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After the Storm



This... took... hours. I don't know how many. The original, which I essentially used as a canvas, took a few, and this took more. When I started this, I made a hard decision and just took the original large version of the wallpaper this is based on and merged it, so I wouldn't be distracted with working with its very messy layers... so technically it became my canvas. This is the original. [link]

I wanted to make something I could print as a print.

So... it started with me doodling mountains to try improve the background. Then I made it larger and made clouds. And doodled a tree. And basically just kept adding stuff on and working it to be bigger and more... more... (facedesk) I do not believe I have ever spent this much time on a picture in my LIFE. THE TREE. ARGH. THE TREE. TOOK. SO. LOOONG. Okay, the mountains and clouds did too but they were a lot more fun... anyway, I'm done. I can't work on this anymore. I've spent hours on it and I can't keep looking at it or I'll break it. It looks fine as it is. Mm.

I'm pretty happy with it even though I did it when I should've been drawing other things.

So yeah, this is Falahil from Between Places, my fantasy webcomic, except with wings.

This picture is jammed with symbolism and story. The poppies were sheer inspiration. I'm very happy with how they came out, seeing as I've never drawn poppies before.

Wacom tablet, Photoshop CS2, some 8 hours. No fancy brushes or textures were abused this time, just a nice circle brush on a fairly hard setting for most of it, to try keep it as close to traditional media as possible.
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a picture for dreaming over. Love it!