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The Marriage of Aerona and Gaius



Happy (belated) birthday erin-hime! I haven't been waiting to redraw this for years or anything. ;P

Aerona Argall and Gaius Apollon. Canonically they've always been a couple, but in recent versions Gaius has had less presence than he had in the past. It made me a little bit sad since I liked their chemistry, but I also know that there are only so many characters that can have screentime. I was still happy to see with them being aged up that I can actually redraw this piece again. Sort of. My tastes have changed somewhat. I based Aerona's wedding dress more loosely off this B. Alton wedding dress with baffling, baffling sleeves (seriously, I have no idea what's going on there, that's why I kept the lace cap sleeve and discarded everything else.) Also I liked the yellow tone (and yellow looks great on her) - to me it makes more sense that aliens wouldn't adhere to the pure white wedding gown anyway but this piece was not canon in the slightest anyway, haha. Gaius' jacket was adapted from a coaty I saw on Etsy, but I like it - it has the same general sort of look while being more in line with what they actually wear and not just...pseudo Regency wear.

This is really more of a spiritual successor than a straight redraw, but that's good because I like this one much better, and I hope you do too Erin! :D Always fun to draw these two, and they're so cute! Happy birthday!

Aerona Argall and Gaius Apollon © erin-hime 
Earthia © erin-hime 
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I meant to reply to this sooner, but...yeah. Hey, late comment on a late birthday present, amirite? Lol.

I always expect you to give me pictures of the main couple, because that would, you know, make sense. Of course I want fan art of the main couple! But then you go and surprise me with the most random couple in the story - he's not even considered a main character! But obviously art of the other couples are needed as well, and considering this is Aerona...yeah. I ain't mad at all.

(Not like I could be, lol. Mad at getting a present? That would be beyond rude. But come on; Aerona? Like, its obvious now. How could you not?)

I do love that you 'redrew' that old piece (seventeen years? Seventeen years? No.) because it had been annoying me ever since I discovered her hand was backwards. I love this one so much because they're posing is more natural and loving. :heart: But it also made me realize that...well, the ring thing, while symbolic in this piece, isn't a Aethian concept. ^^; Hey, world building!

I love Aerona's dress. Yeah, it's not cyberpunky, but she's a princess, so her dress could be classical, not fashionable. And then Gaius is sort of cyberpunk? I like the contrast. It works so well!

(Funnily enough, I had been debating to make them married or not, and had forgotten that I had decided to go ahead and do it. So this helped remind me. :P)

As always, thank you! I absolutely love it! :love: