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Sumia Armors (Fire Emblem Awakening)

By Calssara
Sumia (Fire Emblem Awakening) armor 

Now my armors are painted. I went for a very soft shading that get supported by natural light ^^.
Of course the photos never capture the soft shadows like it would look in real x.x....but well you can see it at the con ;P.

Armor material is Worbla's finest Art from Cast4Art

Hope you like it ^.^~

Sumia Armors (Fire Emblem Awakening) WIP by Calssara
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© 2014 - 2021 Calssara
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Making fabric part is quiet a feat in itself but this metallic part is simply amazing, I salute your hard work my friend...
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thanks a lot <3
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Do you have any advice for anyone who's worked with Worbla, but has never made a breastplate? 
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watch some tutorials on youtube <3 they are really helpful :D
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Wow can't wait to see the finished product it looks fantastic!!
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thank you so much <3
LenMomono's avatar
keep the good work
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thank you so much <3
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Cool, cool cool cool.
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OMG, looks amazing.
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Sieht sehr, sehr schick aus! Hast du eigentlich jemals in betracht gezogen mal ein - ich nenns mal Set - für ein Cosplay aus Stahl fertigen zu lassen?
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Stahl steht für mich komplett außer Frage. ich transportiere meine Kostüme SEHR oft in Koffer zu anderen Ländern und da ist Stahl einfach VIEL zu schwer. ich brauch leichtes Material um es überhaupt in andere Länder transportieren zu können.
Man darf nicht nur dran denken was cool aussieht, sondern auch was praktisch und transportabel ist ^^.
Oft muss ich auch 2-3 Kostüme in 1 Koffer bekommen....das ist schon extrem schwer XD
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mh ... ja das is natürlich ein argument .. .vor allem, wenn ich dran denke, was es immer für eine herausforderung ist, meine Darstellung durch die Gegend zu karren ^^
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It looks so gorgeous :heart: I see all these amazing cosplayers create these awesome Fire Emblem costumes and it makes me regret I postponed mine.. so much motivation! 
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hahah thank you <3! happy you like it ^^
valkyrjacosplay's avatar
Like always, you are incredibly talented <3
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thank you so much <3
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About how much worbla did you need to make that?  I want to try it out and am also making a Fire Emblem cosplay (also a pegasus knight, but different game) so I was wondering about how much to order ^^;

Your work is lovely and I cannot wait to see the completed costume =)
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I used ~ two 1x1.50m ^^ (biggest sheets)
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