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CT Beauty and the Beast

By CallMeMarle
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The first in a little series I'm gonna call Chrono Crossovers <3

Here we are with Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Note about this picture:

1. It took forever to find hair extensions that are just like Lucca's hair colour
2. Frog had some padding added so he fit in the costume and is standing on a soap box.
3. We would've had Lucca without her glasses but she couldn't see very well and insisted it was apart of her "character" so we let her keep them on.
4. Lucca secretly liked getting all dressed up for the moment.
5. It took awhile for Frog to regain his composure. XD

Beauty and the Beast is copywrited by Disney
Chrono Trigger is copywrited by Square Enix
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RockmanGurlStudent General Artist
This is hilarious and beautiful! 
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PrincessNadia78Hobbyist General Artist
I love this! I hope one day to be able to make digital art this beautiful! Great work!
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Roushi: Don't forget to use that froggy tongue of yours later on, If you know what i mean. Heheheh!
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....CAN NOT BE UNSEEN!!!!!!!!

(don't worry, it's not that it looks bad, it's just Frog looks so ridiculous in that outfit)
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I know right? ... I still loves it XD 
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I love your artwork, girl! Maybe you and my mother will go out and have coffee at Monarch Mountain. My father just died on February 1st, 2013, but we're going strong!
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FinalFantasyVILoverStudent General Artist
Whoa!This is so....beautiful! *w*
I'll add to my faves!
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Yay, thanks :D
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I Think Lucca And Frog Are In
Love And It's
Nice To See 1 Art Pic
Of Lucca And Frog
In Love
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Miyazawa-LuluHobbyist General Artist
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toonbatProfessional Traditional Artist
Nice! But every shipper knows you should have put Magus in the Belle costume.

Or Robo in the Beast costume.

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No I Think Frog Is In Love With Lucca
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toonbatProfessional Traditional Artist
I rather assumed he had the hots for Queen Leene myself. Of course, he was a gentleman, and she was a married woman.

Though sometimes I wonder if there's any man, woman or beast that can NOT have the hots for Ayla. :D
AlexaAndPinkie's avatar
Ya But Queen Leene Is In Love With Her King So Sad For Frog So He Go's For Lucca
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To each shipper their own XD <3 Thank you!!!!
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tushantinProfessional General Artist
Geeky and the Beast! O_O"

Nice art! Although she kinda looks like my school teacher. XD
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Hee hee awesome. Your school teacher has purple hair??!! :D
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tushantinProfessional General Artist
XDDD Besides the hair color, she looks exactly alike! Hell, even the expression. Once at a class party she was even adorned with a dress like that! But a different color, of course.
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That's still epic :)
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