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Personal Portfolio 2013 v2

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schön! gefällt mir ;)
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fantastic .............. i like it :+fav:

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Why are the images inside the hex shape off-axis? Also the cyan colour is really annoying and white text on it is nearly impossible to read. Same applies to your skills section, the darker red colour is not dark enough and very hard to spot.
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Also is there some meaning behind the hexagon shape, or did you just use that as a random element? It is very nice touch, if you use shapes on your websites, that actually mean something to you or connect with you on some level. Like using a hexagon would be perfect for design studio in which 6 employees are working.
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thanks a lot for your criticism! :) ill work on that
i just like the hex shape :)
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Oh mean, I just reread both of my comments and I made myself look like a total dick, sorry for that and thank you for taking my criticism so amiably. I by no means meant to insult you in any way. Try to work more on contrasts and typography - text is the most important part of a website (any website), it must be easy to read. If it is pleasing to read too, either by chosing the right font, or simply adjusting the typo's size, you will keep visitors on your web longer, which could eventually turn them into a new clients.
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im thankful for every criticism - np :D

ye, youre right
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A small constructive criticism, I love the colors and the overall layout. Im just not sold on the top page, its seems unfinished (I guess this is still work in progress shot but anyway if its not you know how i feel). Also the second last page, I guess will be a portfolio gallery, check this one out: if u continue the hexagon theme there it would be great.

Those are small details, but I still love ti as it is.
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thanks i lot! glad you like it :)
ye, im not finished yet (i think :d) - i will work on it
nice colors! also the hex shape
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