ever get a Wacom tablet, the one I got--the Graphire--came with Photoshop elements, which is about on the same level as PSP. I always appreciate having several programs installed because they handle everything differently, anyway. If only I could combine all the good features... ah, PSP's gradient tool, and making brushes with just one click... so nice...
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