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Grass brushes for Photoshop

Version compatable with earlier versions of Photoshop (6, anyway), converted by Firedragon22, can be found here!

And the image pack if you want to convert it to PSP, Gimp, or some other program, is here! If you do, upload it, credit and link to these brushes, and tell me so I can link it from here! A lot of people have downloaded these and still are, so I'd like to keep an index of what programs we've made it compatable for right here!

Here is a set of grass brushes. As it says on the image, NO CREDIT NECESSARY.

Because, see, today I set out on a mission--grass brushes. You know, a few lines each that didn't require credit. EVERYONE WANTS CREDIT. (sobs) Why? No bloody clue, this only took me a few minutes...

Anyway, fav if you download/use. That's all I want! Really! I don't care about credit, I don't care if you show me what you did or not. They're small, but go ahead, use them commercially if you really want, use them off DA, use them in your webcomic (I use them occasionally in mine, Between Places... it's actually why I made them...), or whatever. I don't care. I encourage it! If you use them on DeviantART, however, I will favorite whatever you've done with them if you show me.

Don't repost and claim as your own.

Oh, psst, I have another nature brushset with the same terms of use over here.
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