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WWII Air Corps Poster

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The robots were commissioned into WW1, WW2, and Vietnam, which I've always thought was due much more attention than the fanbase gives it. For World War II, the timeline has this to say: "America Enters World War II. The robots serve the United States Army, Army Air Corps, and Navy, assisting various Allied troops on the front lines, in the air, and at sea. Reports suggest there were no casualties caused by the robots themselves. Although having been a part of a bombing raid, the robots, going against orders, detracted from the mission to save Allied troops instead." So in this poster, they're all being represented as Air Corps but since it's propaganda, it could just as easily have been any of of the branches. It's fantasy to think that a few robots somewhere would really help keep you safe while you're flying a plane, but maybe there's a bit of a Dr. Manhattan complex there with people feeling like America's got a better chance because they have technically superior robots on their side. The Propaganda machine would milk that idea for all it's worth. I'm also certain the robots would not have looked like this during World War II (likely still more robotic than this) and I highly doubt they would have received dress uniforms, so there's a bit of humanization going on in this propaganda as well.

I lost steam for this halfway through but pushed myself to finish it and I"m really glad I did. It turned out pretty closely to how I was hoping so yay for that. From an artistic perspective, I'm drawn to WWII propaganda posters and really any sort of informational poster of that era. I would have liked to do this traditionally to make it more authentic but I don't have my big paper here.

I might do individual ones of Rabbit and The Spine later. But.. I'm not sure. I also considered doing ones from the Axis side that demonizes them.

I did this at a monster size big enough to actually print into some decent posters (like 11.7x17 at 300 dpi. PRETTY BIG. Though it's pretty sketchy when you zoom in). I'm not uploading the fullsize file here as I may use them for some sort of giveaway in the future.

The robots are from Steam Powered Giraffe.
Thanks to Trekkiebeth for allowing ref use of her photos: [link] [link] [link]
Also reffed a whole host of uniform photos and WWII poster styles from the internet to aim for accuracy.
Dust/Scratches brushes: [link] [link] [link]
Extra fonts: [link]
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My Gods... I initially favorited this image because of its generic appeal... But looking closer, I-... I am beyond words. 

The detail on Spine's jaw mechanism. Wow. The detail in depth of his cheeks and the mechanism beneath is incredible, and I'd often wondered how it would move. Likewise, his neck is so intricate, as it would be, but encompassing all that in a picture is incredible. Absolutely my favourite. Rabbit is generally well proportioned but the one thing that really caught my attention was how the cheek vents were constructed. A keen eye can see the mechanism beneath the protective mesh, which I had never considered as a concept, but works so flawlessly. Finally, Jon. Now clear from his usual messy locks, his face reminds me of one I should know. The detail in his decoration is remarkable, and adds a little more character to his countenance. The three of them are just... Magnificent.  
CalSparrow's avatar
aw thanks for the great comment! I used to love drawing the spine because I loved doing all these details :>
sparkly-neko's avatar
You can certainly tell! The little intricacies that you include naturally can't be transferred into makeup, but they give your drawings so much more depth. Seeing how you've drawn them actually gives me shivers when you pause to take into account the wars that the Spine has had to endure. Massive congrats. 
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sorry this is probably really old but THIS IS AMAZING OH MY GOD?
Proxiide's avatar
YES!!!!!!! YES!!!! This is awesome!
ThereallylargeFly's avatar
I agree that this idea has not been used enough!

Please do an axis one depicting them as monsters. That would be such a great idea. I feel like most people don't go into how much these guys affected history.
Lore-Institution's avatar
This pic gives me feels...
Tankian-Fan's avatar
WOW! I can't believe I never saw this before. Great work!
CharlieOleChap's avatar
Time to look at this beautiful thing again <3 
InterNutter's avatar
I have half a fic in my head about Rabbit being a paratrooper thanks to this poster. Most of it will break hearts. It may or may not contain Steve Rogers (Captain America) as well.

Thanks a lot! [srsly, writers thrive on reader tears. If I get this one right, I may have fuel for decades]
CalSparrow's avatar
oooOOOoooo do be sure to link me >xD
InterNutter's avatar
Forgot for almost a YEAR to tell you it's the first story here:…

I have the organisational skills of a diseased whelk.
WakJawb's avatar
I would definitely buy this as a print or a poster
CalSparrow's avatar
Can't sell it unfortunately, the only chance to get one is to be there if/when I give copies away at some event. Glad you like it though :D
Tidleywinker's avatar
This is phenomenal!
RarityBlue's avatar
Oh my god, I love this beyond anything in the entire world.
TheZeiGal's avatar
I cannot tell you how much I wanted to see the boys in uniform. The Spine. In dress blues (well greens you Army nerds know what I mean, I'm a Air Force brat leave me alone!). I can't get over it. And Rabbit in avaitor goggles and a bomber jacket. It's cute to see that they made the Jon leave his pretty bright hair behind (or maybe he didn't have the awesome locks then). 

Your style is just amazing and it looks like it was taken from a wall during WWII. I love it! Man if this was ever to be made into an actual poster I'd get it in a heartbeat. Being the WWII history nut I am and fan of SPG you have no idea how happy this makes me. 
CalSparrow's avatar
What a fantastic comment to wake up to! I might give away some posters someday so there's a chance! I'm really glad you like it because I tried to do some research but it's always a bit intimidating to try to be historically accurate.
zenith0014's avatar
you have made me so happy... you don't even know how happy this makes me... I feel so good looking at this right now... I just... I cant... GAH THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Which reminds me... I need to post a piece of similar Context
CalSparrow's avatar
ohh what an awesome comment! Thank you so much!!
zenith0014's avatar
No, thank you for being such an awesome artist!! you are inspiring for me to do more of my Automaton Artwork! THANK YOU SO MUCH!…
Please, take a look at one of my pieces, it would be an honor.
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