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Sistine Light

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John-PeterHobbyist Photographer
Hello! :wave:
Your work has been featured:
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nine9nine9Professional Digital Artist
Epic work! DD-worthy!
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DuchessofEdelweissHobbyist General Artist
I actually think the negative space makes it look more like a fairy - delicate and beautiful.
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ChocolatecookiecrumbHobbyist Photographer
Amazingly beautiful photograph! <3
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The colors here are amazing, and that one hint of bright red is great.
I would suggest cropping out a bunch of negative space on the left and a maybe bit at the top (better than leaving the butterfly centered), I think it would work even better ... but awesome work either way.
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malaugusto Photographer
This superb work has been featured here: 18 Remarkable Examples of Butterfly Photography.
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All the beautiful creatures which display the manifestations of an eternal beauty and loveliness especially in the spring on the face of the earth, for instance the flowers, fruits, small birds and flies, and especially the gilded, sparkling flying insects - in their creation, forms, and members are such a miraculous skill and precision, such a wonderful art, mastery, and excellence, and all sorts of shapes and tiny machines which show their craftsman's wondrous proficiency, that they point decisively to a truly comprehensive knowledge, and -let there be no mistake in the expression- an extremely skilful, scientific innate knowledge, and testify that it is impossible that aimless chance and unconscious, confused causes could interfere. While the phrase "and careful decoration" means that those fine artefacts are adorned in a way so agreeable, are decorated in a way so sweet, display a beauty and art so attractive, that their maker could create these works only through an infinite knowledge. He knows the best manner of everything, and wishes to display to conscious beings the beauty of exquisite craftsmanship and the perfection of its beauty. For He creates and decorates the most insignificant flower and tiniest fly with the greatest care, skill, and art, giving them the greatest importance. This attentive adorning and beautifying self-evidently point to a boundless and all-encompassing knowledge, and testify to the number of those beauties to the necessary existence of an All-Knowing and Beauteous Maker .

The Rays | The Fifteenth Ray | Risale-i Nur Collection
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IntensivetherapyProfessional General Artist
featured here: [link]

hope you like it :blowkiss:
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mariyaolshevskaProfessional General Artist
you have been featured in this news article --> [link]
Hope you enjoy:shamrock:
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mohdfikreeProfessional Filmographer
OH WOW!! :heart:
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such a wonderful intense and warm colors...
it makes me speechless...
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this is really exquisitely beautiful!

I'm really glad I found it featured by someone.

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Hi ! :wave:

Your beautiful work was featured in this news article : Close-ups of nature - a feature presentation #1

Thank you for sharing this awesome picture for the world to see :heart:
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Hi there ! :wave:

I featured your piece in my journal here [link] :)
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thats amazing .. it reminds me of tim burton.
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PsycheAnamnesis Artisan Crafter
You're featured in this journal [link] .
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ZethrixProfessional Digital Artist
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linedanserProfessional Photographer
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AimelleProfessional General Artist
you've been featured in this News the fascinating life of...
have a great day :sun:
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Beyond amazing.

Your photos are absolutely incredible!
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KateHughesProfessional Photographer
so very beautiful :heart:
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Oh, wow O.O
The lighting and everything is perfect.
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AutumnRaindrop Photographer
I featured this work here:
Hope it's ok for you. If not just tell me and I'll remove ;)
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