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Save the Seas



An entry for *Saraais 's contest.
Based on her original painting "Soulmates Never Die"…

In my mind I imagined a post-war scene, where the land has started to already recover (that tree must be super fast growing one xD), but the seas suffer from the effects: pollution of ashes, excessive nutrients, oil, even radioactive waste. Abandoned fishing nets kill animals that get stuck to them (that's a bird stuck to his back).
The girl comes at least once a week to bring the sea dragon a sip of fresh, clean water to clean his gills (if he has ones? Maybe he simply drinks)
They will take care of each others. Always. Because soulmates never die.

The net became disturbingly dark and bothering in general, I shouldn't have made it so black :facepalm: 

Heavily affected by the documentary about radiation levels of the seabed around Japan after the tsunami, and the current situation of Baltic Sea.
Sometimes I regret watching so many documents, acknowledgement does increase pain (dunno if it's working saying in other languages, at least it's in Finnish) qwq

A3 watercolour paper
Inktense pens (I can first colour with them and the go over with watercolours without spoiling the underneath layer)
White gel pen
Image size
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Beautiful painting and a good idea. I really like how expressive your dragon is