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Well this year I've done many projects I'm very proud of and haven't gotten to share yet. I'm so looking forward to sharing some cool things in 2019! And hopefully I'll have more time for personal projects as well.

If you're interested in watercolor tips and information about my illustration process, take a peek at my Instagram. I post process pics and tips with every video.

I have copies of my first illustrated children's book for sale. They are first edition copies, jacket-wrapped, canvas hardcover at $23 each, shipping included (U.S). Please message me here or on my Website if you’re interested!

Penelope's Perfect Pizza and the first three volumes of the book series I illustrate, Bubba Heard a... are now available on Amazon.
The Bubba chapter books are great for dog lovers and children (especially if you like Frenchies ;))

TumblrBooksBio DA by Calmality
                                 Check them out on Amazon

More of my illustrated books will be released in 2019~ Stay tuned!

Amazing works I have discovered, all with less than 200 favorites! Give them some much deserved love ~

Floating (Inktober 2018, DAY 10) by jane-beata    P.T. Tarantula by mmillenaar  Temeenii by toedeledoki  Commission | Ashberry by nai-yen  Dirty Monday Morning by alterlier  Ethereal by omgitspeeb  Nostalgic place 1 by NikiAndo  The West Wind by mariyaolshevska  Mini Inktober: Rabbit by Gnulia  will-o'-wisp by Lisk-Art Grand Central Station by dualtest  A Ghost Story by alterlier  Onta by toedeledoki  zen by blueberry-donut  sandman by blueberry-donut    ? by blueberry-donut  Momo | illustration for book cover by valuing-a-life  Color Sketch 2 by PedroDeElizalde  calm spring wind by Ebineyland      Deer fight by icagic    Giant's sigh by SkyWheel  Bloody Mary a la Loup by jolly2  120607 Landscape Experiment by RoboChandler  Reindeer painting by Mirnamiu  in the murk by Nellor  Faux by SkyWheel  Stalled Hands by JMFenner91  Vestal by GaudiBuendia  The find by AlessPisano  Old Dragon and Dryad by misha-dragonov  swamp by ferps  Otso by kiusa  9headed Wolf by Checanty  Amaterasu by YuukiMokuya  Inktober cat - #9 Broken by Anna-Talai 
  Who Is This by shadowgirl bear and the night spirit by vonnbriggsGo Jump In A Lake by redtreeme  Silence by yanadhyana  Into The Light by Friis  The Spirit of the Forest by Paivatar    Fill my home by JillHoffman  Noragami by SerenaR-artJackrabbit by lonelybadger 

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valuing-a-life's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature! 
LualaDy's avatar
wonderful picks!!!!
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Thank you very much for the feature! I appreciate it.
misha-dragonov's avatar
thank You for your feature <3
mmillenaar's avatar
Thank you for the mention!
PedroDeElizalde's avatar
toedeledoki's avatar
First of all, congrats on a great succesful year!

Secondly, that's an amazing feature (and not just because you included me, but certainly thank you!). I can't believe all these people have so few watchers with such amazing pieces. It seems I have many galleries to explore haha
Calmality's avatar
Thank you so much!

Yes, sometimes I can't believe how many works I've found that haven't been fully discovered yet!
There's so much talent on this site :D
toedeledoki's avatar
The great tragedy was discovering most of these people haven't been uploading in years D:
YuukiMokuya's avatar
Thank you for mention!:D (Big Grin) 
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