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ARUANI WEEK - Day Six Asylum - March 20th

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ARUANI WEEK -  Day Six Asylum - March 20th

1. (noun) the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.

2. an institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill.

Okay so I’m a day late on this one and will be for the 21st as well but this theme is Asylum. I went with the first definition.

Here’s the back story -

After she comes out of her crystal prison, the Survey Corps and the Military Police are at odds as to what to do with Annie. The Military Police either want to force her to be a weapon or to execute her, while the Survey Corps want to interrogate her, get as much information as possible, and see if she can help them defeat the titans and expand the territory of humanity.

While fighting among themselves, Armin stands up and offers to take responsibility for Annie. He even offers his life on the line if she ends up turning against them and volunteers to be given the same punishment she’d be given. Everyone, especially Annie, is stunned.

Time goes by and Annie and Armin become a very successful team… and other feelings begin to grow…  

Armin Posing Reference from :iconthepropagation3:

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After 110c of manga... wow, this ship coming soon canon.
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If annie and armin worked together.... The world would bow down. His amazing brains, and her amazing abilities, the world is theirs for the taking.
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LeandroyepyepStudent Digital Artist
she is so evil
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eragoncat07Hobbyist Digital Artist
Armin, your badass is showing! :3
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I know right?! :la:
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HassaniraHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish so much this happens in the manga, seriously. It would have been so awesome I'd need medication from awesome overdose.
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Maybe someday...
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Annie's face just saying : f#ck you Armin x Annie haters
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That is badass right there. I'd hate to be on their bad side.
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great,the titan riders,the other team is surtur (aka eren) and mikasa!
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I should totally draw that Epic La 
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oh yeah,now we're talking about masterpieces!
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Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] :heartemote: Share a little love...  More shall come, my wonderful visitor. 
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supersonkuXDZ2Hobbyist General Artist
I'd high five that tag team.
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erenmikasaStudent Digital Artist
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I instantly fell in love with this picture!
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Huzzah! Joy 
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:dummy: HUZZAH!  *raises pint of beer in your name*
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Even the Armored Titan can't beat that combination of Strength, Intelligence, and Agility. 

Nah, JK. I bet he could just punch Annie and step on Armin, and that would be it.
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Eh... Oh well! 
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ArminArlert1001Student Traditional Artist
This is the most bad ass picture of these two if seen
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