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Practicing with some new inks I got for Christmas because who doesn't have ink on their gift list?
Many thanks to PaulaMela for the brand suggestion~ they're absolutely gorgeous! 😍

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Your gallery is trully inspiring, you make great use of watercolor and it's effects. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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That means a lot, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! 🙏

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You're welcome.

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there is such a cute mouse!
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This is cool! :heart:
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Stunning and well done!
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Such great colors; I love the look and the tiny mouse! 
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Awesome, fan.i use or 9n Facebook for.profile picture ? With a link to your profile to your page
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Thank you for asking! I only allow artwork that are not commissions to be used with credit. I'm not sure which one you're asking about.
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This is awesome *_* so simple figure, I love all the color blend and effect!
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Thank you for all the kind comments! :love:
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you are very welcome Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] your art is awesome and I found your style very inspiring!
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Whoa, it looks like the cat is actually glowing! O.O
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What inks are you using???
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Parker Quink and Waterman brands. :D They're worth it- much smoother than most watercolor, no granulation, and they last forever. Just be careful because they're very potent.
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*Parker Quink - yay phone autocorrect that then won't let me edit comments. :u
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As an art student in school I used to paint with inks (was considered madness by my classmates because we're taught gouache and acrylic, and the flowing freedom of inks seems crazy) and these were exactly the inks I used! Especially loved Parker Quinn - they are so intense!! Their blue and green was basically everything. 
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Ah yes, sometimes art students are just too traditional with mediums haha. I think most people would be so pleased with the color and smoothness of inks if they just thought to try them. :D
And I'm so glad you re-affirmed me using these too- some of them I just started using recently and I'm waiting for someone to come forward telling me I'm doing everything wrong and these inks can't even be painted with ^^; Thank you!!
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