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Kougyoku Ren wig (Magi) cosplay

So here is a pic of my 2nd wig I made for my Kougyoku costume.
Many people asked me on this, so I will tell you how I made it.

I bought a wig on ebay for "Kyoko" from "Puella Mag Madoka". I used more the color from the MANGA instead of the ANIME (simply because I did not like the crazy magenta-pink!).

The loops are made out of FELT with a WIRE inside. then I glued the hair on the felt with glue and hairspray. The loops are separate and are glued with hot glue on the top of the wig. Then I glued the golden ring around it to hide the cut between the loops and the wig. The pony tail is a clip on :3.

The ring and the hairpin is made out of "Worbla's Finest Art".

I hope this helps you ^^.

more photos on ""
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Sinbad and Kougyoku - Magi - Love is in the air by Elffi Sinbad and Kougyoku - Magi by Elffi Magi - Kougyoku Ren by Calssara  Magi - Kougyoku Ren and Sinbad by Calssara Magi - Kougyoku Ren II by CalssaraMagi - Kougyoku Ren III by Calssara

Sharing just with FULL credit of cosplayer's and photographer's name and website link !!!!
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Oh, I love your Kougyoku cosplay! *-*
I would like to cosplay her to, so you know that her wig is really difficult to stylize, unfortunately... :'c
Could you help answering just one thing...? >.<
Did you let the loops dry before you shape them or did you shape them right after you've put all the glue and hairspray?
Thank you so much for your attention! <3
Calssara's avatar
i shaped it directly ^^
YuukiMin's avatar
Oh thank you soooooooo much! :D
You're such a big help! *3*
You're a really great cosplayer and you don't mind to help others. I really appreciate that! *bows*
Thanks a lot! <3
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So cool!
Especially the hair pin-thing-y :O 
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