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RCR:U Abobo Walking [Updated]

By CallMeMrA
Based off Bannon's initial concept frames. Note I only made a walking forward animation; I had no need to make a backwards walking animation, as Abobo does not retreat.
Update: Well I feel silly now; updated the animation to fix the reversed arm movements. Thanks for pointing that out, NNWW.
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Kinda looks like he's skiing.
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That is likely to do with a minor oversight that has since been fixed with the reuploaded version of the animation, although I really should take advantage of the mistake version to make a legitimate skiing animation.
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Maybe it was intentional but the arms normally swing differently to the leg movement.

So was this a commissioned piece for RCR?
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... You know, I just realized you are actually correct, and I accidentally reversed the arm movements when I began the inbetween process for the leg cycle. We're going to go with this being his warm up strut for skiing. [edit] Just uploaded a fixed version of the animation; thanks for pointing out the oversight.

As for your question, this is just a fan animation. I have no direct connection to the RCR: Underground project.