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AHMT #114 - Aly's Eldritch Evening

No underwear version:
Saucy toys + all variations PDF:

This is why these posts are called "Alynnya Hates Mondays, Too"! The great and mighty Cthuhlu has awoken from his slumber and he's coming for our heroine, Alynnya! 

This one was an absolute pleasure to work create and I got to use some of the newly acquired skills I've been practicing lately. I'll try for a fully painted (instead of coloured lineart) Aly pic at some point when I'm feeling a bit more confident with it.


The AHMT series are weekly picture requests submitted by and then voted on by patrons (aka the Rangers). Join the Rangers on the $4 or above tiers to submit your requests each and every week!



Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire updates every Wednesday. Thumbs up and faves are greatly appreciated :)

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Great Job, Nice, Hi
lusaphira's avatar
A sacrifice to the great lord !
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Another sacrifice to C'thuhlu =O
Cant wait for that PS4 game to come out

CallMePlisskin's avatar
Yeah mate, that game looks awesome! Dark Corners of the Earth was pretty good but really shows it’s age now. If you’re jonesing for a fix, Amnesia will hit the spot if you don’t fancy the steep learning curve of Bloodborne (seriously tho, Bloodborne is amazing and in my personal top 5 of all time)
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Oh yes those we're all great games, didn't do well on bloodbore but I did play all the others. I remember coming up with the bright idea of unloading my gun so the guy didn't shoot himself in fear playing Dark Corners lol