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I am Tiffany Munro, a neo-impressionist digital painter, concept artist and fantasy cartographer in Winnipeg, Canada. When I was a teenager, I got the bright idea to 'paint for a living'. I'm succeeding. Watcher count does not = actual sales. Yes, you can consult with me on how to get better at selling your art or making your art. - portfolio. - join my Discord, the Teahouse Between Worlds, for gaming, writers, and artist! Fantasy / sci fi genre RPG, gaming and cartography assets, share your art, look for group / get a group, playtest games, etc. The only rule: Be Excellent To Each Other.

I like eating, avoiding social media, making digital art, cartography, comics, speculative fiction, and wearing clothing hundreds of years (and maybe a timeline astride) out of date.

I'm a queer Canadian who started questioning the validity of coloring outside of the lines at a young age, and well, now look at me. Fu--rbabies. Right. I have cats. The OG cat is gone. :( RIP Duncan, my butler. Now we have Harry and Princess Leia.

I have this now defunct (NO, NO, A DIRTY WORD, COVER YOUR EARS, CHILDREN) webcomic about gates between worlds, virtual reality, and the queer people inside of them trying to figure out their selves and their world.

Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Cloud Atlas, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9; Dollhouse, The Dome
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Red, 30 Seconds to Mars, TFK, Skillet, Cold, VNV Nation, Pure Reason Revolution
Favourite Books
Nightwatch, Snow Crash, Grimspace, Fortune's Pawn
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Neil Stephenson, William Gibson, Samual R. Delany
Favourite Games
The Kingdom of Loathing, Kingdom Hearts, KotoR, Final Fantasy X, XII, XIII
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, 360
Tools of the Trade
A shiny Cintiq wx12 WHICH IS TOTALLY PORTABLE THANK YOU, Manga Studio, Photoshop, Intuos3, a Mac, watercolor, acrylic, pencils
Other Interests
Speculative fiction, steampunk, clothing design, music, roleplay, writing, NaNoWriMo, webcomics, rain, dreaming, Homestuck, art, German


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Happy birthday to your friend! Glad you enjoyed the texture.

Watercolor Texture Pack

1) Pencil. Then moved to watercolor/acrylic. Then moved to mouse. More or less. Then I babysat to get money for a tablet. Somehow I did this with a mouse.

Snow Jedi

2) My favorite part of my workplace is my 24 inch Cintiq... and I must give a nod to my 3DConnection 3 button mouse. What I want is not inside my workspace, it's OUTSIDE of my workspace... digital nomad travel freedom. Guess I'll need a smaller Cintiq for that. I also want the VR helmet art glove Cintiq-type tool I dreamed that I had for making 3D models with my hands like sculpting. It wasn't a full helmet, more of a 1/3 of a helmet.

3) I am always faking it. You would think that being a professional fantasy cartographer with a body of hundreds of pieces of work would make me feel confident in my work but I still feel like the same teenager I was when I joined DA, even if my work has come so far (please check it out if you like, I hardly ever update my DA portfolio with the vast majority of my work as I don't have time and don't get many commissions here). But if you fake it people don't notice. So fake it, I guess. Pretend to be confident. It works for me. I get hired so much more than I really deserve, such great commissions too. (cries) Such fabulous projects that I can't talk about or post for ages. It's exciting. You'd think it's confidence building. But my anxiety always creeps up. I feel like a constant poser, even though, well... I mean... people pay me a lot for my art. Money doesn't make me feel confident either. But acting confident does. Put on that facade!

That's cause you doin' it wrong. You don't just put 'I take commissions' on your portfolio front page to get a commission. Let's take this.

man o' war

Perfectly great art. Who would buy it? Well, I'm in a specific niche so I zoom straight to Game Designers. What would I do to get commissions to make more monsters like this? I'd write a statblock and release it as a free token for DnD 5E / other game systems, throw it in a bunch of Discords for RPG content, Reddit, etc, all while gushing about my cool free monster + token they can use in their game and then throw in "I take commissions to make custom monsters for your game module".

That's how you get a commission.

You don't even have a call to action on the monster's writeup, just something like "Jellyfish" instead of "I designed a Jellyfish for my Pathfinder campaign. I'd love to make custom monster tokens for your game. Here is exactly how to contact me for your commission."

I've been taking commissions for over 8 years, and I do it full time, so... yeah. I admit my advice is a bit skewed towards the TTRPG industry's pitching, but y'know, figure out a target audience, make bait for them that shares itself, and put a call to action on it. DA is infested with artists; go to where your target audience is. Most of my commissions are from participating in TTRPG groups. People would buy your art as monster tokens; make a pack of them as stock and put it on DriveThruRPG, Roll20 or Cartography Assets storefronts to start nudging into the TTRPG industry to get those commissions.