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Tears of Epoch: Chapter 10
It has been 2 days and nights since Ernaut’s first stay with Genevie. He has been undergoing training for himself and his upcoming journey on his own. Ernaut was thinking about the gold thief Genevie talked about, was it too late to even catch the gold thief at all if it was still here? Ernaut was getting some rest, his companion Karin was keeping him company throughout the journey, even if he was still alone. Karin had always been the spirit from the Tear of Heaven, telling about wisdom, being able to analyze the rarest of the rare, and everything most wisemen couldn’t even do. Before the days with Ernaut, Karin would know and flashback everything Aruku did, from her beginning of the journey to the end, but that wasn’t the point at all. What the point was, was the next mission Ernaut was going to receive, the foreshadowing Genevie was talking about.
While Ernaut was still sleeping, Genevie got out of her bed, let out a stretch, and proceeded to walk down to her books
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Tears of Epoch: Chapter 9
Ernaut knew that his journey has yet to come. So far, his partnering with Genevie right now has been going very well. Yesterday, he had learned various tactics, like how to hunt down monsters with a hunting knife as Genevie gave him. Ernaut knew that he was still missing many important key strategies to survival, but felt like he could still learn them over the journey.
Genevie woke up shortly a bit before Ernaut would usually wake up. Like yesterday, Ernaut would expect Genevie to wake him up also as well, telling him they have a new mission or exploration in mind, but not this time. During that time, Genevie went towards the library downstairs, grabbed a book from the shelf with the words “Chromas and the Comet”  
“Speaking of the Chromas, Ernaut would want to know this.” Genevie noted, upon looking back at the information she had collected already from the eastern regions. “Yeah, if he would’ve cared about this now, this should’ve delve
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Mobile Atrocities: GrandChase D.C
Mobile App Name: GrandChase Dimensional Chaser (or just GrandChase for short) 
Developer Name: KOG
Rating: 8/10
Pace: 7/10 (Pace is how easy the main scenario is)
Speed: 7/10 (Speed is how easy it is to get to 6*/max rank in this game)
Annoyance: 3/10 (Annoyance is if the game is unforgiving/insane)
Salt: 4/10 (Salt is if the game relies on RNG/rare rates for units/drops)
Repetition: 3/10 (Repetition is if the gameplay is generic/boring/ripoff of another game)
Comments: Okay, this one's much more unique than the other real-time Brave-Frontier like games or whatever you call them (Chaos Chronicle which had died by 2018, King's Raid, and that other GrandChase game), because you get to use specials which charge based on what your party does and you even get to move your guys freely instead of just moving on to the next wave instantly. It's completely unique from the others, because you get to have 9 slots of customization, a variety of skills and techniques, and more ways to build he
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Crystal Icosahedron by calthax Crystal Icosahedron :iconcalthax:calthax 7 1 Untitled by calthax Untitled :iconcalthax:calthax 8 1
Ad Atrocities: The Real Cost
Ad Name: The Real Cost / VyleDelivery
Rating: 3/10
Productivity: 4/10
Helpfulness: 2/10
Annoyance: 6/10
Vagueness: 7/10 (Vagueness is when you don't explain things in a professional matter)
Desperation: 5/10 (Desperation is trying too hard to advertise something)
Comments: Okay, here we go. These are ads you may notice that are very, I mean VERY common on DeviantArt back in 2016 and still around today. I remember seeing these ads when DeviantArt had that adblock haggling banner, which was removed, but anyways, let's tear this apart.
Okay, these ads are sometimes on YouTube, but they are LOT often on this site, sometimes even on TV, here's what they do, they say something like "what's a pack of smokes cost?" and then some weird things happen. Okay, first of all, we get that already. For a professional ad, you should be talking about that in a more professional matter, like what does smoking do to you and what happens to your body when it does that, not just improving nonsense, like wolv
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Text Review: Ice Cream Truck
TV Show Name: Team Umizoomi
Episode Name: Ice Cream Truck
Rating: 6/10
Script: 5/10
Idiocy: 0/10
Annoyance: 1/10
Mentality: 2/10
Outlaw: 0/10
Brokenness: 0/10
Convenience: 1/10
Comments: Okay, here's the situation. Some desperate kids want some ice cream from some ice cream truck, but he's delayed. Let's not assume he's stuck in traffic for a bit, okay? They want a ice cream cookie called an ice cream pizza. For some reason, I first thought it was pizza with an ice cream flavor, which I found a bit gimmicky. Anyways, moving on.
Team Umizoomi decides to go find the ice cream truck, but wait a second, when they are using Umi Goggles to find the ice cream truck, where's the driver? Was he out going out for help? The problem is that the ice cream truck has a flat tire.
Then the driver comes back and yes, I knew he was talking on the phone to someone, but why wasn't he calling for help on his phone or even a tow truck? He sounds like he's calling some random guy. After that, the kids get th
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Text Review: Arthur's Big Hit
TV Show Name: Arthur
Episode Name: Arthur's Big Hit
Rating: 6/10
Script: 7/10
Idiocy: 2/10
Annoyance: 2/10
Mentality: 2/10
Outlaw: 0/10
Brokenness: 1/10
Convenience: 1/10
Comments: Okay, this one was an internet meme. A big one. Here, D.W keeps on bugging Arthur for working on his project. She annoyed Arthur on his plane project like 3 or 4 times already. Then, the turning point is when D.W believes that the toy plane Arthur was building is actually meant to fly, and then she throws it out the window. If I were wiseguy, I would've thrown it somewhere in the house, not outside the window.
Then, here comes the memetic part; "I told you not to touch it!" Arthur charges a tremendous fist on his hand and then punches D.W in the head. D.W screams which is a bit annoying even for little kids. After that, his parents state "no TV for a week", and I'd agree with Arthur that it was also D.W's fault as well.
There's more, Arthur talks with Buster on the way to school, and guess what? Other studen
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Tears of Epoch: Chapter 8
Ernaut woke up for the the morning. When he woke up today, he realized that he was on quite a thrill recently, and that thrill is only going up the hill the further he is going into his situation.
“Good morning Ernaut. Hope you had a good sleep!” Genevie said, greeting Ernaut for his starting morning for today.
“Ernaut, I heard you unlocked the Tear of Heaven, and everyone is after you. I have already told Wally not to execute you, because I have appropriate evidence talking about the Tear of Heaven, but he still wants to kill you. Anyways, here’s the plan for the next mission. That is, we will explore the area around us to hunt some possible Chromas, so I can see your powers that you got from the Tear of Heaven.” Genevie said. Genevie already wanted to ensure that the powers of the Tear of Heaven are new, because from what Genevie knew from the archives, Aruku had already abandoned the Tear of Heaven because she felt like it caused her enough trouble, but
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Honest Trailers: Team Umizoomi
The following trailer is rated H for Honest.
In a city where the problems are huge, and the heroes are tiny beings... Team Umizoomi!
Explore through all sorts of areas in Umi City, and navigate through labyrinths and fodder as  they find their way through the problems. Couple that featuring... problems caused by idiocy, unhelpful background people, and everything trying to stop them so we can fill the bridge!
Enter in various games such as... finding the right pattern, using the right shapes to build various tools, and a screen that allows anyone to call them, which makes you wonder why there aren't any police/security at all aside from them!
Get ready to experience the superheroes like never before in the Nickelodeon series, as you, a team of FOUR superheroes (plus UmiCar) must solve various problems which your average joe staff could possibly do instead, including; fixing a crack in the aquarium, removing a coin that somehow is strong enough to stop a subway train, and even gett
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Tears of Epoch: Chapter 7
Ernaut was jolted awake by the sudden opening of his bedroom door that he temporary got while staying with Janice. Janice looked like she was a panic.
“Ernaut, I have bad news for you. You cannot stay here any longer. You have to get moving!”
“What is it? Are they after you? Or even myself?”
“Oh, this is miserable! I saw that people were chatting about you, and they threatened to silence anything about Aruku or even the Tear of Heaven. To make matters worse, I found this out on my front door;” Janice pulled out a flyer that said “Wanted: Ernaut; Boy Who Possess Witchcraft and Associates with Comet Caller. Reward is 100 diamonds for whoever brings him into justice.” Ernaut’s heart boiled in response. He was paranoid. Have all of the people of the Nexus lost respect in him for being so heroic with such exotic magical arts?
“Oh great, what am I supposed to do?”
“Go with the Tear of Heaven away as possible. There shoul
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Tears of Epoch: Chapter 6
It has been an day since Ernaut lost his parents, and he was caught for witchcraft by Wally. Janice had let him stay in her estate until he knows what to do next, but what? He didn’t know for sure, but what Ernaut wanted to keep in mind was that there was still hope for him; could there be anyone else who was still interested in the Tear of Heaven, or even the Comet?
“The Chromas seem to be hunting for me. They took my family, and this power seems to be attracting some sort of monster that would cast dark magic altogether. Janice once told me that these were the evolved versions of the Shades, later adapting light rather than darkness.” Ernaut explained to himself over the day. “Since my trial is tomorrow which likely means I’ll be executed to death, I have till today to plan my next move.” The door leading out to the foyer was still closed, but Ernaut still wanted some time alone with Karin.
“I heard that your trial is tomorrow. You have aroun
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I Am Gabriella
There once was a woman
Who wanted to fulfill her dream
A dream to become a good queen
Queen to find new dreams
Dreams that would fly and soar
Which would make a change for good
Her beautiful hair was like a goddess
Touching down to below her knees!
Her clothing was bejeweled as regal
Including her top and bottom
Her navel was covered by a blue fabric
A fabric that was see-through
And she did not wear any footwear
With the exception of sapphire anklets
Grace and elegance will rise upon her
It's time to start a new age
A new age of peace and change
Peace that would motivate everyone
Change to make the world forever
And repair and what has been lost
Once we've done it all for the sake of us
I am Gabriella, the queen of the Haven Tribe who is willing to fight against the Comet and the Chromas.
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Tears of Epoch by calthax Tears of Epoch :iconcalthax:calthax 5 0
Tears of Epoch: Chapter 5
Ernaut woke up for another day. Today was going to be the day that he would use his bag of gold that he had been saving up from chores and services to buy a new present for his parents, which is going to be what his parents wanted. This was one of those days where people take breaks from work to go shopping for their families.
“Hey, I’m going out to buy something valuable, what do you want?” Ernaut asked.
“I would like that one ruby ring that I saw in the jewelry market. Believe or not, it is valuable. As kids before you were even born, we favored gemstones and jewels. When you went into that mine, you couldn’t just mine one yourself? Oh wait, you didn’t have any tools, and you weren’t even licensed to find proper gemstones. Anyways, I think with that amount of gold you can buy that ruby ring. ” Noah replied.
Ernaut with his gold savings bought that one red ring. Because he also had some gold left, he figured he’d also buy something
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Tears of Epoch: Chapter 4
It has been a day since Ernaut has been blessed with Karin’s power, also known as the power that originated from the Tear of Heaven. Ernaut has been exhausted from teaming up with Karin to look out the night in order to find a night howler to kill. Wally and Shion began to investigate north where the wolf had been already killed by Ernaut himself to find out what happened there, and what did Ernaut do to actually kill it.
“We’ve found nothing, maybe the wolf went somewhere else?” Wally said, on the sight of where the wolf was. There was no blood, no good sights!
“Oh, that’s just silly, if a wolf was just right there, why would it move somewhere else then? Refusal wouldn’t be a good answer because they often times hunt for prey, and most of their known candidates range from smaller beasts or even us!” Shion said, looking critical of the situation.
“I don’t know about it, maybe someone else killed it and eventually took it, but
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Gabriella von Haven
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, I am Gabriella, the queen of the Haven Tribe in the world of Teya!

I write fanfics and critiques such as text reviews, honest trailers, and more.
Fanfics on my plan list;
-Ao Oni Rising (successor to Ao Oni)/175k word count planned (On Hiatus)
-AstroPop Ascension (based on the Popcap game)/35k word count planned (On Hiatus)
-Tears of Epoch (based on Enkord's Totem Tribe)/300k word count planned (Planned)
And maybe more on the way?


It has been 2 days and nights since Ernaut’s first stay with Genevie. He has been undergoing training for himself and his upcoming journey on his own. Ernaut was thinking about the gold thief Genevie talked about, was it too late to even catch the gold thief at all if it was still here? Ernaut was getting some rest, his companion Karin was keeping him company throughout the journey, even if he was still alone. Karin had always been the spirit from the Tear of Heaven, telling about wisdom, being able to analyze the rarest of the rare, and everything most wisemen couldn’t even do. Before the days with Ernaut, Karin would know and flashback everything Aruku did, from her beginning of the journey to the end, but that wasn’t the point at all. What the point was, was the next mission Ernaut was going to receive, the foreshadowing Genevie was talking about.

While Ernaut was still sleeping, Genevie got out of her bed, let out a stretch, and proceeded to walk down to her bookshelves, looking for some sort of archive to look at that could be interesting to Ernaut to know. Sure, Genevie was an aspiring collector of the eastern tribes, but she wasn’t able to collect everything. As Genevie browsed through the archives, she then pulled out one with the title “The Tear of Heaven” on it. Reading it, it talked about the legend of the Tear of Heaven, where it originated, how Aruku used it on her old journey and later on abandoned it. She saw the last note at the end of the archive; “the key of the world”. Genevie felt like this was one of Ernaut’s missions with the Tear of Heaven, but Ernaut wasn’t awake yet, he was still asleep in his bed. Genevie wanted to look at some archives she had collected because she wanted Ernaut to learn about them, so he can gain some ideas on what to do with his Tear of Heaven and how it could help him on his mission.

Genevie’s motivation with knowledge from the eastern tribes had gone very well in the past. In fact, these were the kind of knowledge that the people of the Nexus wouldn’t even bow, because she already knows that public opinion towards the outside world around the Nexus has been turned off by the Nexusians, because if there’s zero evidence or proof to be believable, it doesn’t work out.

Ernaut eventually walked downstairs from his bedroom, curious on what Genevie was reading from the archives. He knew that Genevie could be reading some important exposition for only him, but not for the others in the Nexus.

“So, Genevie, what is that you’re reading? You seem to collect a lot of archives and important clues that could help me on my mission.” Ernaut asked.

“From these archives, it says that this Tear is the key, and you seem to be possessing it.” Genevie said.

“What key? The Tear of Heaven? What else would this do?” Ernaut wondered, looking at the archive Genevie was reading.

“This Tear of Heaven is said to hold one of the keys to the world. There is stated to be four tears of the world; and it is said that If all four tears were to be combined forces; the soul shall be able to decide the fate of the world itself.”

“Oh, so this is one of the keys to change the world forever. Okay, so speaking of the other three tears, if I were to collect all four tears and unite them, I gain to control the world, and that’s it?”

“Yes, but there’s a deal. If you ever manage to control the fate of the world, make sure to give Teya a world of happiness, okay?”

“My promise is fine with that, but as you know, you won’t be coming along at all, it will just be me on the way east and collecting the other 3 tears. Who knows what lies ahead of my journey? What other dangers lie ahead? What are the greatest challenges I am going to face there? Oh, Genevie, what are you going to do when I find my way to Evergrove and continue my journey from over there?”

“I’ll be staying here, keeping your presence and knowledge a secret. I don’t know what the people of Castlemore are up to, because they might be planning on some sort of secret plan to find a way to take you down, but you have such defenses and abilities with that Tear of Heaven, so many more powers which I cannot reproduce. I am known to be the only witch in the Nexus, because as you know, the people of Castlemore barely use witchcraft to do their work a lot more often that you know, they would rather stick to casual jobs such as military, smithry, cooking, laws, and sovereignty. Basic stuff.”

“Oh, Genevie, I want to continue my training today. I think speaking of the gold thief that you were talking about, I think we should try to look for him, that way I can catch him and explain his motivation. If his motivation is reasonable enough, like if he’s doing this in a polite manner, I won’t try to bring him into justice, although you have to do it because I’m a fugitive in Castlemore you know,

“Speaking of that, I have a plan for you, do you remember that gold thief that is still lurking about? Well, I witnessed him while I was on my way to deliver the medicine on the project we were doing 2 days ago. I think you should sometime confront that gold thief so you can determine if you want to take him into justice or let him go, if he has a very good motivation, I think that should be the case here right now.” Genevie said, planning on catching the gold thief.

“So, where do we begin?” Ernaut asked, not knowing where to go to catch the gold thief.

“Okay, here’s the situation. Apparently I was tracing the steps of the gold thief, and they led to a cabin somewhere in the forest north between here and the docks. You’re going to need your hood again, so the people of Castlemore can’t be aware of your appearance, because we’ll be catching him and we might end up in publicity right now, although your supposed to be using your Heaven powers for good, let’s just be fair for right now in this situation; so basically no using your Heaven powers, okay?” Genevie stated.

“I’ll do this without using my Heaven powers, and what do you have that can help me catch the gold thief, because I can’t do it by just chasing him over and over again, because it doesn’t work like that for me.” Ernaut asked back.

“Okay, here take this, this is a lasso rope that I used to catch some animals and release them for certain situations, but I guess this will do for right now. If you time this rope right, you can stop the gold thief from running any longer if the lasso lands on him. What I’m saying right now is that you have to throw the lasso and time it, and if you position your throw right, you can stop him from running. Am I making things clear?” Genevie stated.

“Yes, I understand right now, so where do we begin right now? To the cabin north as you stated thanks to your knowledge of forensics?” Ernaut asked.

“That’s right, you’re right on the direction that I was talking about, now here’s the deal, we have to wear these hoods or else we would get caught easily by the people of Castlemore, I don’t know what they’re planning right now, but that’s more like something that I want to do by myself sometime.” Genevie replied.

Both Ernaut and Genevie put on the hoods that were to disclose their identity to anyone. That way, they can navigate to their mission to catch the gold thief without being caught by any people in Castlemore. Speaking of Castlemore, they knew that the gold thief wouldn’t be hiding in Castlemore and rather somewhere in the wilderness of Aurora, because there were a lot more people living in urban places than in the wilderness, Genevie was the only one that chose a wilderness setting to put her own home!

Ernaut and Genevie took the passage through the forests in order to avoid being tracked by outside forces, which that’d be risky to even do, even with their hoods on. In fact, Ernaut would never ever want to set foot in Castlemore ever again, because he didn’t know what the people of Castlemore were even planning to do with him, whether it be opposing him or any other circumstances. Genevie also wanted to go back to Castlemore one day by herself to secretly spy on what Wally was planning,

The forest that they’d been walking through had no light that could be shined through the trees, and the only noises they heard were the sound of the leaves rustling throughout the area, indicating that there was someone else or even an animal moving around in the area, only which can be determined if they were to look around.

“Genevie, I think I see the gold thief.” Ernaut said, pointing a runaway person that was carrying a large bag of gold. Shortly after Ernaut said that, Genevie looked towards the direction that the person was going, Genevie knew that was the gold thief because of the large bag he had. Genevie had to pay attention towards where the person was going, and upon seeing him upon full sight, Genevie knew when to pull the shots for Ernaut to take action.

“There he goes! Catch him!” Genevie demanded, pointing where the direction the thief was going. Ernaut was running towards the direction the thief was going, following Genevie’s demand. The thief went through the forest trails, while Ernaut was on pursuit towards him. In Ernaut’s backpack was a lasso rope from Genevie, which would’ve been used for hunters to catch and release game or other animals. This lasso rope, Ernaut knew had to be the tool of the trade on catching that gold thief.

The gold thief kept on running, but didn’t even say anything about Ernaut and Genevie chasing him, he never looked back as if he knew that wasting just one second would mean running to a dead-end. Ernaut has been managing his distance towards the gold thief and he was on a steady pace, but he knew that he isn’t going to budge well with the lasso, he had to get close enough to throw the lasso and stop him. Ernaut was trying to focus on the gold thief by dodging every obstacle he saw; rocks, trees, and whatever that led to a dead end and wherever the gold thief was going towards.

Ernaut kept on running and running towards the thief and as soon as he got close enough, he then threw the rope towards the thief, knocking him down and being unable to move at all with himself being cornered towards the rope, which Ernaut held on to.

“Now, I’m caught you. Now, state what are you doing with the gold.” Ernaut asked, upon stopping the gold thief.

“Please, I can explain.” the thief replied. “I stole the gold from the Vault of Castlemore because I wanted to find a way to help others in need, you know, my family for example? Okay, here’s the situation, I needed that money so I can help out good will for those in terms of you know, poverty and stuff. You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, that is the still alright. So you stole the gold for good will to help those in terms of poverty and stuff because nobody else refused to help you out. Fine, I’ll spare you then, because your motivation sounds too reasonable to be turned down.” Ernaut replied.

“Thank you so much, I’ll be delivering this gold to you know, good will so I can help them out. You won’t tell anyone you caught and spared me, okay?”

“My secret is fine with you!” Ernaut felt like he was helping out those in need, even though it seems questionable to others. In fact, Ernaut is learning about what it means to be selfish and what it means to only care about yourself. He had quite a bit of adventure today, and he felt like  he was getting tired from the chase. The gold thief had ran off with the promise that he won’t tell anyone that Ernaut caught him or vice versa. Even though the thief would be likely by caught by Castlemore’s guards by sooner, Ernaut learned to spare people if they had reasonable motives, even though they seem questionable.

Ernaut and Genevie, having felt the sense that they actually had done what is right for certain people, had walked right back to their estate. They met and confronted the gold thief, and had actually spared him due to his faithful motivation; he is stealing the gold to assist his family in terms of poverty. Genevie was getting quite tired from the chase, and so was Ernaut as well.

“You know Genevie, this is going quite very well right now. While I wait for some way to get to Evergrove, we on the other hand work together to solve problems and teach me important lore lessons that could assist me in the future. It sound so polite of you. Nobody else cared about the outside world, because it was either “evidence or hoax” to be believable. However, that isn’t the case right now. What is the case right now, is that I want to go over what I have learned right now, and that could review me for the upcoming situations right now. There are many cases where I have to undergo many different kinds of challenges, such as wild animals, Chromas, or dangers of the climates.” Ernaut said.

“I understand. Hopefully, I’ll think about it overnight, but I think the ship for Evergrove is bound to arrive in 2 days. Apparently, this ship isn’t any ordinary ship, it is a cargo ship nicknamed “Galleon” which is meant for delivering goods. Sometimes they allow passengers, but not when they’re delivering a focus on goods at their times. If you do manage to get to the Galleon, I can’t come with you, but that’s the important thing, you want to continue this mission, right. You can’t just stay here for days, you gotta find something to move on to. I read the boards on the docks and they gave me what I needed.” Genevie replied.

“I highly see that this is your plan to move on from there. Taking a ship to Evergrove to continue on your journey east.” Karin said.

“Yes, Karin. This is going to be our long run on the way east. Once we get to Evergrove, this becomes the second part of finding our way east. What else are we going to face there?”

“I’ve never been to Evergrove, and that is where the big part begins. Aurora and Castlemore was just the beginning of things, but Evergrove and onward is where it really begins, where I have to be more serious and more cunning when it comes to the surroundings around me, because I’m on my own from now on.

“As for your objective you did earlier today, how would you feel sparing someone who had a good motivation to do something bad for others?” Karin said.

“There is a reason that I spare people with good motivations, unless that motivation is to hurt people or commit acts of violence towards others, I spared the gold thief because he had a good motivation to do so; he was helping others and not committing any violence towards others. I don’t think he’d make it through Castlemore but that would reflect who I am today; someone who only fights for what it is right, and I only take violence or action when they have the motivation to actually do something bad.” Ernaut said.

“I understand, so you’re someone who is willing to help out others in need and spare those in terms of good will and motivation. You’re learning about mercy and how to treat someone with kindness. What is your weakness, or what do you hate?” Karin asked.

“For me, I hate being bullied and anyone who dares to attack me without mercy. Sure, you may be a good defender, but sometimes I have to learn how to face bigger challenges, such as whatever the Chromas have in mind, or whatever the kingdom of Nexus has in mind to take me down for you know, yourself who they call unidentified witchcraft.”

“Unidentified witchcraft? So you were forced out of Castlemore due to what they framed you for?”

“You’ll never understand, they believe that you are unidentified witchcraft because I have no way of telling Wally that this is believable. In fact, you came from out of the Nexus, and there’s no way these people will believe in you. To make matters worse, speaking of the Chroma threat, they’ll start to believe that I am the one who’s bringing the Chromas here as a way to convince everyone else to join them on their crusade to get rid of me. That’s just for the future incase if Wally brings the message to everywhere else, which would start out when I get to Evergrove and outside because they’ll likely track me while I’m heading for that Galleon in two days. You know, that ship which supposedly is the only way to get to Evergrove?

“Ernaut, I understand, but you’re still training with Genevie. It’s simple enough with those powers, but do you remember that dream where you were fighting monsters and then you got thrown down into a volcano? I have more notable powers that you can even know. I’m not giving to them now because you’re just adapting me into it, I don’t give out powers for free you know, you have to keep on adapting me further and further and then I determine what powers you can gain. Oh, and you seem tired since you were running a lot again. Shall I end this conversation?”

“Yeah, I’m beat out from all that running and chasing, so I want some sleep right now for the night.”

Ernaut then went to sleep in his bed and then closed his eyes, and the purple mark that represented Karin faded out, as if it was only used if Karin was talking and goes invisible to hide any traces of her while she’s in stasis. Ernaut had another day of running, and felt like he needed to get back to his training of skills before leaving Aurora. Ernaut had a goal of getting aboard the Galleon to get to Evergrove, but he still has to learn many skills and techniques which some will be learnt from Karin and some on his own skills. Ernaut’s adventure in Aurora is bound to end soon where Ernaut would leave the island to go to Evergrove and find his way east, but that only starts in two days.
Back in the 2000's during the age of GameHouse games, there came the age of tycoons; 
  • Lemonade Tycoon, where it's actually more fun to make bland recipes because higher-quality recipes have no point and change too much.
  • Deep Sea Tycoon, where you manage an aquarium.
  • Moon Tycoon, where you build a moonbase with people visiting.
  • And many more that I don't know.
But the one I'm talking about is called Cinema Tycoon. Developed by TikGames "Escape the Norm" who later on did mediocre trash like Scarygirl based on the game consoles and Ricochet HD for the PS3 which alienated a lot of users because that was Ricochet Infinity through the filter of laziness and only served to cash-grab the franchise. Though if I remember correctly they did in fact make a few decent games like Panda Craze, and some of their ports were very good like Alawar's Magic Ball and Hamsterball by Raptisoft. 

Cinema Tycoon is like this, you have to raise 1 million dollars in hand by raising a movie theater to the premium ranks. 

But when you're choosing your movies first, PAY attention to "what's hot" and "what's not". Hot genres are a must-pick and a not genres to avoid. Often times these changes so unless you have multiple screens you wouldn't need to play much attention. 

During gameplay, you watch customers get into your theater and watch movies, and those movies are represented by 15 second visualizations that look like what you'd expect from something like PowerPoint or something like that, and they're nothing like the movies that you actually pick. 

You have to raise more money to unlock more menus, ticket menus, team menus, and hype menus HAVE to be unlocked by having a certain amount of money in hand. What I'm saying is that in hand the money you have right now. Not money that you spent already, money that you currently have in hand. 

Sometimes you get a message where competing theaters upgrade their programs or whatever they have, I don't know what's that about. Sometimes you get messages that tell you that something's broken, whether it be spoiled food, seats breaking, or something like that. Sometimes they're often and sometimes they're not and mostly act like enemies in the game. 

Let's talk about the upgrades. There are projector upgrades that let you screen more films because some films require digital projectors to project. Snack bar gives you concessions and additional ways to earn more money, but we'll address the elephant here later on after I get to the other upgrades. Screens is the biggest upgrade in the entire game because they let you screen more movies up to 8 in your theater. Some upgrades like the screens go under-construction which means they take an entire day to finish them up. Seats let you fit more customers in. When I was playing this game for the first time I wondered why no body was sitting in those seats. My main issue with the seat upgrades is that they have lazy visualization which shows that the seats no customers sit in are just plain invisible because whoever was designing them didn't have time to make different screen rooms with various levels of seating. Let's just say basic seating has it's own graphic and stadium seating has it's own graphic, just not in this game, okay? Advertising helps get more customers to appear, and some of the advertising can be done via hype, but I'm saving that for later. 

Let's save the worst for last; the Interlock. The Interlock is in fact the WORST upgrade in the entire game. Apparently it's the last upgrade in the projectors section, it costs $5,000 and only mitigates your daily cost by a bit. No bonuses to the day or anything like that. Why bother buying this if you have a decent rate daily? No idea. 

Let's go to the snack bar. Here is where it gets annoying, to the point I rather just wait it out until I can stack it up until I get the most overpowered upgrade in tycoon games; auto-restock. Auto-restock adds more the daily cost, but when you get to the point where you earn thousands a day or even more, it gets to the point where you have no more upgrades to do/staff to train where the only way to keep on going until you reach your goal of whether it be getting all 8 screens or earning an amount of money in the bank. Sometimes customers would state their bored or something like that or they want coffee. Coffee, pizzas, and burgers are unlocked upon getting the Cafe upgrade and arcades are the last upgrade. Dunno what the arcade does, other than attract more customers though. 

Let's head on over to the Team menu. Here it helps out in terms of ticket lines and cleaning so customers can complain less often, and the technical staff just makes this "fix messages" appear less often. Dunno what the Security staff does because I don't know what problems would be the fault of the customers though and the fact there are no crimes opposing you in this game.

Hype has ad bonuses like ladies night and kids come free, which honestly in all the times I've played it have no idea how it works and wouldn't want to waste my money on the hype menu. Moving on. 

I've only played Mogul Mode because that was the only mode that I was able to start with. In Mogul Mode, you have to get 1 million dollars in hand to beat this scenario, and I haven't gotten around to playing the other modes, where one of them revolves around getting 8 screens and the other one is something else. I've beat this game once and apparently it is easy to get a game over where you have no way to raise more money to above your daily cost, it's just that you have to purposely fail this game by choosing "not" movies or doing absolutely nothing. 

So, in conclusion, does Cinema Tycoon hold up today or shall it be left in the past? Well, apparently this game isn't that fun at all, it's nothing but clicking and clicking by the time you max out everything and the only thing you do is change movies once they run out of days. That's right, movies or films whatever run for around 1-14 days depending on what you can get right now, so in conclusion, this game deserves to be left in the past.

Sentence: No Runtimes (Out of reel)
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  • Playing: RPG Maker VX Ace
I'm here to talk about a videogame where you actually get to analyze sources and determine whether or not they're appropriated written or not. This game I'm talking about is called; NewsFeed Defenders, made by a university and was promoted as an educational video game that helps determine which articles are the bad sources, whether it be scams, false reports, or anything like that.

You can find this game on iCivics and many various sites. Let's go. Okay, we get to pick our avatar and name, and let's go into the game. Okay here it goes, you choose one topic, and that topic is going to be dynamic on WHAT are the correct articles to report. You can choose student life, health, or sports and entertainment. Often times, these topics are gonna get mixy and oftens time takes some trial and error to use to.

You get 14 days of analyzing sources. Every new day new sources will appear, and guess what? It's another one of those games where you only get a time limit per day. You can choose to investigate the sources, but it's mostly only for early game when you're only a Guest because that's the only thing you can really do now. Usually on the second day you can get to Member status which gives you the ability to add posts manually, which if you're curious they do in fact add posts automatically daily. You can dislike or like the posts, but that doesn't really do anything. You can choose one of three posts to post, but sometimes none of them will fit, and you can choose to cancel meaning you would waste like a 3rd of the day doing nothing. 

But let's get to the big part; reporting articles. There is an obvious factor that the article is a target for reporting is IF it has a higher dislike ratio, and some of them like "Video game cheats" or "drugs that make you stronger" or "police blocking votes" are pretty obvious that they're the correct articles to report. Mostly I just report them in all 3-4 categories and find out which ones are which in trial-and-error because I don't feel like picking one. See, it's one of those games which takes trial and error. It's kinda like Jason Coaster Creator where you have to trial-and-error, I hate that trope. But let's get to the last category when it comes to reporting articles, "off-topic". This is the only report category which is dynamic to which faction you've chose, and often times these would blend into each other like a college singer not fitting in student life and video games and health. Often times you'd easily get confused by this. For me, it was more fun to sometimes pure-gamble it and these off-topic posts don't affect its reception but they will affect your Focus bar. Yes, there are three bars, integrity, traffic, and focus. Integrity is where you keep inappropriate posts out, traffic is when you get traction which is the hardest in the early game but gets useful as soon as you become manager/admin status because they give you the option of featuring posts which gives it more traction, which seems like it's a better version of approving. Focus is where you keep off-topic posts out by you know, reporting them using a dynamic category. Focus is the hardest to keep up because there's no real indication if it's off-topic or not, so if you want the ace achievement, you better trial and error which ones drop your Focus because some of those on-topic ones look off-topic and some of the off-topic ones look on-topic.

Some bad sources will instead have more likes than dislikes, such as test anxiety, free college, whatever the case may be. Often times, if you're trying to ace this game, this might require some RNG because sometimes you might get avalanched with some off-topic bad posts on the last day and that might drop your Integrity/Focus meters down. Usually bad posts that are easy targets for reporting will drop your Integrity down, some bad sources won't even do anything and some bad sources are obvious (Sometimes if it's a post about someone ranting about something it's obviously a one-sided post). If you do end the day with all 3 meters full, the game ends automatically. 

Let's talk about the ending. Here, you get your results after 14 days and you get an key of which articles were the correct in terms of reporting. Often times playing this, I had no idea how to tell which ones were off-topic because unlike easy targets such as highly disliked posts/articles whatever you want to call them, but I had a lot of fun with it figuring out which sources go in which. Some sources will be balanced on all 3 factions, and some sources only cater to one faction like sports victories in Olympics or something like that.

Now, instead of giving it a rating, I shall instead decide the question; "Do the NewsFeed Defenders hold up today or shall it be left in the past?" Well, despite the game requiring some trial and error and plenty of writing to actually ace this game. Yes, it actually is possible to ace this game but it takes a lot of trial and error. Often times, when I was first playing this game, I didn't know what to do early on and how to easily report things. It isn't as frustrating as Jason Coaster Creator or anything like that, but the early game requires too much writing and notes, but in conclusion, this game is still okay and I'll give it a pass.

CONCLUSION: NewsFeed Defenders holds up today and is still fun to play. Even though it gets pretty hard early on, the more you play the more you can learn from it, such as which are bad articles and how to be on topic with your website. 
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Ernaut knew that his journey has yet to come. So far, his partnering with Genevie right now has been going very well. Yesterday, he had learned various tactics, like how to hunt down monsters with a hunting knife as Genevie gave him. Ernaut knew that he was still missing many important key strategies to survival, but felt like he could still learn them over the journey.

Genevie woke up shortly a bit before Ernaut would usually wake up. Like yesterday, Ernaut would expect Genevie to wake him up also as well, telling him they have a new mission or exploration in mind, but not this time. During that time, Genevie went towards the library downstairs, grabbed a book from the shelf with the words “Chromas and the Comet”  

“Speaking of the Chromas, Ernaut would want to know this.” Genevie noted, upon looking back at the information she had collected already from the eastern regions. “Yeah, if he would’ve cared about this now, this should’ve delved him deeper into what he needs.”

Eventually, Ernaut walked down the stairs to see Genevie reading some books. He likely overheard her talking to herself over the books.

“Genevie? What did I want to know? Some new information that is important to me?” Ernaut asked.

“This information tells me that the Chromas are new, and if you include the fact that these were the reborn versions of the Shades, the ones we only fought were rooks, and these were just the beginning. Furthermore, we might face even bigger and more powerful Chromas, such as what is nicknamed as Princes, Kings. Kings were the masterminds of them all, and the princes are just the beginning of evolution. Rooks were just the beginning. You know, I’m just telling you this because the further your journey goes, the bigger the Chromas will act. You might also say that you could just rely on the Tear of Heaven for everything, well you apparently can’t. That pocket knife I gave you was a physical weapon for hunting. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to believe in yourself.”

“Yes,I understand.” Ernaut replied.

“Well, what you see here, is that the Tear of Heaven is an relic from the other side of Teya. Why can’t Wally and the others believe in that? That’s a good question; it requires external evidence to be able to believe it in, and yet Wally and everyone else do not care about the other side of the world or the other nations across the world. They only care about themselves. For example, if I find something from another part of the world, it’s going to take a lot of time for them to adjust to where that even came from. The mission that you are seeking right now, involves the other side of the world. It’s just going to be you when you reach the other side of the world, because sooner or later I’m going to have to part from you, because who knows when Wally or Shion plan to take me in for sheltering a fugitive like you.”

“Alright, so what are we going to do today? We don’t have any work to do, and I’m not heading back to Castlemore, because Wally and Shion there would catch me!”

“I’m going to teach you certain aspects of survival, because as you know, you’re soon going to reach to a point where you have to adapt to yourself and your surroundings. You have to watch out for various obstacles, such as noises, potential trouble, everything that is surrounding you.”

"Okay Genevie. What do you have in mind for me? I'm just beginning the start of things. You taught me how to hunt a wild animal with a hunting dagger yesterday. What else can I learn?"

“You may often times understand how there are two types of living; nocturnal and diurnal. Nocturnal means that this plant or animal relies on nighttime to being awake, and diurnal means that this plant or animal on the other hand relies on daytime on being awake. You know, nighttime based on the moon, and daytime based on the sun?

“Thanks Genevie, I was a bit scared though when you were talking about that aspect. Speaking of my sight, I did at least witness what I could make out a Chroma.” Ernaut pointed out.

“Did you say Chromas? If so, we must investigate. Keep in mind, the only thing I know how to fight those Chromas is you, the Tear of Heaven or those powers I were talking about yesterday. In fact, the Chromas are a new threat to the Nexus, which Wally and the others do not know their origins, because as you know, these guys originate elsewhere from the Nexus, which they have no knowledge of.”

“Okay, I think I saw a Chroma somewhere north from here.” Follow me.”

Ernaut and Genevie went towards north as Ernaut stated. Ernaut was already armed with Karin’s powers, ready to fight against the Chroma. When they were looking around, they were sighting another Chroma which was a bit larger and had more strength inside.

“It’s not a sight we usually see everyday. Never seen such a monster like that.” Genevie thought upon sighting the new type of Chroma that she’d never seen before.

“This must be the Chroma Prince! The past Chromas which we’ve fought were just basically rooks!” Ernaut pointed out.

“Okay Ernaut, you’re on your own for this one, because I have no potential means of how to even fight one of these because these are ghosts, meaning any regular weapon will pass through them as if it was not solid or touchable.”

Ernaut got into a fight between the Chroma Prince and Ernaut himself. First, he tried to look at the Chroma Prince's capabilities and strengths, and try to adapting them first. From his sights, he saw that the Chroma Prince was capable of melee attacks such as phantom swords under the colors of the Chromas. Ernaut knew this was just a step up from the regular rook Chromas that he had fought for days in the beginning, and now he was soon going to adapt to new challenges.

"Okay Ernaut, be aware of the phantom swords, be aware of the phantom swords. Once they strike first, strike back at him!" Ernaut was thinking to himself for a tactical approach to the prince. He paid attention to what was going on between him and the prince; the phantom swords, his abilities, and the sightings in mind. He felt like he was getting skilled in Karin's powers, and that felt good for him, even though he knew he couldn't just rely on her all of the time.

"Alright Ernaut, make the shot!" Ernaut unleashed the Spirit Fist on the Chroma Prince as soon as the phantom swords missed him. After the first fist strike, the Chroma Prince recovered and got ready for a 2nd phase.

"I think he's more mad right now, I should keep my focus on him for now." Ernaut still wanted to finish the Chroma off and get ready to continue the rest of his day with Genevie. As he'd expect, he still continued to watch the phantom swords of the prince strike and miss at him, and after that he would unleash his fist strikes at him.

"Time to finish you off!" Ernaut finished the Chroma Prince after missing him for the second him. After defeating the Chroma Prince, it dissipated into energy for Karin, as the energy of the Chroma dissipated into Ernaut's hand.

"Alright Genevie, the Chroma Prince is defeated! Let's move on, shall we?" Ernaut said to Genevie who was watching him fight the Prince.

"Let's go. I think there's still some tactics and strategies you need to learn upon living on your own right now. You used to live with your parents the past years and now, but with your parents missing and you going east, it's soon about time I need to teach you about survival, There are some challenges which are dangerous and risky to begin with. I understand, but this one, is crucial, I mean very crucial."

"I believe this one has something to do with living standards, like how do we live and sleep."

“You'd be right, because as you know, you will need something or somewhere to sleep, because sleep is very important for your health. I think speaking of your surroundings right now, I think the Tear of Heaven can make a good companion for you to keep alert of certain obstacles and predators, but what is important is yourself. That includes health, living standards, all of those conditions. There are various ways to sleep, such as beds, tents, etc, but considering how you're traveling out of the Nexus, I don't know how would you sleep, but I recommend a tent.

"Alright, so how would you set up a tent for example? I never went camping before in the past."

"Okay, this is how you set up a tent. Each tent needs four pins to hold to the ground. The pins hold down the infrastructures of the tent, and you also need poles as well to hold the tent’s roof in place. You need to place the pins down to the ground so it can hold the tent, and the poles hold the roof. Let’s move on to sleeping bags, which is where you’re going to be sleeping in. The sleeping bags are where you’re going to be sleeping in while you’re camping for example. It may feel a bit small, but it does in fact get the job done!”

“What about wild animals or any possible threat? I’m not fit for hunting you know, but these animals are quite an issue for me, some animals are friendly, some animals are aggressive.”

“Oh, I understand. Speaking of wild animals, these can be an issue. Wolves, bears, any of those similar animals can be a threat to you. Any other people, basically neutral on that because sometimes these people can be nice to you, sometimes they can be mean to you. As for the Chromas, only the Tear of Heaven is capable of defeating them, but you can fight wild animals with various weapons; bows, swords, spears, etc. Speaking of people, did you have anyone bully you or commit a sin towards you in the past, right before you heard the word about Aruku?

“Yes, I did. There was a thief that stole a bit of gold from a bunch of people, I tried to catch him, but he escaped. I don’t know where he is right now. That was like several days ago before I met Janice.”

“The gold thief? I heard of that. Wasn’t he that one hooded man, because the only witnesses I recall stated he had a hood on.”

“Exactly. What is important right now is you, your surroundings, and what aims to get in your way. Throughout your journey, you will face many dangers and challenges which will require a lot of thinking and knowledge to sometimes get through them.”

“I get that, I get that. So, what is next right now?” Ernaut asked.

“Okay. This is your first objective. Speaking of what is around you, you have to look around to ensure that you are safe or not. Things like wild animals that hunt for prey, or even Chromas, are what can oppose you on your journey. Watch what you see, and I can tell you if it’s a friendly animal or a wild animal. Chromas however on the other hand, are always threatening.”

Ernaut looked around with his sights as Genevie told him. As usual, in his sightings, he saw some rabbits, birds, and some animals that are just friendly to him.

“I can see some birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Okay, these were my first sightings right now.” Ernaut pointed out.

“Okay, these are friendly animals. That means, they are friendly to you, and they hardly become aggressive towards you. Wolves and bears on the other hand, hunt for animals for their food, which is one of the major factors that show that they can be much more aggressive. What makes an animal aggressive is how reactive it is, and how it hunts for food. If it goes for grasses, fruits, and plants, it’s okay, but if they are capable of hunting animals for their food. It’s like predator vs prey right there. For example, let’s take the rabbit, and compare it to the wolf. Here, the wolf is the predator, and the rabbit is the prey, which means they are being hunted for as food for the wolf. That’s how it works.”

“Alright, I think I learned enough today. Speaking of the time, I think the sun’s going to set right now, so we should call it a day for right now. We learned quite a bit today, but the plan is still ongoing. Sooner or later, I will have to part from you and start learning things on my own right now when I go east.”

After that saying, Ernaut and Genevie headed back to their estate. It had been quite an ambitious day for Ernaut, learning the aspects of survival, dealing with predators, and even fighting new ranks of Chromas! Ernaut was getting quite tired from a bit of exploration and a bit of practice for his future journey, but it was all worth it.

“Survival techniques. I see that’s what you’ve been learning today.” Karin said, upon entering the estate.

"Yes. As I'm planning the trip out of the Nexus, Genevie has been teaching me how to survive certain things, such as how to find proper sleeping conditions or even how to be aware of certain animals. We even fought together against the Chroma Prince, which shows myself as a test to face the larger Chromas. That’s the deal right now, as I’m planning to be on my own on the later adventures and this is only the setup of everything. Before I go on and explore, i need to learn some instincts of how to survive on my own.”

“I understand, so that’s what you wanted to learn before you wanted to continue your quest?”

“Yes, I can’t just explore random places and expect you to take care of everything you know. I need to learn a lot such as how to survive when you’re not available at specific times, how to manage things on my own and how I need to take care of myself as well.”

“It seems like you’re going to sleep soon. Should I close this communication with you?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” Ernaut replied, as he yawned and proceeded to get into his bed.

“Night Ernaut. We learned quite a bit today, but your training continues tomorrow.” Genevie said, wishing him a good night. Ernaut still wanted to continue his training on what to expect on his journey out of the Nexus, but it wasn’t for him just get to the past and do all the work; he has to overcome many dangers and outside forces to get to his destination.
Mobile App Name: GrandChase Dimensional Chaser (or just GrandChase for short) 

Developer Name: KOG

Rating: 8/10
Pace: 7/10 (Pace is how easy the main scenario is)
Speed: 7/10 (Speed is how easy it is to get to 6*/max rank in this game)

Annoyance: 3/10 (Annoyance is if the game is unforgiving/insane)
Salt: 4/10 (Salt is if the game relies on RNG/rare rates for units/drops)
Repetition: 3/10 (Repetition is if the gameplay is generic/boring/ripoff of another game)

Comments: Okay, this one's much more unique than the other real-time Brave-Frontier like games or whatever you call them (Chaos Chronicle which had died by 2018, King's Raid, and that other GrandChase game), because you get to use specials which charge based on what your party does and you even get to move your guys freely instead of just moving on to the next wave instantly. It's completely unique from the others, because you get to have 9 slots of customization, a variety of skills and techniques, and more ways to build heroes. 

And the best of all. NO stamina system, halleujah! That means, you can replay the scenarios as much as you'd like! There's a lot of uniqueness going on, I'm impressed, and here's the second biggest thing; THEY actually THOUGHT to make your inventory expandable via gold, not a premium currency! 

There's a lot more varieties to do here, you got plenty of scenario missions, a lot of strategies, and much more uniqueness than the other games. Speaking of heroes, they do not need to be leveled up, meaning the only thing you need to do is enhance them via fodder monsters, the higher the rarity and if that rarity matches it's 100% chance, and the last thing you need are evostones if you're running a S/SR rank hero (ALL of the SR rank heroes are the main characters from Grand Chase while everyone else is cannon fodder/new to the game) 

The only downside I can think off are the menus; they're clunky and confusing for a bit to begin with, such as having 2 seperate inventories for heroes/monsters.

So if you're looking for a unique game that stands out from the mobile games, and if you're tired of this "stamina system" cliche, I'd check it out.

Mobile Atrocities: GrandChase D.C
NOTE: I still do like Crusaders Quest as they've improved over the years and many of the issues I've seen get resolved (such as stale customization, not being able to change heroes before retrying and rolling for the quest you want). As for Soul Seeker on the other hand. Soul Seeker's dead, Com2uS pulled it in 2019. Heh, they got what was coming to them after I saw them do 8* after I ran out of patience getting their 7* via their slog-walls.

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