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In case anyone is wondering why you'll be seeing a bunch of miniature Cammy animations among a few other things, it's because I have been asked to resume work on the project to create a spriteset for her, update a previous set that is currently out of scale with the rest of the project contents, and work on animations for an original work that I cannot talk about just yet.

Video recorded of the process done for making the Real Bout themed Raiden portrait. Forgot to do this originally when setting up Hwa Jai's image the first time around!…
Part of the reason for a bit of a lull here was that I had a project underway in my workshop; a reinterpretation of the enchanted hammer known as Stormcaster, taken from the pages of a strange X-Men storyline which landed the team in Asgard! Details of the build, along with pictures can be found at the link above.
For cases where I have thoughts and progress that can't fit on DA and don't need a full article on IRWT!
Just uploaded the last of the set, so all three parts are now up for viewing on the ManyNinjas YouTube Channel, with the links below:… <- Part 1… <- Part 2… <- Part 3

Got the first part of what will be a three part video set uploaded; visit the link above to see some of the process behind the Abobo's great anger.
Hey, that's nice! Wish I had something more clever to go along with that, but I'm a bit at a loss; it honestly doesn't even feel like it was that long ago when I set up this account as an interim plan to showcase some of my pixel art stuff as my formal site didn't have a proper gallery setup at the time. Expect another pixel art video on a familiar hulkish figure of sorts within the very near future.… <- Pixel art video done while I was working on the Abobo related stuff, particularly the newer idle animation.… <- First of a three-part gameplay series on Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zen'in Shūgō! aka the follow up to River City Ransom that introduced AI helpers and a few other concepts that would become more prevalent later in the series.
Anyone else noticing pop ups when viewing stuff on DA for the past bit? I swear there's something currently running through the ad system that spawns an extra tab for some sort of 'erasethatdebt' nonsense right now, and I just had that try to pop up again when there was nothing else that could have possibly generated that tab. Checks with anti virus and anti malware programs show nothing out of the ordinary on my end either, so I'm fairly certain at this point the ads have something to do with it.
First off, Dragon's Crown is very fun. You can probably guess by the last few things in the scrapbook and elsewhere I've been spending a bit too much time playing that game as of late.

Onto more productive ventures, just finished off the difficult but fun Rockman 4 Minus Infinity romhack on Retro Ninja Gaming. Got the playlist for that just below:…

For more pixel-art related ventures (which is honestly why most people watch this gallery), I've got some recording stuff being set up for Terezi related animations as well as grabbing some footage for a feature planned for IRWT that highlights an oft neglected fighting game that has detail and animation akin to Capcom's CPS2 and 3 work: Martial Masters. Videos and writeups for those things will be coming late August / early September, likely just after Fan Expo 2013 coverage which will be happening this weekend!
Comings and goings as of late include more Retro Ninja Gaming stuff on the YouTube channel, use of the current beta build of Graphicsgale to further push Terezi and CPS2 styled Geno animations, and general tomfoolery and prep for the last leg of the GTA convention season I plan on attending: Conbravo at the end of July, and FanExpo in August. Plan to ramp up the production on pixel art videos in the next bit, which should equate to an increase of activity on this gallery in the next bit!
As you can probably guess, I'm currently uploading some of the photos I took from a recent convention which I had attended. From here on out, anything where I'm in the photo will go into the Non-Pixel Art folder, while pictures where I'm the one behind the camera will be in the Event Pictures folder. Also, if you come across a photo with you in it, I'll be happy to add any links to your own gallery/site into the description.…

Linking to this on Diepod's behalf; he's been making some rather nice progress on an original work being developed for the Mugen engine, but he's currently hitting a bit of a brick wall in terms of finding a voice to go with the character. You might recognize the rubbery person depicted as I have done some animations of the same character and probably will be needing to do some searching of my own down the line. For those with some voice acting chops, please visit the link for more details.
Well, a minor video hiccup with the Suaveness video set lead to me having to figure out a plan B, which came in the form of a previously misplaced GraphicsGale file that had a very incomplete frame that needed finishing up. Say hi to Project Tens, aka Broly.
This is a post I've been wanting to make for some time now. <- Goodbye coming soon page, hello actual web site!
Now with 2013 underway, along with the entertaining college bowl games to go with it, now seems a good time to mention that over at the YouTube channel, the last Double Dragon Neon episode just went live last night in addition to Episode 0 of Retro Ninja Gaming! -…

Also on the IAMN front, there is now an official twitter account for updates on upcoming videos and other side projects: @ManyNinjas…

First draft of the document meant to tie in with my pixel art videos which I have linked to in this journal before. Unlike the videos though, the page has multiple progressions of the animations from start to finish for easy viewing and download so you can take a really good look at where I was going from one major step to the next.…

And here's the last part of this pixel art video set.
Found an older animation based on Diepod's Genocyde character that had been misplaced a while back, which I felt really needed to be wrapped up.… - part 1… - part 2

The 3rd and final part will likely pop up sometime early this week.
Alright, since I am wont to plugging a few things here and there, I believe now's a good a good time to do just that and bring up some things and people of interest:

KTSHY on DA ( ) - Katie's a talented cartoonist/animator whom I've had the pleasure of meeting through assorted conventions in the GTA; If you enjoy her DA gallery, I strongly suggest also picking up some of her published work such as Silly Kingdom among other things; more details on her page.
Little Tea Cup ( ) - Adriana's another very skilled artist who I met through conventions; artist, animator, and mind behind the webcomic 'Fall on Me.' Speaking of which, if you like the comic, please do pick up some of the hard copies of which there are 3 volumes out now.
Jukeboxhowler on DA ( ) - As you can probably guess from the convention comments, I happen to have come across a cosplayer or two along the way.  Ms. Norman here is one of those nice people in fancy costumes that I've had the pleasure of coming across. Definitely worth a visit.
Kamiomutsu on DA ( ) - A Japanese artist that is a fan of classic Sega franchises? You cannot go wrong with this.

That's all for now, catch you people next time.