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Aching To Touch

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WARNING: If the pairing isn't your cup of tea, the back button is at the top of your browser window. All flames will be removed. ^_^

Prophet finds Schala passed out after praying for the Mammon Machine. Clearly she's in pain and it's all he can do to watch her and try to sooth her as her mind is filled with nightmares

I might properly colour this one day. Not sure.

poses referenced from :iconlinzstock:
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JadifiedHobbyist General Artist
I can't say I'm a fan of incestual slash, but to each their own.

I do love this picture though! It's very emotional, and shows the bond that the two had, really well. Hrm... I need to charge my DS. Looking at all of your art, and others, of these guys, reminds me that I have a save file I can pick up and play... I've played CT more times than I can recall, and I still keep going back.
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Dark-LinaHobbyist General Artist
Errm pretty pic but i tell one Magus= Janus he is Schala brother.
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Just grab her and go Magus! (BTW I'm making a game in Game Maker where the main chara is Schala!)
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I know right?!?!

Oooh! I'm interested! Keep me posted :D
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In that part of the game I was like "OMG, just grab her and make a run for it! If your mamma attacks you, kick her ass!"
I love how dramatic this looks.
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I know right??? XD Thank you!!
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Poor Schala got the worst deal out of all the characters in the game.
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I know, right? She was such a lovely person too. I think so many people became attached to hers and Magus's character because of the certain tragedy of it all. No one wants to imagine someone so kind and pure dying alone and without a happy ending. I think it's why the two of them have such a fueled interest in their stories and what could happen with them afterwards.
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I personally hate Chrono Cross with the intsentiy of a thousand burning super novas for not continuing the story of Crono Trigger, but I DO like the fact that you are able to save Schala in the end. Then, hopefully, she and Magus can have thier happily ever afters.

And just because I am an optimist, I believe the Crono Cross resored the time line to it's optimal state, meaning that Crono, Marle, and Lucca never died. :)
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I think the big thing that made me feel better about Chrono Cross was the fact that the one of the directors of it, Kato-senpai, who actually worked on Chrono Trigger flat out said it wasn't designed to be a sequel, rather to open up the players mind to the potential of alternate realities as a result of the events of Chrono Trigger.

While I agree on the concept of "For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction" (i.e. Serge being attacked by the panther demon, in one instance he recovers and live and the other he died from it.) that's all well and good but... implying the death of the three main characters from the previous game, having no time hopping, and no real reference to the original story line until the end kind of killed it as a sequel in my eyes.

I like to think that eventually everyone got what they wanted in the end. I know a cliche happy ending isn't always what happens but... meh after all the crap they went through I'd only hope for that >.<
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I totally agree. And knowing Kato-senpai's view of it DOES help it make a little more sense...but I think what helped me most was going to the Chrono Compendium, reading all the possible theories, and picking out the one I liked the best (the Optimal Timeline Theory) I'ma stick with that one for Lucca's blog, since I obviously can't just stop it at some point and say "oops, sorry, she burned to death."
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