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The Lady

By Calmality
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"Cage me like an animal
A crown with gems and gold
Eat me like a cannibal
Chase the neon throne
Plants awoke and they slowly grow
Beneath the skin
So breathe in, breathe out

Let the human in"
~Human, Of Monsters and Men

Sansa Stark tribute ~ watercolor. I realize this is probably more relevant to the show than the books but it was a lot of fun to design. And I discovered Sophie Turner and I have the same birthday :love:


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Tragic but beautiful.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
An excellent likeness; beautiful and provocative.
rhunel's avatar
That is incredible! Can you explain the bear please?
Calmality's avatar
Thank you! It's actually a wolf, Sansa's direwolf Lady who was killed in the first season of the show. The Lannister sword is through her heart- symbolizing how the Laniters killed her ideas of love and compassion. The Bolton sword is through the core, where they stabbed her in her home and family. (And also to some extent symbolizing the rape in the show). Littlefinger's arrow is through the head showing how Littlefinger messed with Sansa's psyche and manipulated her to get what he wanted. The wolf represents what happened to Sansa (technically it was killed in many ways) but Sansa is still standing and even more protective of herself and what's left. Hope that helps! 
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Wow, that is very good the way you incorporated the events in her past and character symbolically! Thank you so much!
ElyneNoir's avatar
Lovely version of Sansa :)
Calmality's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
brightrobin's avatar
I don't even watch GoT, but this is gorgeous!
Calmality's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
roxya1's avatar
So wonderful. The colors and style really suit well.
Casapina's avatar
it's really beautiful I love the look of Sansa It's realy the way she feels at the end of season 6 *o*
GreenAngel5's avatar
Stunning and just so eyecatching! There's so much to look at and enjoy! Really like the smooth transition in colors and textures. Very well done :thumbsup:
Genyes's avatar
Very nice :) and nice touch with the sword hilts
DSonne's avatar
Awesome, beautiful job!
beareen's avatar
This is beautiful! I'm especially fond of her hands, they look so elegantand pretty! :D
flamingodancer123's avatar
I love your style, very unique and all your own. Beautiful colors used and the details are amazing. I love your work! Thanks for submitting to :iconsharpenededge: always a pleasure!
middlehouse's avatar
Wonderful colorwork : )
Tigershark06's avatar
You captured her beautifully!  And the symbolism is so very striking!
Calmality's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! I really appreciate your lovely comments! :heart:
Tigershark06's avatar
You're very welcome!
woodlandvibes's avatar
Best fan art ever
Calmality's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! I really appreciate your lovely comments! :heart:
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