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Tell Me Everything (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
Warning: Some strong language because it's Bakugou.
Reader's Quirk: Shadow Being (the ability to manipulate darkness and see in the dark)
For the past week, you'd felt as if someone was watching you, observing and calculating your every move, but when you turned around no one was there. Even when you peered into the surrounding shadows there wasn't a trace that anyone had been there, yet the prickling on the back of your neck refused to subside, warning bells going off in your head.
You weren't scared. Not at all. You were a pro hero and had fought all sorts of villains, but as the week continued and the feeling of being watched refused to leave, your concern grew. Who was watching you? What did they want?
Briefly, you thought of telling Katsuki, but your husband had the tendency to...explode in literal terms. Confiding in him would probably only cause more trouble, and so, you decided to take care of...whatever it was, on your own.
It was supposed t
:iconlordsister:LordSister 229 49
Unsteady (Levi X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read!  ~
Hold, hold on, hold onto me
'Cause I'm a little unsteady

    The wine bottle was empty. The little bit left dripped from its mouth, creating a small crimson stain on the creme coloured carpet and leaving a hint of its strong and putrid stench in the suffocated atmosphere of the room. The area looked monochromatic at first glance, everything dull and grey to match his emotions that seemed to obliterate every inch of his being. The fetid smell stuck to his tongue as if it were glued on. Nevertheless, it's lingering taste simultaneously felt comforting and shameful in his inescapable position.
    After what felt like utter glee for nearly a month, everything came crashing down within a night. A war was racing with no sign of end in reality, yet was no match to the one raging inside his mind. Friends and comrades fell at an alarming rate under his jurisdiction, and although he h
:icongreystream:Greystream 194 66
Maybe in another life -- {Levi/F.Reader}
 “The world is a cruel place, and also, very beautiful.”
   Oh, how true that was.
   A vast unexplored world, full of wonders and magnificent places. Oceans filled with salty water, so much salt that even the greedy merchants of Wall Sina would need more than a life to waste. Seas of sand that extended for kilometers, making you lose orientation. Lands of ice inhabited by birds unable to fly, but dressed in fancy clothing. Forests, oh, the forests. So much different from those forests full of those annoying big ass trees. Forests filled with all kind of animals. That was your favorite part of the unexplored world outside the walls. Some were similar to those you already knew, some were different, filled with different kind of trees, plants and exotic animals, some beautiful and harmless, some astonishing and lethal. Who would have thought that the world had some tiny creatures capable of giving you slow and painful death just because
:iconizahi:izahi 104 13
| years |. levi
 When we were ten years old,  we realized that our age was nearly similar but I was a tad bit older than you. Nevertheless, your mother entrusted the safety of your being onto my arms. You, with your baby blue sweater and the usual affectionate (albeit innocent) touches were the most endearing things I  had ever come across. I don't remember saying sorry to you, but if I could say this once again, I would. I'm sorry I acted so much detached after two months of our first meeting. I don't know why I did that, and not knowing why I did it was the most annoying hurdle I could ever think of.
  You were so faultless. 
When we were fifteen years old, we came across the insanity of adolescence. It seemed to me that you took a complete one eighty degree turn concerning your personality. It was naive of me to think that you'd never change. The way you dressed, talked, walked, laughed, alternated completely. It was even more unfathomable to me why I was so i
:iconhellhuvabutlr:hellhuvabutlr 105 30
Different Child!Masrur x Child!Reader
    Spoilers- Takes place in Sinbad No Bouken 
    S/c- skin color 
    E/c- eye color 
    H/c- hair color 
    H/l- hair length 
    W/c- weapon of choice 
    Y/n- your name 
    S/n- species name 

        He was shivering. He wasn't crying like most of the children, but he was shivering. The water around his ankles, and the coldness within the room made it like the polar waters. She called it punishment, for not loving her. However, he saw through her facade, through the lies. But he was a slave, he was suppose to do as told. But he wouldn't give up his pride... he will never call her 'mother.'
        Masrur looked around the room, looking at each crying face, except one. She was stoic, not a trace of coldness on her features. Masrur looked at her closer, and saw that the chains she wore were
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 92 13
Glass Skin [Levi x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
Your body, your broken skin, the rivers of life directing your life fluid down your cheeks and neck, the strands of your hair, floating in the puddles forming about you,
the tears streaking down your filthied face, your swollen eyes, blurring everything before you, your mind, crackling and fading,
your entire being is glass, unable to sustain the weight of life, as your soul screams, clings, begs to cling onto this world.
You perceive him, a shadow amongst your tears lost in the rain. Cold, gunmetal eyes electrify with the horror of the sight before him. Leather boots sink into the mud as he runs to you, falls to your side. Choking back a sob, he gathers you in his arms, slowly, deliberately,
as if you are made of glass.
Your voice breaks, straining just to allow that silken word to trace your lips and coat your tongue.
“Hush, don’t speak,” he commands, knotting hi
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 149 61
Circles. (Levi Ackerman x Reader)
"What kind of leader..."
"...saves themselves only?"

Your arms wrapped around yourself as you sat in the corner of your office, your head resting on the tops of your knees.
One and a half...
It had been one and a half years since your appointment as a squad leader in the Survey Corps. Having served a miraculous
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 117 32
Soma Yukihira x Reader - After Midnight
Your eyes slowly flutter to life, and you quickly slip them shut. Seeking for sleep to overtake your body once again. A frustrated breath pushes past your lips when you can't drift back to sleep.
Thinking a change of position might help, you turn over on your side. Squeezing your eyes shut and relaxing your breathing.
As you wait for the sleep to come, it feels like hours have gone by when in reality it's only been about five minutes.  
"Argh I can't sleep!" You suddenly exclaim into the darkness of your dorm room. Your legs flailing around your bed in all your frustration.
You slowly sit up and remove your blankets from your body.
"Maybe a short walk will help" you release a sigh, deciding to give up on your bed for the time being.
The sound of your soft footsteps pad across the hallways, as you make your way through the polar star dorm. You unintentionally find that your feet are leading you towards the polar star kitchen.
In the end it doesn't come as a surprise to you when you
:iconmelyssa33:melyssa33 223 21
Turtlenecks (Gaster x Reader)
You could not -for the life of you- stop giggling. Currently you stood before the full length mirror that hung from your closet door...wearing one of your boyfriend’s large turtlenecks.
Gaster was a rather tall skeleton and his turtlenecks almost went to your knees. The sleeves were also much too long for you, not that you cared. It just smelled like him and you couldn't get enough of it. It was like being enveloped like the man.
As creepy as that sounded.
Your grin widened. It was one of his warm black ones too. You couldn't help but dance around, spinning in front of the mirror. “Oh, he's not getting this back if I can help it.” You smirked.
“Oh my…”
You froze in place as an all too familiar voice called out softly from the doorway. Slowly, you turned and went bright red as you found Gaster standing there, as you suspected. He was staring back at you, also adorned with a dark grey blush.
You folded your hands together and chuckled nervously,
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 234 19
A Stolid Love {Levi x Reader}
He was a constant thought of hers.
She would gaze up at the ceiling when night came around and think about him. She would ponder about what he had seen, what he had witnessed.
She allowed her mind to wonder about how he pulled through it all. How did he always manage to wear a face so stoic?
The only thing that expressed his hardships were the circles that rimmed his bottom lids. But they spoke few words. They only murmured about sleepless nights.
If he had those nights often, what did he think about? Would emotion cross over him when no one was looking?
Thoughts like these would make others laugh at {Name}. “He is a heartless person.” “He pushes everyone away.” “He's just a clean freak who knows he's powerful.”
Countless others would always tell her this. At first, she believed them. She tried her best to stay out of his way so he wouldn't throw insults at her and give her more chores to do.
{Name} even despised him for a period of time. She judged
:iconkatsuhana:Katsuhana 194 23
FullMetal Alchemist Omake: Family Vacation by PersnicketyDoodles FullMetal Alchemist Omake: Family Vacation :iconpersnicketydoodles:PersnicketyDoodles 741 254 {DDLC} Thank you for loving me. by Sasoura {DDLC} Thank you for loving me. :iconsasoura:Sasoura 1,632 63
renegade | levi ackerman
renegade | levi ackerman x fem!reader
warning: some parts get somewhat graphic

listen while reading

What did she do to deserve this?
She could feel a tear slowly trickle down her cheek when she saw two of the Survey Corp's finest men standing in front of her jail cell. Their eyes burned holes right through her and the looks they had on their faces screamed with hatred towards her.
"You have betrayed your comrades, your companions...and us." The blonde-haired male spoke, his voice booming with authority. "Do you have anything to say for that, traitor?"
Her eyes darted at the hard concrete floor she was sitting on. She could feel her heart beating frantically against her chest as the commander's words echoed in her ears. She shut her eyes tightly together, trying to rid her thoughts of his voice. 
"But i'm not a traitor." She whispered hoarsely and ra
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 162 37
save you | levi ackerman [reincarnation!au]
Listen While Reading
Take a breath
I pull myself together
Just another step till I reach the door
   What a cruel fate the noirette man had. 
    Inhale. Exhale.
    He stood in front of a metal door, a barricading wall to the other side, the side she was contained in.
    The raven-locked male extended his arm, reaching for the steel handle. He took in another breath, his nerves chewing away at his mind. He was afraid to see her, he didn't know what state she was in, or how much time she had left before her light went out.
    He pulled her into his lap, and preceded to wipe the red dirt off of her skin with his trembling hand. The man tried to keep his reticent demeanor, but his facade was slowly crumbling into his true, broken nature.
    "Corporal," She whispered, her voice weak and strained
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 182 31
Hiccup x Reader: For the Dancing and the Dream
You were flying on your dragon around  the small island of Berk, where it snows nine months of the year and hails the other three and is just a few degrees south from freezing to death. Your dragon, a (Dragon breed) named (Dragon Name), loved to take you on flights but today, the dragon knew you needed more than ever. Your parents were lost at sea a few days ago, their boat sunk by the last of Drago's henchmen, and today would have been their 30th anniversary of marriage. And you weren't able to give them the beautiful matching necklaces that you got from Trader Johann that cost you about everything you owned, which wasn't all that much. But still. You now carried them in your vest's inside pouch, over your heart.
You sighed deeply and leaned down on your dragon, gripping onto her scales. "Oh, (Dragon Name)...what am I going to do...?" You felt your dragon nudge you with its shoulder blade. You smiled sadly at the dragon and sat up, patting it's head. "Thanks..." you looked down a
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 456 99
Spectrum (Hiccup X Reader)
red .
"Hey, Gobber? Have you seen Hiccup anywhere?" You asked into the small workshop, bursting with dragon saddles and flying gear. Gobber's head appeared out of a huge clutter of metal, and shrugged.
"Sorry, (Name), I haven't seen him all day. You'd think he'd tell you at least, but the kid just..." He began to ramble about Hiccup, scolding him under his breath. You chuckled, and nodded in thanks.
"Thank you anyway. See ya later!" You called out, hearing a clatter of metal and Gobber cursing loudly. You winced, but giggled under your breath.
Just as you walked out of the workshop, a large silhouette zoomed past you, and a large flash of red mixed with a white blur caught your eye. You shrieked in shock, and jumped back, feeling your feet slip and your body begin to fall to the ground.
Before you hit the ground, you felt two arms grab your waist and hold you against a torso.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry (Name)!" Hiccup's voice, slightly higher pitched due to worry, spoke
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 64 10




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CallMeCath's Profile Picture
Catherine Tam
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
-[Hello, my name is Catherine.]

-[I am currently 15 years old, and I come from Malaysia 🇲🇾 .]

-[I'm a mixed kid, my Dad is Malaysian-Chinese and my Mom is Indonesian-Chinese.]

-[I speak three languages, English>Bahasa Melayu>中文 and I'm also learning ASL (American Sign Language)!]

-[I find comfort in drawing and writing, because doing things like expressing myself seems to come around better when it's crafted on paper or made into paragraphs. I like to listen to songs/instrumentals and Youtube videos when I draw/write. (Personally, I tend to recommend video game soundtracks to other artists-- Like the ones made for Freebird Games or Life is Strange. You're welcome.)]

-[I like writing and constructing characters, whether they are original characters or fan characters (as I am quite a geek myself) and I wouldn't be ashamed to call them my babies. Being a single child with a wild imagination also led to me creating a couple of "imaginary friends" and personas growing up, especially during the hard and lonelier times, which is probably what sparked my obsession of making characters and writing stories to begin with, but I don't have regrets on that part.]

-[Other than that, I'm also quite a big fan of nature photographing. Encapsulating a brief moment in the world in the form of a photo so it could be timeless and cherished for as long as it exists is a good feeling. My Dad also has an eye (and heart) for photographing, so I won't doubt for a minute that I was non-directly influenced by him even a little.]

-[And I think.. that's probably about it on my personal autobiography for now. Thank you for your attention and have a good whatever-time-it-is-across-the-screen! I hope I can start posting soon, and I hope you'll be there to see them.]

- Cath <3


Radio Tower
My younger cousin saw this picture the other day and deemed it, and I quote: "The Eiffel Tower" 

{F2U} Pusheen spinny 
I don't really know how I feel about the fact that 303 people came to my page just to see nothing but a bunch of my art/fanfiction favorites throughout the past year. 
We're just getting started here
Midsummer Sunset
This picture was taken around mid-summer of last year, while I was on vacation with my family. It's without a doubt one of my fondest seaside memories ever, and I look forward to the next time I could reunite with its soft golden dust and soothing waves again. Heart 
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