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Chrono Shift Art - Norstein



I'm a member of the The Chrono Compendium and have recently been recruited to assist in character design and artwork for some of the fan game projects on there.

Among them being Chrono Shift, a prequel game to Chrono Trigger.

You can follow our progress on the forms and myself directly with the artwork and my photography on my tumblr account. I'd love people to repost the work and spread the word!

Here is the first polished character design for Norstein Bekkler. I started out with just his sprites and a face-generator image and was asked to please go from there. You can see the progression of his design in this entry here.

Power to the Fans!

Sketch + Outline + Redesigns + Coloring = 15 hours</a>
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You know, I wish I could draw like you. My character designs for my OC's would look much better.
Norstein looks pretty cool.
I'll have to look into this fangame.