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I don’t really put the “me” in “meme” that often, but each time I saw one of these, I couldn’t help but think how nice they looked and how cool it would be to do one myself. I know I’m bit late to the game, but I don’t care.

I knew it would be fun to make but I didn’t realize how hard it would be. Man, narrowing this group down was a challenge. Some harsh, harsh cuts were made. I could’ve done one three times this size.

To make it easier, I decided just put in people (or groups) that create. Not creations. For example, Matt Groening instead of the Simpsons. So that helped by eliminating particular movies and TV shows. And I decided mainly to focus on art and only have a few musicians and directors. Mainly it's comic artists and cartoonists.

I turned mine on it’s side to fit monitors better. Hope you like it. Make one for yourself if you haven't already.
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I find it fascinating that the artists whose work I enjoy most share some of the same influences as me.
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id love to make on but really I dont know how?