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Here are my events planned (so far) this year.
There will follow more, but untill now those events are confirmed:

..... to be continued.....

please note....
I visit many cons on the globe and I’m really happy to see so many new countries. When I travel outside from Germany, the cons invite me as a convention guest. That means the con pays flight and hotel for me and in return I work for them as a judge/panelist/performer/advertiser. It’s an exchange of work and travel. I sadly am not rich enough to pay the flights outside of Germany by myself. So if you want that I come and visit your country, you can talk to an organizer of a local convention. Maybe they are interested to work with me together.

If you are interested in working with me together please check out the booking page

..... to be continued.....

please note....
I visit many cons on the globe and I’m really happy to see so many new countries. When I travel outside from Germany, the cons invite me as a convention guest. That means the con pays flight and hotel for me and in return I work for them as a judge/panelist/performer/advertiser. It’s an exchange of work and travel. I sadly am not rich enough to pay the flights outside of Germany by myself. So if you want that I come and visit your country, you can talk to an organizer of a local convention. Maybe they are interested to work with me together.

If you are interested in working with me together please check out the booking page
I will visit the following conventions this year:

20. – 21. February: LONDON SUPER COMIC CON (UNITED KINGDOM) | as: cosplay guest 
18. – 20. March: J-POPCON (DENMARK) | as: cosplay guest
05.- 07. May: FANTASY BASEL (SWITZERLAND)| as: cosplay guest
X. - X. July: To be announced …. as: cosplay guest
6. - 7. August: UNICON (LATVIA| as: cosplay guest
29. - 30. August: KAWAICON (NORWAY) | as: cosplay guest
3. – 4. September: THE ROYAL FEST INTERNATIONAL (PERU) | as: cosplay guest
X. – X. September: To be announced …. as: cosplay guest

..... to be continued.....

please note....
I visit many cons on the globe and I’m really happy to see so many new countries. When I travel outside from Germany, the cons invite me as a convention guest. That means the con pays flight and hotel for me and in return I work for them as a judge/panelist/performer/advertiser. It’s an exchange of work and travel. I sadly am not rich enough to pay the flights outside of Germany by myself. So if you want that I come and visit your country, you can talk to an organizer of a local convention. Maybe they are interested to work with me together.

If you are interested in working with me together please check out the booking page
I will visit the following conventions this year:

20.-22. February 2015: NÄRCON (Sweden) *cosplay guest*
28.-29. March 2015: LUXCON (Luxemburg) *panelist*
01.-03. May 2015: ANIMEFEST (Czech Republic) *cosplay guest*
08.-10. May 2015: ANIMEXTREME (Brazil) *cosplay guest*
23.-24. May 2015: DOKOMI (Germany)
13.-15. June 2015: OSFEST (Colombia) *cosplay guest*
04.-05. July 2015: JAPANIZAM (Serbia) *cosplay guest*
11.-12. July 2015: ANIMESEXPO (Bulgaria) *cosplay guest*
18.-20. September 2015: CONNICHI (Germany)

..... to be continued.....

please note....
I visit many cons on the globe and I’m really happy to see so many new countries. When I travel outside from Germany, the cons invite me as a convention guest. That means the con pays flight and hotel for me and in return I work for them as a judge/panelist/performer/advertiser. It’s an exchange of work and travel. I sadly am not rich enough to pay the flights outside of Germany by myself. So if you want that I come and visit your country, you can talk to an organizer of a local convention. Maybe they are interested to work with me together.

If you are interested in working with me together please check out the booking page 
You can see all my con history here 
Happy news!
More travels ahead <3~~~

I can happily confirm more guest appearances for this year :D

24th August

30th-31th August

20th-21th September

6th - 7th December

you can see my full traveling schedule on my website
Hey everyone <3!
Finally my report for OTTAWA COMIC CON 2014 is up *_*~

It was my first time in Canada and it was totally awesome <3


The costumes I wore were: Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney, SeeU from Vocaloid and Rachel Alucard from Blazblue!
1146955_639955399403161_441960062_o  1622570_698204000244967_84953416793422727_o 10298656_698702643528436_5891919368709972442_o 

So, Elffi and I had our little booth at the artist alley ^.^~~~
IMG_2881 IMG_2875 IMG_2877

Also cosplay guests were lovely Nicole Marie Jean and Destiny Nickelson from the USA

And we had a lot of stuff to do :D


Elffi and I had panels about "Cosplay all around the world", "Cosplay Performance" and "Men in Cosplay" <3!
Thanks to everyone who came to our panels. The audience was really wonderful and they asked very interesting questions :D.

Let me give you some impressions of the con and the exhibitions!....

IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2916 IMG_2938
IMG_2922 IMG_2923 IMG_2927 IMG_2928

The DeLorean was just sooo cool *_* It felt so good to sit in it ^.^~.
Also a huge huge huge thanks to the Doctor Who Society of Canada for letting me get into one of their Daleks >//////<!
It was a magnificent experience and I am still all giggly and happy when I remember this ^^.

Also here is a video of me transforming into a Dalek ;D

Huge Huge Huge Huge thanks to everyone who came to talk to us, who came to our booth and who took photos with us!
You guys have no idea how unbelievably kind Canadian people really are <3...I am absolutely impressed by this!

One of the absolutely coolest things EVER....and a tiny dream come true....was meeting AMANDA TAPPING (She played Sam carter in Stargate) *____*! I am a Stargate fan since I was a kid and this was just epic!
Amanda is such a charming, cheerful and cute person....I am totally impressed. Also she looks even more beautiful in real than on TV ;D.

I think the biggest thanks of all should go to the most epic cosplay organizer in the world: Matthieu *___*!
He made every tiny wish I had come true <3. From getting tea and sweets to brushing my wig all 10 minutes and also getting this meeting with Amanda. If we would clone this guy, the world would be a better place within a second XD


YES!! And then there was the cosplay competition *_*! For those who do not know it already: I LOVE cosplay stage shows >////<!!! I absolutely enjoy watching them. They had amazing costumes in Canada. Some of them really took my breath away. I made some photos for you to show you some stage impressions :D....

IMG_2954 IMG_2962 IMG_2967 IMG_2970 IMG_2971 IMG_2975 IMG_2978 IMG_2986 IMG_2992 IMG_3002 IMG_3004 IMG_3007 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3027 IMG_3036 IMG_3040 IMG_3042

I hope you liked the pictures I took from the stage <3.

Sorry the report got a bit long with all the pictures XDD hahaha~~~

Well after this awesome con we had a small stay in Ottawa. The city was totally great and there was so good FOOOOOD everywhere *_*~. It was so relaxing ^.^~

Thanks a lot for reading my report <3~~~~

10295345_697109343687766_6430408564212398273_o (1)
Hey friends :D!

I am happy to announce 2 more cosplay guest appearances this year!

19.-20. July

9.-10. August
together with Elffi <3

YAY! Happy to meet everyone in Poland and Austria <3!~~~
Anyone going?

greetings <3~</b>
Hey everyone!

my next con will be OTTAWA COMIC CON in Canada :D!
OMG I am SO excited <3! It is my first time in Canada and I will be there together with Elffi ^___^~~~
We are looking forward to meet new people and talk to everyone :D~
Please come over to say HI if you see us ^.^



I am already working on new costumes that i will bring. Still a lot to do!
My first new costume is already finished. It is SEEU from VOCALOID :D


Hope you like it ^.^
Hey my friends,

I was very happy to visit AKUMAKON in Galway (Ireland) in January. Together with Elffi I went to Ireland for my first time ^.^~
I brought two costumes to the con: ALTER SABER and FRANZISKA VON KARMA :D....


Let's begin with Saturday :D!
Saturday was a really nice day. I wore my Franziska von Karma together with Elffi as Godot.
We had a little booth were we could sell our prints. We were really surprised how open and kind the Irish people were. We could find new friends very fast and had fun to talk with everybody at the booth for a long time :).


The convention itself was kinda small, but the quality was awesome. There were many panels (also 2 panels from us. "Cosplay around the world" and "Cosplay Performances"). Also they had a Phoenix Wright Live Action Game *____* and the con was FULL of awesome Phoenix Wright cosplayers :D!!!! They were really cool people and we had so much fun derping around <3~.

ireland-2060 ireland-2065 ireland-2077 ireland-2072

Also on the same day we were judges for the cosplay competition. I had really fun watching it and some costumes were really adorable *_*! It is so nice to see how much effort everyone puts into their costumes, also the beginners ^^. I took photos of some cosplayers around the con (sry for only inside was so cold outside that nobody wanted to leave the hall XD).

ireland-2054 ireland-2056 ireland-2057 ireland-2058 ireland-2059 ireland-2079 ireland-2099 ireland-2102 ireland-2190 ireland-2184

Everyone was so cute and communicate....we made fast new friends *_*

ireland-2103 ireland-2104

So the first day was already really awesome. The staff was so kind and so helpful. Thanks to everybody who took care for us <3!!!!

Sunday was a bit calmer. We had only 1 panel. But again we had enough time at our booth to meet and talk to people.
Saber and Arthur were guarding the booth <3.


On Sunday I also had some time to take impression shots of the con :D~~~ 
Specially the SWEETS STORE (directly next to our booth hurhurhur) was absolutely awesome <3 NOMNOM!

ireland-2045 ireland-2048 ireland-2051 ireland-2052 ireland-2185

Yooshhh~~~ so the con was totally awesome for us! We hope to be some day again in Ireland <3~

Thanks also to the great team who took us on a small city trip on Sunday evening. We ate at such a GREAT restaurant *____* and I totally had the world's greatest browny!!!
Also I think Galway is such a pretty city ^-^!


Hello my friends,

I was again cosplay guest in MEXICO CITY last December and here is my report!
The con was LA MOLE COMIC CON. The conventions I visit are usually more Anime/Manga oriented and it was my first experience with a more comic oriented convention. So I also did my first comic costume!

On Friday I visited the con as Siesta 45 from Umineko no naku koro ni :3. I had my own little booth where you coud buy prints, talk to me and make photos together.

I was guest together with 4 other amazing cosplay artists! 

DAYNA BABY LOU from Canada :3~
 lamole-1902 lamole-1962

lamole-1901 lamole-1900 lamole-1959 lamole-1916

NICOLE MARIE JEAN from USA ^.^ (feat. mini Spiderman!)
lamole-1905 1502870_620284238036944_2090762848_o lamole-1966

And our only man in the round: SPENCER DOE! As awesome as 4 girls :3
lamole-1906 lamole-1974 lamole-1961

I have to say that those great cosplayers are really kind and totally down on earth! Many people think that "famous cosplayers" must be very stuck up and bitchy. But everybody was very social, no stuck up attitude or anything that people love to gossip about. All of them were very happy and social people :3...I was the only one who traveled alone to MX without company person, but those people really tried to took care for me and helped me during the con. Also many of them gave me some really useful advices how to handle "con business stuff" ;D. Thank you so much!

Our schedule was very simple: 
Friday: standing at the booth
Saturday: standing at the booth, 1h Q&A Panel and judging. 
Sunday: standing at the booth, judging

I am not used to spend my con time standing at a booth (It was the first time for me), but It seems that this is more the comic convention style that I still did not know. I had more fun walking around and watching&judging the cosplay competitions. But more about that later.

A big help at my booth was the most awesome translator and friend: Louis :3~ (Thank you SO much, man!).
He helped me selling my stuff ans translates for me when non-English-speaking-fans wanted to talk to me. Also I always had enough food and drinks *_*~~~!

Let me show you some impression photos I took during the con :3. You could buy tons of cute and cool things.
lamole-1909 lamole-1910 lamole-1931 lamole-1938 lamole-1941 lamole-1914

Also many many comic book authors got invited as guests and you could meet them at their boothes, too.
(It was sometimes a bit strange to have a booth as big as the booth of a great, famous and professional comic book artist. I am just a hobby-sewer *laugh*~)
lamole-1923 lamole-1924

Mexico also has many fanclubs for series like Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and many others :3.
lamole-1907 lamole-1953

I sadly had noch much time to take photos of the cosplayers who walked around (I was busy at my booth ;O; ) sorry that I cannot give you impressions of the costumes there. But I have to say that many were really awesome and outstanding.
I also really LOVED specially the Cosplay Group Competition with the Michael Jackson group (beyond epic!), the Game of Thrones group (totally in-character *_*) and the Hobbit group (THAT fighting scene ;D!). Also the winners of the solo competitions in MALE and FEMALE were totally stunning. Greetings here to the most awesoem Superman ever and my favorite who will be close to my heart now: Saver/Saber from Fate/Prototype *______*!

Also many kids were at the con in cute costumes <3. Here you see me with tiny Link and tiny Rosette :3

I was happy to wear my Archbishop again and took many photos with my new ad old friends :D!

I also debuted my first comic book costume: Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat from X-Men!
I felt really different in a non-anime-character. I am not 100% confident with the costume but I think it looked okay. I still have to make a real shooting with it :3.
 lamole02 lamole-1972

All in all I had a great time there together with everybody <3!
Thaks a lot to everybody who visited my booth, bought a poster, took photos with me, gave me presents and talked to me ;D!
Also thanks a lot to Louis for being the best translator ever!
Thanks to all my awesome Mexican friends (Sara, Jean, Blanca, Puchies) who spend their time with me, helped me with fabric shopping and  spend my free days with me <3<3<3<3!!!!!


You can buy all signed prints in this store. We ship worldwide!
I already have the prints here at home and I am amazed by the wonderful quality! With the photos comes also a signature ♥~
 You can buy prints from both of us ( me and Elffi) together, so it's only 1 time shipping.

Why did you start now a print sale?
First of all, I am amazed how man people always asked us to do it. I was never a big fan of print sales, but it seemed like people really demanded it.
But more than this, this print sale shall help us to rise our traveling budget ! So we can travel more often together . It is not easy for us to meet each other over the long distance. We are both not rich.I hope this can help us a bit. We planed to make a "We travel together"-account that we can use to buy flights to meet more easily .

It would make me really happy if you could support us ! Also I am sure you will be confident with this pretty quality prints .

If you have wishes for future photos to get prints, please let me know! So far, we have some "in stock" prints in the shop. Later we also plan "print on demand" so everybody can get their favorite photos as prints.
Hello my friends,

oh I am very late with this report. This time I wanna show you some photos from my travel to Portugal.
I got invited as cosplay guest for IBERANIME in Porto :3!


On Saturday I had a panel about "Cosplay Performances". Thanks to everybody who came to watch it :3!


Directly after the panel, I was surprised how many people came over to me to talk to me ;3! People in Portugal are very kind, social and friendly! I had a bunch of new friends who helped me during all the convention days :D! Some helped me with carrying my stuff, some helped me to get food and drinks....I was really amazed how friendly everybody was!

iber-1235 iber-1236
Here some photos with my amazing helpers and me :3~

On the same day, there was also the World Cosplay Summit preliminary. The very first one for Portugal ;3!
I took some photos of the great participators on stage and also after their performances.

iber-1166 iber-1171 iber-1175 iber-1191 iber-1189 iber-1178 iber-1210

And here some photos of my favorite teams ;3! I really love the costumes! Also congratulations for the Trinity Blood team to win the WCS! Congratulations to LeonorGracias and Manon-Blutsanguen
Also special LOVE for this BIRDY *____*!!!!

iber-1248 iber-1246 iber-1247

The next day was also really amazing. I could be judge for the cosplay competition and OMGGG I LOVED it XD! It was soooo damn funny! I laughed so much XD~~~
Thanks to everbody who went on stage. You really entertained me a lot. Portuguese are very funny people :3.
I had time to take a view impression shots from the convention.
The con had a costume showcase with costumes of European cosplayers. I brought my Shinku costume for the showcase ^^.

iber-1221 iber-1226 iber-1224 iber-1227 iber-1230 iber-1238 iber-1241 iber-1242

I was a really great mix of Japanese culture things, selfmade stuff from artists and anime&amp;manga goodies :3! I bought a bunny necklace and an alpaca *_* (I named her Princess Lala) :3.

I was happy to have a lot of time to talk to people (everybody talked perfect English to me and was very communicative and friendly!) and also I was very happy how many people came to get a signed autograph :3.

Also on Sunday, I had a small performance show on stage. I planned this performance specially for Iberanime. I hope you could enjoy it Calsara Cosplay Show

iber-1254 iber-0043

I really had a great time in Portugal! Many people took really good care for me. I want to thank everybody who came to take photos with me :3~. I hope everybody had fun ;D!

For the end, have a pretty pic of me and lovely Ana~~~

Yay! A new con-report!

This time me and Elffi were cosplay guests for TRACON in Tampere (Finland). 
We had the duties to be judges for the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) preliminary Finland and we hosted a panel about "Cosplay around the world".
I debuted a new costume: Perona from One Piece <3!


So let's start with Saturday :3!

The building of Tracon is really big and pretty ^^. Also they had a really nice outside area next to a smaller lake :).

I was the most excited for the World Cosplay Summit preliminary! We already had a pre-judging early in the morning. We were happy to have 13 really great teams. It was specially interesting to asked how they did certain parts. Some showed really outstanding techniques. I was amazed!
Here some photos from the stage, taken by Matias Tukiainen.
IMG_3503 IMG_3016 IMG_2966 IMG_3131 IMG_3361 IMG_3176

I really liked the stage with the great lights :D. I LOVED the performances! Specially the cute "make the perfect ice creme" performance from the Shining Hearts team, as well as the cutest tiny witches ever: the "Little Witch Academia" group! Speaking of witches, i got really excited as a bit Umineko-fan to see Beatrice and Eva-Beatrice on stage *_*! I really loves their idea as well. Really happy and powerful was the skit of the Dynasty warriors team :)! Gosh, I really loved the performances all a lot <3! I hope to see them again on video :)! Congratulations to everybody who you make a place :D!

After WCS, we took a walk to see the actual convention. Tracon has many many panel and workshop rooms! So many interesting panels *_*. Also they had a big "artist alley" where artists could sell their products.

tracon-0133 tracon-0135 tracon-0132

I was really happy that I could meet old friends again <3! f.e. this really cute Rarity, who already amazed me on AnimeCon last year with her beautiful Symphogear costume :). Also  could meet the cutest Finnish girl, Ilse (aka Luminescence), again ;D! You see her here with fluffy bunny ears *_*~. The lovely girl with brown hair is 1/2 of the new "WCS Team Finland"! Congratulations, Maria *_*! Next to all this lovely ladies, I also met a lord! Aape was WCS Team Finland in 2011 and one of the best craftsman I know! Everything on his costume was handstriched and handmade *O*~.
tracon-0137 tracon-0206 tracon-0158 tracon-0243

We weren't the only cosplay guests :)...We also Denmark with us *_*~~ (Yay DANMANY united!). Here you see Risa and Shinji who represented Denmark in the Nordic Cosplay Championship last year and won 1st and 2nd place.

On SUNDAY we actually had time to go shopping. They had also a bit market hall with everything an otaku needs XD...Also Eevee and evolutions plushies *____*!!!
tracon-0237 tracon-0238 tracon-0239

Also I found the TARDIS *___*~~~ OHHH so cool <3!!! I'm a big Dr Who fan >////<~~~

I also took some photos of cosplayers on the convention. Just to give you a short impression :D.
tracon-0235 tracon-0220 tracon-0222 tracon-0234 tracon-0226 tracon-0230 tracon-0231 tracon-0232 tracon-0229

I really had lots of fun at the con <3! The organization was really well made. I was really impressed by the WCS competition :D! Also I really liked the great audience we had during our panel. The people asked really good questions. Also I am very happy that i found so many nice people to talk to :)!!! I hope I can find everybody on facebook or deviantart to follow them <3~.



Hello my friends~

Elffi visited me for 1,5 weeks and we tried to finish as many parts as possible on our ONE PIECE costumes for the "COSPLAY SUMMER PARTY" in Italy where we will be cosplay guests <3.
Well this is my costume so far.....



Well some words about the costume ...
Oh my my I really understand now the troubles that One Piece cosplayers have with their costumes XD. The proportions are really really hard to get for a normal human body. The anime/manga has such a cartoony style that bodies are waaaays out or normal body shapes *laugh*. Also in every scene, every Artwork and every figure Perona's costume looks totally different x.x.....I tried to use the most references from a figure I found. Still I failed a bit the proportion of the skirt T_T...the tips got too pointy and long and the stars are too high ;O; was really not easy to get this.

About the sewing and materials:
costume is made mostly out of polyester. I needed this syntetic material to be able to melt the edges. Perona has this tiny bows on the edges of her skirt and also the "lace" on collar and sleeves are a bow. I used a technique that I saw on a costume of my friends, the Rainbow Riders. I cut out the exact form I wanted with a scissor and then melted a bit the edges with a "soldering iron" /…). The white parts and the black emblem on the chest are also made this way. After I cut them out and "burned" the edges, I attached them with the help of "Vliesofix" also known as "Bondaweb" (…) on the other fabric. The edges of the red fabric burned in black, coz the fabric had some black colored fabric inside. Usually it stays the same color (like you see on the white parts)

The crown and the belt is made out of Worbla (…) by Elffi Cosplay ! I think the crown is the prettiest part *_*~~ he did such a great job on it!

Well I'm kinda confident with the result. the shape of the skirt could be better, but sadly no time or nerves to spend another 14h on making it again *laughing* XDD~~~

Now only boots and umbrella left :<! I have to hurry ;OOO;~~~

Hello again, I'm back with another con-report as a cosplay guest :D

This time I went to Istanbul in Turkey together with KamuiCosplay as guests of honor and panelists to a new convention, called "Spellfair".
The Convention was "just" one day, but it was a very exciting day full of programm. Let me show you some photos ;D...

 Ready for the con? let's go!

First I wanna show you the convention area, because it's absolutely beautiful *_*! It was the university of Istanbul and omg...look at THIS view <3
turkey (1 von 1)-9 turkey (1 von 1)-10

turkey (1 von 1)-12 turkey (1 von 1)-11

We enjoyed the great panorama *O*!

Well now some photos of the convention area itself ;D! The convention was taking place outside. It was warm, but thanks to the wind that was always blowing from the sea, it did not feel too hot. We had our own little tend where we could sit and meet people <3. Also we had a great view to see the complete con area. So cute, it was called "Queen's Landing" haha XD~~

turkey (1 von 1)-15 turkey (1 von 1)-16 
turkey (1 von 1)-4

We hosted 2 panels. Kamui talked about armor and prop making and I showed how to make some cool cosplay performances to the audience :D
We were really amazed how open and kind everybody treated us <3! We got so much food and drinks (I really LOVE Turkish tea >///< nomnom!). Also it was amazing to see how many people talked German to us and also nearly everybody could understand English. That is really great!

Let me show you some costumes I saw at the con. The con was a mixed convention of the topics Anime/Manga/Game and Medieval Ages!

turkey (1 von 1)-3 turkey (1 von 1)-5 turkey (1 von 1)-6 

turkey (1 von 1)-7 turkey (1 von 1)-13

We had so much fun playing around at the con <3! Kamui was petting kitties all day long.

At the evening, we finally held the cosplay competition. It was very different than the competitions I saw so far. It was held outside and the stage was a part of the street...but I was really nice to be outside at the fresh air and having this pretty sky over the cosplayer's heads. Here some impressions from the competition.

turkey (1 von 1)-17 turkey (1 von 1)-19 turkey (1 von 1)-21
turkey (1 von 1)-23 turkey (1 von 1)-25 turkey (1 von 1)-26 turkey (1 von 1)-27
turkey (1 von 1)-28 turkey (1 von 1)-29 turkey (1 von 1)-32 turkey (1 von 1)-34

To sum up the con:
BEST con so far this year! The people were just awesome and that location is a blast!
People, if you wanna go to Turkey for vacations next year, go when the convention is taking place and spend 1 day at the con. It's absolutely worth it <3!
Also there are SOOO cute kitties all around the con *O* it's a paradise!

I hope you liked the report <3! Have a kitty in my suitcase for the end <3....


Hello again :D!

I am back with my report about the DESUCON in Oslo (Norway) in June :3.

It was my first time in Norway and I was really excited. I was cosplay guest together with my boyfriend Elffi and my friend KamuiCosplay.

We got picked up and delivered to our wonderful hotel by the really nice con staff. The hotel was directly next to the con (that's sooooo useful for us cosplayers *_* really!). Such a pretty room and OMG that breakfast in the hotel *drools* nomnomnom <3!!!

On the first day, Elffi, Kamui and I had our panels/workshops. I had mine together with Elffi. Our first workshop was about "Cosplay around the world" to give some impressions of the places we already visited. The 2nd one was about Cosplay in general with some advices where to find materials, how to get pretty photos and so on ^^. I still hope people understood our panels XD. Norwegian people are very quiet and shy and I was scared I did a bad panel when nobody asked questions *laugh* XD.

Here you can see some impressions from the convention hall and the dealers room :3
It was a really pretty and big hall with a very good clima to wear costumes :D! That is really rare to have on conventions. Also it was not so crazily full and there was always enough space to walk and sit.

IMG_9626 IMG_9627 

IMG_9630 IMG_9650

IMG_9649 IMG_9648 


Also if the lovely Norwegians were a bit shy, we could meet some very kind and amazing people! I was specially very happy to see so many Doctor Who cosplayers (I'm a big fan *_*). Also it was really impressive to see young and old cosplaying together ^^. Beside that it was a very great mix of anime/manga/game/TV/movie costumes!
Here some shots of pretty costumes <3. 

IMG_9654 IMG_9653 

IMG_9662 IMG_9668 

IMG_9670 IMG_9672


Roaaarrr so much prettiness in the north <3!!! And between all this prettiness, we had some german-finnish DUCKS LOL

Quack quack! XD

okay 2nd day was MAGI day *_*! WE had a small Magi cosplay group with a bunch of great cosplayers from Norway <3!!! I really loved our little group :D!!! I wish I could have spend more time together ;_;~~...but Kamui and I had to leave so early to catch the flights ;O; buhuhuhu~~~ well have some photos from our Magi-day :<! nuff nuff~

IMG_9691 IMG_9676

 IMG_9714 norway02 


yaaaay <3!!! Greetings here to all group members <3!!!

sooo this was my little con report ^.^~ I hope you liked it again. Next one will be about Turkey and Spellfair :D!

IMG_9616 IMG_9603


Hello friends :D

I'm really happy to be in Norway on 29th - 30th June together with Elffi and KamuiCosplay :heart:

We will join the Magi cosplay group on Sunday *_*~~....feel free to cosplay with us from Magi. Let's see what I will bring on Saturday .

We will be judges for the competition and make a panel about cosplay.

See youuu <3

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More good news! Elffi and I are invited to come to the COSPLAY SUMMER PARTY in the AQUALANDIA water park in Venice (Italy) as cosplay guests .

I'm super happy to go to Italy again *_*! I really love our trip to Italy last April for PLAY Modena. Now we will be back for the Cosplay Summer Party.


It seriously is a party with cosplay in an epic WATER PARK *_*!!! OMG plz have a look at their website *_*...they have a parrot show and a pirate ship and and and *amazed* ! It is a great chance also for us cosplayers to take photos in such a location ;D! Don't miss that!
And for those who are not Italian: maybe combine a trip to Venice with the Cosplay Summer Party ;D!

OMG what shall I wear *_*? I seriously wanna go for a pirate costume XD~

all infos about the event here --->…

Special thanks to Sweet Angel for this great chance !
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Hey friends,

I am happy to announce that I am invited as a cosplay guest for "Spellfair" in Istanbul, Turkey :D!
It is my very first time in Turkey and I really look forward to meet new people there and to see how cosplay is in Turkey :D!

Con will be  held on 13th July.

See you there ;D!

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Hello lovely people,

here my little con report for our tiny adventure in Italy.
Elffi and I were cosplay guests for the convention PLAY in Modena, Italy :3~.
A convention about all kinds of games (cardboard games, rpgs, larp etc) as well as TV/Movie and anime/manga.

On Saturday there was just a small cosplay competition. We were judges together with 4 lovely Italians :D!
I wore my Lacus Clyne costume :3~~~

I met the lovely "Sweet Angel"! A very cute and nice cosplay girl *_*! She is my favorite Yoko (so pretty ;O;!!)~~

Also a BIG surprise were the living OWLS on the convention *____*~~

italy01 italy02
Sweet Angel and me with the Owls <3! So happy *_*~

italy06 IMG_8191
Elffi and the owl had some weird bro-thing going on XDDD

Also I met the gorgeous 10th Doctor from Doctor Who (I'm a big fan *_*)! Luca's costume was so adorable...he looked so much like the actor :D!

The day was really calm, so we walked around the convention and took some impression photos. Here you go....
IMG_8179 IMG_8232 IMG_8242 IMG_8234 IMG_8247

Then on Sunday we wore our new MAGI costumes :D~~~
We had some interview on the stage about our cosplay history.

558011_187794961368848_91979870_n 528181_187794944702183_449724080_n
The hosts of the show were really wonderful and charming :D! Thanks a lot to Giada Robin and Lord Ashram :heart:!!!

I was happy we could still take some photos with some of our Italian friends <3.
Here together with Federica Hyrule :D~

Then the competition started and OMGGGG so many starting numbers! I was never judge for such a big competition before. It was really interesting and entertaining :D! Many different kinds of costumes.
We also were honored to be allowed to give a "special award" to a team we like most of all. It was a really easy choice, coz we loved those two the most <3~~

Yamato-Leaphere and LauMao :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Very nice costume and entertaining performance :D!!!!

and now some photos from our Magi costumes :D....

Kougyoku Ren & Sinbad (Magi) Kougyoku Ren & Sinbad (Magi) Kougyoku Ren & Sinbad (Magi) Kougyoku Ren & Sinbad (Magi)

OHH I also have to mention that we had absolutely great FOOD ;O;!!! OMG I just LOVE Italian food *_*~~~....those guys just ROCK in cooking :heart:~~

Thanks to everyone for the nice time in Italy :D! I hope we can meet soon again ^^~
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