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Foliage and Grass Brushes

HEYHEYHEY! The image pack and the Paint Shop Pro version of these brushes is now available! And you can find it by clicking here!

A set of brushes for Photoshop that do things like that picture, which was made entirely out of every brush in the brushset. Grass, the ground, that brick texture, a few bushes, and a leaf scatter and a dandilion scatter--which for some reason is pretty small. Sorry about that, but it can be made bigger and still looks okay, for foliage. And, of course, the fuzz-ball, which is huge.

Some are huge, some are not.

Anyway, as always, my brushes are under the following terms of use: FAVORITE THEM IF YOU'RE GONNA USE THEM SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN FIND THEM. That's it. No credit necessary, you don't have to show me (but it does get an auto-favorite if you do...), you can use them offsite, you can use them commercially, you can use them in your webcomic, you can print them out and tear them into bits, you can use them for school projects.

You cannot repost the brushset as your own, include it in another downloadable set, or anything like that. If you want it archived somewhere else, you have to contact me.

If you love my brushes, you should read my webcomic, Between Places! Which is all artsy and I use my brushes in it, so it's relevant, right? But also because they're free and I don't want you to feel burdened about remembering who to credit, so lookie here, you can show me love by going there and reading it and telling all your friends about it! XD
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... and not"but you have to credit and link me"

You're awesome!

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Indeed. I maintain that rule (or lack of rules) for all of my stock, even the stock I sell on other sites. It's not exactly high end, these brushes are pretty dang old by now, but you can certainly use them for whatever you want. :)

Thank you most helpful

thank you for sharing

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great brushes, thanks
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thank you so much
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Thanks a lot for your great resources
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Thank you for the wonderful images that you share to so many, obviously a lot of work has been done to create them so thank you again they are really nice. I need to learn about these brushes within Gimp or PS. 
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:hug: :hug: :hug: Too touchy feely? lol Many thanks, these are fantastic!
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your awesome ... ;)  thank you so much for ALL your brush sets .
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Thanks again, I will check out your webcomic for sure.
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Hello! I used this stock here (on the layers masks): Rural Scene I. Thank you very much for sharing! :iconflowerthnxplz:
awesome brushes, thanks!
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This is a great collection, I made this in minutes. Thanks!
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<font><font>me gustaron tus pinceles los voy a usar en mis dibujos </font></font>
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Thanks for your grasses, I'm sure I will find many uses for them.
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