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The Return - Coloured

By CallMeMarle
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6 hours later <3

It's finished!! Woot!! I'm so happy with how this piece turned out! The colours, the mood, the feel... it all syched up so well!

I was very meticulous on the details for this piece, right down to the sheen of rain a la anime style coming off Lucca and Glenn.

Brushes from :iconkoolkidd77:
Thunder Background from :iconalzirrswanheartstock:
Photo Reference: :iconishidagirl:
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PrincessNadia78Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely LOVE this piece!!! It's definitely one of my favorite CT pieces.
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LeandroyepyepStudent Digital Artist
oh i never thought in this couple before! nice
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Toadman005Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is how tadpoles are made.
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CapcomWarriorStudent General Artist
Oh, I just downloaded CT off the Wii! It's amazing! I adore this down to the very last detail!
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Eh, in my opinion, this picture would've worked, rain or no rain :P Still, it does add some drama! Though.... Lucca never really expressed a romantic interest in Glenn, or vice versa... Eh, dumb comments aside!

Lucca really stands out as a beauty in this picture - I particularly like the details on her face, and how she's been given slightly darker overtones of skin to see how flushed she is. Glenn is surprisingly aggressive in here (I would've thought he'd be more of a gentleman XD) But he is sexy, nontheless. Perhaps the only critique I have is his legs - a side profile of them would've been find. It looks rather awkward from this angle - it doesn't quite seem to fit the rest of his body.
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I saw things here and there through subtle events. The most obvious is the ending if you choose to defeat Magus at the North Cape and after you beat the game, you see him as a human and she comments on him being attractive LoL

I need to work on male anatomy at different angles really, especially muscular men just for that reason.

I'm glad you enjoy the details of it as well.

Thank you so much for the feedback!!! :la:
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This looks fantastic! I love that its raining!

I'm so glad to see some Lucca-Frog! There's entirely too much Lucca-Magus stuff out there. Is this based off a story by any chance? ^_^
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Nope! I thought about making it into one though cause I kind of wrote a mini-fake excerpt :)
Kasienda's avatar
Well, if ever do I'm interested!
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*Ow!!* I thought these two would be beautiful in the game; always hoped Glenn would change back :) Great job!
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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KT-245Student General Artist
This is very good, the lines are so smooth and the whole thing is infused with emotion. If you had mentioned the pairing to me i would have been like "wtf no," but this pic makes me see how well it could work! :D
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Aww! Yay I'm accomplished!! :D
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Yay! I feel accomplished cause of the feedback I'm getting from the pics. If I can make the non-shippers go "Awwww..." then I've done a good job XD

Thanks for the kind words :D
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KT-245Student General Artist
Frankly, all of your romantic art is really sweet! It all captures emotions of true love and not just lust or desire.

And your welcome. :)
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I think we need to be reminded of that. True Love is a beautiful thing to be admired. Sometimes in our modern world we forget that with the instant gratification feel and lust being so prevalent. So I try to bring some cheer to it :)
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KT-245Student General Artist
Your good at it, your art is really sweet. I love your CronoxMarle stuff. :3
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*dies of happiness, revises and dies again*
I love you so hard right now. The couple, the coloring, EVERYTHING is perfect!
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^.^ Thank yoooouuu!!!
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MiyaYoshiHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy damn, I don't even ship this, but I can't deny the awesomeness depicted here. The poses and composition are great, and I totally dig the mood. Very nice!
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Thank you! I appreciate it! I feel like I get extra points for the non-shipping and liking it XD
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