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Decided it was time for another terrarium zoo painting~ my little goat in a terrarium from last year has been a popular print. :heart: Now he's got a companion.

  ~Watercolor and watercolor inks negative painting

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It reminds me of japanese Ukiyo-e (woodblock painting). The technique differs a bit but the composition and color palette is very similar. I love the originallity of this drawing and the execution of it. Colorwise, what gets me the most are the color corrections - you had in mind that red object behind green glass have slightly different color. It's a small but important thing.
When it comes to the general thoughts, this drawings takes that huge environment tigers need and compacts it to the small glass terrarium. I would love to see somebody make a maquette out of this. Imagine that as a part of some kind of eco happening, it could impact both adults and the children. Good job on making such an inspiring thing!
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Wow, thank you so much for such a thought-out and poetic review! Any comparison to Ukiyo-e is a huge compliment so thank you for sharing your comparison. :heart: I didn't know if anyone was going to point out that I tried to subtly change the colors of what is inside and outside the glass. It tends to create more of an atmosphere, like you said, and I'm so glad you pointed that out.

Seeing a maquette would be absolutely amazing! The zoo terrariums always reminded me of a concept that could have been in Harry Potter- something that could exist in a magical world. They did have miniature dragons after all.
Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts- I so appreciate hearing someone interpret this concept. It was such a lovely surprise :love:
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I genuinely smiled when I saw this - and how delighted I was to see there was a series. thank you for sharing. this is absolutely wonderful. I wish you great things in your journey with art. :heart:
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Awww this is such a sweet comment 😩 Thank you so much for telling me that. It really means a lot 💗

Brilliant!  *applauds*
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A really nice piece! Lovely colours :D
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This is so beautiful! Wonderful concept and brilliantly executed ^^ 
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Absolutely spectacular! Keep up the amazing work! Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] big pink heart 
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Wow, this is amazing! The concept, the colours... such an amazing idea! :D (Big Grin) 
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This is unbelievably gorgeous and well done! I'm in love with your color palette :o
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Wow. This idea is really great.
Glass's shape and the details are the best things in this piece. Oh, and use of watercolors too ^^
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...beautiful , fine detailed painting...and great tribute for the protection of the tigers! Animation Wonderful 1 by LA-StockEmotes
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Very accurate and qualitive artwork. I like so soft and bright colors, picture looks really nice! Thank you for submitting to :iconsharpenededge:
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Another terrarium! Yay! Your terrarium paintings always move and inspire me, whenever I run across it on the web~ :love: This one is also very well done, I have no doubt it will sell well :) 
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Wow...amazing colors and gradients.
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Gorgeous colors!!!
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It's a beautiful idea! I love the colors
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Lovely, really sweet.:) Great artwork.;):)
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The colors are so lovely and the variety of plant life along with the water is very pretty. Loving the different hues of greens with tints of warm colors in the plants. :clap: lovely work :clap:
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I love this!! It makes me feel so peaceful and relaxed :) 
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