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Alcatraz Texture Pack 1

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Published: December 4, 2012
EDIT: Thanks for the DD! Here's a link to texture pack 2, 30 MORE free textures from Alcatraz! Watch me for the upcoming actual location stock. [link]

30 UNRESTRICTED stock textures. Urban decay, rust, stone, peeling paint, vines, that kind of thing! In pack one you will find 30 textures of:

Cracked stone tiles. Concrete with weeds growing out of it. Dead vines on cracked stone. Moldy painted stone. Weird wood patterned stone. Algae stone. A sign that says 'fire hose' with holes in it. Blurry paint. Diamond fencing. Peeling paint. Brick. Brick with algae on it. Dirt. Leaves and cracked stone. Battered concrete. Broken streaky concrete.

That is what is in pack one, in varying amounts. That is what you get. Every picture was snapped by me at Alcatraz on an overcast day. You may get the itching feeling that by "pack one" there are more to come. That's right, there's going to be another texture pack, plus a few STOCK IMAGE packs! Oh-ho, get excited, horror fans, I've got some killer settings for you and they will, as with all of my stock, be UN-R----ESTRICT-----ED!!! 38D

My stock rules are simple. Use'm, abuse'm, but if you repost them as your own art I will bite you. Do not repost my stock as your own.

I do NOT demand:
-You link back (Only if you feel like it, please!)
-You credit me (As above!)
-You comment. (I do appreciate it, but you don't have to.)
-You show me what you made. (Not that I mind, but really, if you don't remember who made that texture I will not come back and bite your face off.)
-You only use on DeviantArt (USE THEM WHERE YOU WANT! Your webcomic, your site about dogs, your illustrated steampunk novel, whatever! Shocking but true, there's life outside of DA.)
-You can't use commercially. (And I don't care if you sell art made with my stock.)

I do request that you favorite the pack so other people can find it. Donations, linkbacks, whatever... all that stuff is welcome but unnecessary. This is unrestricted stock. If you appreciate it, the single best thing you can do for me is to make your own stock/brushes/resources and spread them as unrestricted stock.

My "unrestricted" is genuinely unrestricted. Have fun.
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TerrellsEspressoProfessional General Artist
Plain English and no hoops.  Thank you so much for the straightforwardness and the talent <3
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EroticPoetHobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you so much for this.  I know it's not required but I will show you what I make using these.
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TY so much for sharing
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KazcucheoStudent Photographer
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cflonflonHobbyist Digital Artist
Merci pour le partage 

Tattoo by cflonflon
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love your textures
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Can-CatStudent Digital Artist
Thanks for posting. This was used in Terra 3k: A Mutant Pear, a 3rd Millennium prank based on The Biting Pear of Salamanca, by ursulav, for DA’s April Fools’ 2017 Pear Fandom:thanks:   At least, I thought it was a joke. It might actually be a mutant pear. Shiver 
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Thank you so much! I can't wait to play with your textures. I look forward to exploring your gallery.
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Can-CatStudent Digital Artist
Thanks for posting. Congrats for the DD. This was used in Terra 3rd Millennium: Urban Recce, for the Brave New World Contest, sponsored by kuschelirmel.  :thanks:
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These textures are excellent - thanks very much for sharing your work and for your generous T's&C's. I'm looking forward to fully exploring your gallery!
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HeylefroxStudent Artist
Thank you so much for sharing this to us ^_^ 
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CharlainaDittoHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
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Amaranta-GHobbyist Digital Artist
Used here: amaranta-g.deviantart.com/art/…
Thank you. 
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Brilliant thank you  
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May we feature you as a resource for artists on our page?
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calthyechildProfessional Digital Artist
Go right ahead. :)
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DeviantJCHobbyist Digital Artist
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feathered-equineProfessional General Artist
Used here The Duel
Thank you!
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DTElaineHobbyist Interface Designer
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these are not tiles.
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calthyechildProfessional Digital Artist
No, sorry. They're more for 2D artists who are looking to add a layer of texture to their colorization. I for example use my textures by setting an overlay layer over flat colors to add textural depth. I assume you're a 3D artist?

It's not that difficult to turn an image into a tile, so if you feel compelled to make some of my textures into tiles, feel free to post them on your own DeviantArt page with a link back to me (and give me the link so I can share it off of the original texture as well!). Here's a Photoshop tutorial on making tiles. design.tutsplus.com/articles/h…

Make good art. Cheers!
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