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Schala x Magus - Finished

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WARNING: If the pairing isn't your cup of tea, the back button is at the top of your browser window. All flames will be removed. ^_^

I <3 Cool coloring filters...

P.S. Brushes are from Misguided Buddha <3
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TofunenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ughh, this has always been my favorite work of yours. The whole thing is just gorgeous! Keep being awesome, Lady!
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Oh yeah, you gotta love the expression on her face.

As for being or not pro-incest... well, I'll just say I'm never going to be against anything that is consensual, even if I'd never do it myself.
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schalaplzHobbyist General Artist
I look pissed. Judging from the fanfic, I'm sure this was such a scene.
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Ah, love. Able to overcome the strongest of boundaries, even if they are siblings
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BTW, when is the next chapter coming out for your fic?
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BTW, I have my OC as a lover for Schala.

See what a friend did for me:[link]
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If I were Magus I would have stayed with Schala even if the ocean palace was about to kill us...she's the only familly and love thats left for him I'd rather die with my loved ones than die alone in darkness or just carying on...but sometimes this brings questions such that what she would have wanted from me? I wonder what would you do? cuz as for me if I were to live the same thing I would choose to stay.
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You do know they're siblings, right?
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Yes, I'm aware. I think Square America tried to edit that because in the original CT for SNES because in that version they are referred to as "Step Brother/Step Sister" to put to rest the potential of an incestuous relationship being thought. It wasn't until the PS Remake this was corrected.

As I said previously, I look at it in the lines of Angel Sanctuary and a few other anime/mangas where the siblings were in love; I'm not in support of incest in real life AT ALL but for fictious purposes when portrayed so beautifully it's hard to deny.

A lot of people kind of shunned the idea of there being some romantic attachment between them because of the them being brother and sister but the truth is, if you look at it, she's the only woman he's every been in love with -- he went through hell, literally, to find her and even after he erases his entire memory Magus still remembers there's someone he has to find- her.
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Well, it's simple, really. If people are against the pairing, all they must do is not look at/read things dealing with the two of them together.

This is awesome, if only for the giving-in expression on her face.
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Thank you! And I agree completely... it's like "Helloooo, how do you not see this?"
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I couldn't agree more with you. I'm fascinated with this pairing. I don't usually support incest either, but I can't help but make an exception in their case. Janus/Magus loves Schala more than it is possible to love.
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Janus probably bought me too much tonic. I'd never do something like this. Just look at the expression on my face. I'm smashed! Hehe
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