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SF2NES Laura Matsuda Mock Up

By CallMeMrA
This is a strictly for fun 'what if' mock up of how the recently introduced Laura Matsuda character for Street Fighter V might look in the SF2 NES demake style of sprite work. Would also be one of the few characters that legitimately needs to make use of the flipped portrait setup that was rigged in engine! Drawn from scratch.
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Impressive sprite work as usual.
Not a fan of the subject, but still impressive.
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On the bright side, at least in this context she would have to go face to face with the original electric green Brazilian that is Blanka!
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Looks pretty good.
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Great stuff in here. I personally cannot wait until I get to play as her!
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Based on what I've seen from an earlier build of the game, most characters seem to handle fairly well which suggests she will at least play competently along with the others, but I'll still be spending more time relearning Cammy in this new title or more likely trying to main Rainbow Mika who is surprisingly fun to play as.
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