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[The-Black-Sails] Hera Atlanticus
Name: Hera Atlanticus
Sex: Female
Age: 22 
Height: 5 ft | 147.3cm
Pokemon: Shiny Goodra
Type: Dragon type 
 Slime bubbles!
Job: Bubble Performer

+ Bubbly
+ Caring
+ Supportive
- Naive
- Too trusting of others
- Scaredy Cat

Relationship to OC:
- Venus Willow: Half-Sister
- Arlo: Little Brother

- Wanna know more? Just ask! Making stuff up as I go with this one As I usually do with all of my OCs. Hurray development and making 3-Dimensional characters
- Open for ships and crack-ships!
-Private RPs only, please!



Fullbody x1: 100G


Cell-Shaded: 50G



Goodra, belongs to Pokémon!
Pokémon belongs to The Pokémon Company! 
[The-Black-Sails] Venus Willow 2.0
Double Rose - Poisonous Purple - LeftVenus WillowDouble Rose - Poisonous Purple - Right

Name: Venus Willow
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, Heteroromantic
Age: 27
Height: 5'1" ft
Type: Poison type Fire type 
Job: East Pirate Captain


-Igneous Paw: Her hands heat up to extreme heat and burns anything she touches. It can be hot enough to melt rocks and make it into lava.

-Ring of Fire: A circle of fire surrounds her. It’s used as a defensive move.

-Vesuvius Blast: Lava erupts from her mouth. Similar to flamethrower, but with lava.

-”Hell Hath No Fury”: Involuntary. This is a combination of "Igneous Paw" and "Ring of Fire." This occurs when Venus is undergoing a lot of stressful and frustrating emotions.

Ship Name: The Hydra


+ Loyal +
Venus is very loyal to her friends, fellow East Pirates, and those who had given her opportunities in life and respect. She'd do anything if it guaranteed their friendship, respect, and safety.

+ Open-minded +
Willing to expand her knowledge, Venus is learning all she can as a medic and pirate so she can be useful to her fellow East Pirates. She's even training in combat so she is capable of fighting for them. 

+ Caring and Kind +
Due to how loyal she is, it extends towards how much she cares for them. Depending how close she is to them, that person would mean the world to her and she'll basically radiate happiness and kindness towards this person.

• Flirtatious •
Being a Salazzle, flirting is a natural and useful skill to have. It can be used to her advantage, but sometimes it can attract the wrong attention.

- Selfish -
It's not excessive, but funnily enough, Venus doesn't like to share her things. Especially her food. Unless one's dying and is in dire need of food, she will not share a morsel. She enjoys food too much to give it away. And don't even try to take some candy.

- Stubborn -
There are times when Venus doesn't know when to stop and it can stress her out. For example, as a medic, she'll do her damn best to heal them, even if there's a chance that there's nothing she can do. Now, that can suck because she's so determined to heal them, but it only tires the patient out and could add more pain.

Likes and Dislikes 

+ Sweets and food!
+ Practicing medicine. 
+ Training and improving her combat skills.
+ Her fellow East Pirates.
+ The view of the sea at night.

- When someone takes her food. (Buy your own damn fries.)
- Failing.
- Perverts.
- Illness.
- Disrespectful behavior.


As a Salandit, Venus was an orphan at a young age due to her parents losing their lives to some illness. Unfortunately, they had little to leave her and she was forced to live on the streets, resorting to thievery and being a little street rat. Surprisingly, her thieving life lead her to better opportunities when she tried to steal from this Salazzle named Suadela. Suadela was rather amused by the fact that someone was stealing from her rather than giving her things. However, when she realized that the Salandit stealing from her was a girl, she took it upon herself to take Venus under her wing and teach her the art of Seduction. Salazzles usually use their charms to get what they want and Suadela would usually say, " It's not stealing if they give it to you."

As soon as Venus learned the Art of Seduction and evolved into a Salazzle, she had grown a bit tired of trying to take, take, take. Plus, she still had to earn a living in order to have a place to stay, so she took on a job at the bar where she can use her skills. She uses her charms and flirting to make customers' experience pleasant and fun, earning a lot of tips. With her tips, she was able to find a place to stay, but any extra money was used toward a study she took on. Medicine. Ever since her parents had passed, she had felt guilty and believed that if she was useful she would have been able to save them. So, in her free time, she did her best to learn the ways of healing.

Her ever-improving skills of medicine had opened another opportunity. Fortunately, the captain of the East Pirates was able to witness Venus in an emergency where her medical skills were needed. Impressed, the captain had invited Venus to join the crew. Believing it would be an exciting experience, Venus agreed and is now the medic of the East Pirate crew. Upon joining, she had taken up another study. Combat! She regularly trains with her captain to learn how to use weaponry. She had some knowledge of self-defense as Suadela had taught her a bit for the sake of having to deal with advantage takers. However, there is always room for improvement!

How she became a captain:

Venus was going to check on Sorel in his quarters to find that he wasn’t there, but a note was. When she read it, she finds out that Sorel has left the life of Piracy and left Venus in charge. Arceus, how the hell is she going to pull this off?


If you're interested in more info of Venus, please go here: Venus Willow Information

-Salazzle belongs to Pokémon.
-Colored by Anti-MistaJules Shower her with love, plz. She deserves it 
-App was created by Blacksails-Admin
-Group: The-Black-Sails
[The-Black-Sails] Sha-la-la-la-la-la, my, oh, my!
Cause they're so heckin' cute and the song is cuuuute


Bust x1: 25G
Waist-Up x1: 50G


Flat: 15G


Mid-range: 75G



Jaxx belongs to ColorlessPrism
Salazzle, Golduck, and Octillery, belongs to Pokémon!
Pokémon belongs to The Pokémon Company!
The Little Mermaid belongs to Disney!

[The-Black-Sails] Sketch Dump 3!
I'm only counting those who are officially in the group uvu


Chibi x5: 100G
Bust x10: 250G
Feral x1: 50G
Thigh-Up x4: 300G


Flat: 15G



Sorel belongs to Wlndigo
Rishley belongs to Rexxxasaurus
Leon belongs to Bearonic
Salazzle, Tropius, Yvetal, Spiritomb, Uxie, Reshiram, and Carnivine belong to Pokémon!
Pokémon belongs to The Pokémon Company!


No journal entries yet.



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