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Kurousagi Mondaiji-tachi cosplay costume

Detail view on my selfmade Kurousagi costume :3!
Everything is made by me. The fabrics are cotton, polyester and tüll.
The skirt has a sewed in petticoat, too.

more photos on "CALSSARA.COM"
always the latest WIP photos and updates on my FACEBOOK page

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can I have your pattern on this costume?
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Sorry I do not sell my patterns
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I'd like to ask if the black part of your costume is the tüll you mentioned in the description. Also, when you say "cotton, polyester", you mean those as separate fabrics for separate parts of the costume or cotton and polyester together being the fabric for, for example, the skirt?

I don't know if I made myself clear and also my english is not very good, so excuse me if you have problems understanding my message. And thanks for answering if you do~
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tüll is the fluffy fabric that is use for ballerina petticoats ^^...I used it under the skirt to make it fluffier.…

Cotton/polyester-mix fabric ^^. feels very soft and is not wrinklish so fast.
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Oooh, I see, thank you. I was watching for good materials that would fit an Akemi Homura costume I'm attempting to do. And I saw your shots and thought the fabric you used in your costume would work fine for it too, I'm gonna try it. Thanks for answering, I think it did really help me choosing the materials... it's gonna be my first cosplay after all ^^U
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yes the best is to go in the fabric store and feel the fabrics :)! there you see the best if it could it or not.
I just really love this fabric, because it does not get so wrinklish when i transport it in a suitcase.
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thank you very much ^^
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Your allways welcome ;)
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Amazing craftsmanship.
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thanks a lot :3
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I love when you post these! It's nice to be able to see some of the details of your costumes up close ^_^.  You do such beautiful work!
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very happy you like it ^.^
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so cute and you fit ok for bunnies n.n
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thanks a lot :3
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Love your work. I know you've spent hours on your wonderful creations. I'm so glad you used the natural light to illuminate your work that you have done here. Brilliant styled costumes.
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