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Chrono Trigger Valentines Day 2012

By CallMeMarle
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Happy Valentine's Day/National Single Awareness Day to all of my friends, fans, and followers, who love my work and support me.

I've been mad sick lately with flu, so I wasn't able to release this earlier. Instead, I kept it and decided to work on it more by adding more elements of colour and detail.

I was in a "forbidden romance" mood lately, after finishing up some series. I've also got a hankering to do something a little more dark and aggressive after finishing The Hunger Games series. If you haven't read the books, I suggest you do. They're awesome.

This was done in Painter 12, with cleanup in Photoshop CS5

Magus, Schala, and Chrono Trigger are owned by Square Enix
If you don't like the pairing, the back button is at the top of your screen :)
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Mikia87Hobbyist General Artist
It’s beautiful! As much as this forbidden love is so wrong, I’m sure Magus/Janus loves Schala this way. Whenever I play Chrono Trigger and Crimson Echoes/Flames of Eternity, I always have this vibe. I really think he loves her a little to much. (I can’t say for Schala tho.)
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PrincessNadia78Hobbyist General Artist
I love this piece and I love this pairing. Nobody will ever love Schala the way Magus does!
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True. No bond like that between brother and sister. 
Although, they may be taking it a little farther than most. 
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This is very well done!
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Katzilla94Hobbyist General Artist
this is disturbing in so many ways O.o
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But can you look away? that devious smile 
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Thank you! :la:
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Autumn-SacuraProfessional Digital Artist
After playing Crimson Echoes, I started to feel Magus' obsession with Schala is indeed incestous one!
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It's been a while since I've commented or reviewed any of your stuff. This is too adorable, just like your fanfic that it supports! I reread it whenever I got into a stump myself. :iconheaddeskplz:


I have a CT fanfic that seems to be on a permanent hiatus right now... which is also on FFnet. Though he may be fun to illustrate, almost every fanfic on there seems to revolve around Magus. (Even mine.) XD

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You know, I have the same issue. I keep re-reading my favourite fics and replaying the games for inspiration. It stinks having writers block!! 
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I know, writer's block sucks! It certainly doesn't help in realizing that I have two fanfics on hiatus, not just one: the CT story, as well as a Dragon Quest Monsters/Pokémon crossover...
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Absolutely stunning. Wow. I love this pairing and I absolutely love the vision you've created. They look so content. Truly a lovely piece.
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Thank you, midear :D
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XxLordxXdaHobbyist Writer
This... Is... So... Beautiful....
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Thank you!
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schalaplzHobbyist General Artist
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This is just so sweet!
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hell yeah! there needs to be more of this pairing, I love this <3
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I know, right?? Tis so wrong but so right...
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If anyone doesn't believe that Magus had some sort of incestual obsession with Schala then they obviously didn't pay enough attention while playing the game.
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rustedsodaHobbyist General Artist
The artist wanted me to point out something ( ;) )

She *did* create an alternative, non-incest version of the image. All you have to do to view it is press and hold Alt+F4.

he he he hehe
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