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So I created this new deviant because.... I dont rememeber the password to my last one :sad:
Guys help me build my deviant back up, Im going to need it, big time.

So much has happened since I been go, Ive been very busy because first I had to find off school, which my twin and I was very successful, we both passed. Then once I left I knew I didnt want to go to uni soo... I had to decide what I wanted tot do.
Which was start my own art business, which is very hard, harder then I was expecting really, lets just say I think I need an assistantWaaaah! Because trying to produce art and figure out the business industry at the same time is hard, believe me.

Good Newssss!!!!

I just had my first exhibition at the end of last month..
I did it, I put it all together myself...well obviously my family helped me but I was the one that wanted to go through with the whole thing and followed through. So so happy :happybounce: and more people came then I thought was going to come.

Thank you to all of those who came along to view my art.Hug:squee:  Truly appreciate it Meow :3Love:D (Big Grin):happybounce:

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