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ARUANI WEEK DAY 1: Lost and Found - March 15th

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Okay so… I’m posting each of my artwork for AruAni Week a day behind when it’s actually supposed to be… I might try to play catch up later but for now… this is what I’ve got.


So Day 1’s Theme is “Lost and Found”

Here’s my drawing!

For this one the “Lost” part was Annie.

After she lost her battle with Eren and Mikasa, Annie imprisoned herself in the crystal seal. Little did anyone know that it actually hurt Armin to be right about her being the Female Titan. He picks up the pieces of his disappointment and hurt, and carries on. While Annie sleeps, Armin becomes a part of the new Squad Levi with Eren, Mikasa, and the other surviving members of the 104th Squad. Fast forward four years, Armin just turned nineteen and is heading down to the research facility that Hanji has set up in the same area where Annie is kept. Over the last several years, he’s become an experienced Titan Slayer, however his strong point remains strategy and research. Frequently, he finds ways to get himself involved on he research related to Annie, or finds a reason to monitor her for a few hours. In the time he spends with her, occasionally he talks to her, sometimes even telling her his theories and ideas as if she is going to speak to him.

One day, He decides to go visit Annie and talk to her as he normally does. As he talks to her, Armin walks over and rests his forehead against the cool crystal shield and asks Annie to answer him just this once. When he begins to leave, the crystal begins to vibrate and shatters. Hanji and a group of guards rush into the room, Armin stands between them and Annie, who steps out of the crystal’s fractured remains. She takes a few steps then beings to fall - as she does Armin rushes over and catches her. As the guards begin to surround them, Annie laughs quietly, looking up at Armin then resting her head on his shoulder, whispering “Good morning… Armin…”


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this is my OTP for SNK
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BunMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Plz i want to read another part of the story
plz write more
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*My OTP intensifies*
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LuckiNekoHobbyist General Artist
Sounds like a reference to Skyward Sword..
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Basically how I envisioned their reunion being LoL <3 
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