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Saber Bondage by CallovesSailorVenus0
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Birthday Celebration by CallovesSailorVenus0
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Battle Field Snack
It was a tense day at Blue Moon command; a young man and his sister were riding out of the base quickly,
"Hurry Cal we need to get to the battle before the wounded are dead," she said looking out the window upset.
"Don't worry sis," he said pressing the gas, "We'll get there quickly that's a promise," he said smiling at her. Five minutes passed when Cal and his sister arrived at the battle,
"Alexis we need you to go check in that building there's word of a serious injured soldier in there," said a Brigadier General to her left. She nodded as she and her brother both went their own ways, she carefully walked into the building seeing the wounded soldier sitting upon the wall,
"Whoa its ok comrade I'm here for you just be still," she said pulling out her medical supplies, "I'll help you out just relax," she said beginning to heal the wounded soldier. She smiled softly seeing the soldier slowly getting healed when they both heard a small thud and creaking noises coming from the next room,
:iconcallovessailorvenus0:CallovesSailorVenus0 12 2
Alexis sad fate
It was a calm day at Blue Moon Command; a lovely brunet was happily walking through the halls with a bright smile. She slowly turned a corner seeing several of her friends staring down a dark hallway,
"You all alright?" she asked looking at them. They looked back seeing her,
"Alexis we heard something in this hallway," said the soldier to her left.
"Was it friendly?" she asked looking into the darkness in front of her.
"We don't know…rumor has it there's something living down that hallway. It feasts off the living, that once you go down that hall Alexis….you'll never see another friendly face again," said the soldier to her right. She chuckled,
"Come on you guys there's nothing like that around this area," she said walking with them away from the hall.
"You never know Alexis," said the soldier to her left, "What if I'm right?" he asked looking at her. She stopped sighing,
"ALRIGHT then I'll go and look I'll be back in five minutes top," she said facing the darkness.
She took
:iconcallovessailorvenus0:CallovesSailorVenus0 31 16
My Gallery, Thank you for taking the time to look around.


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Operative's First Mission (Failure) -ANIMATED by Magnolia-Baillon
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Suomi by cailin020
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Dva yellow by SraSomeone Dva yellow :iconsrasomeone:SraSomeone 347 6 [AT] Shannon, for CallovesSailorVenus0(2018-06-17) by erkal0
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pokemon damsel by cailin020
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So much lovely art work, cosplay, stories in the faves by so many wonderful talented Artists and Cosplayers and Writers on this site.



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United States
Wonderful Photo made by :iconarthurt2015: a very good friend of mine :happybounce:

Hello welcome to my DeviantART page. I am Cal I love writing, love anime and love cosplay no matter the show i love it. Here you'll see various stuff ranging from stories of pure fan fiction to drawings and cosplay photos I am doing. I thank you for stopping by my page and looking around.

A little about myself, I love anime, and love to draw it brings balance to myself, I had to re-teach myself how to draw and over time its been progressing, hopefully to be as good as some of the artists I look up to on this site for guidance...

Sadly with the amount of time i have during the day and being busy working and such, commissions will NOT be happening. Art Trades might happen pends on my schedule and the schedule of the individuals wanting to do the trade. Who knows this may or may not change over time...guess shall see how it unfolds as time progresses.

I am honored to have you visiting my page and hope you like the art work or stories you see from me.

Skin of choice: Stealth Boy
Personal Quote: "S Nami Boh"- "God is with us"
Hey guys coming back to you all with something on me mind as of late, I've seen a lot of artists doing it, and wanted to ask anyone if they cared, if I opened Art Trades would anyone be interested in wanting to do one with me? I feel somewhat confident enough to give that a try, whether it being a bondage related art piece or just a non DID piece. I feel by doing this I'd be one step closer to opening commissions which I am excited about, so who knows if the results of this journal turn out well then opening Art Trades will happen....^^ Hope you are well and having a wonderful week :heart:  
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Saber Bondage
Been wanting to draw Saber for a long second now and had my chance just recently, been slowly watching the series and enjoying it so far need to stop being stupid busy ;w; but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Character - Saber from Fate/Stay Night
Birthday Celebration
June 22nd a date Shannon will never forget, celebrating my birthday the best way she can, by using her own magic on herself to tie herself down as a birthday gift to me for my birthday. This one was a lot of fun a nice challenge against the clock to get done in time. I feel a lot of improvements and also several mistakes that can be fixed over time i hope, I got big plans for Shannon and some new characters to come along not too far in the future hopefully. 

On to the next :salute: 
Bunny Addy
This beautiful OC belongs to :iconerkal0: a fun art trade between us two, I decided to draw his cute oc Adelise or Addy, she is truly my fave of his oc's. Truly had a fun time drawing this one in hopes to improve more to do more art trades in the future hopefully to commissions.


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