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Superhero Carry



The file says it was created December 2nd, but I swore I had this sitting around for longer than that. O_o Anyway, taking advantage of the free time that I have on vacation to actually sit down and finish this up, and trying to ignore the fact that I've done a superhero carry pose with far more fluidity in the past. =P (Razz)

When I was reading erin-hime 's Cataclysm, I had it in my head that the whole thing would end with Gabe/Matrix figuring out that the 'dead' Cosmic Star was actually his girlfriend Nova. To me, everything was laid out perfectly. Matrix even saw Cosmic Star up close, and while she was wearing a disguise and possibly shifting her voice (lowering it or not using her normal speaking voice), I thought it'd be obvious. He'd spent all that time with Nova, enough that he'd know her even with a wig on. I thought the ending might be her confessing to him in private after the big battle, and/or him asking her (again, in private--this could just be a secret between him and her). And, like most times I guess at things, I was hilariously wrong. He doesn't figure it out by the end of the story, and it looks like there are hints of Nova needing to take up the mantle of Cosmic Star in secret and do her normal duties as Swift Star, and have a regular life on top of that.

So, that put a damper on things by a lot, but it was my own fault. Sweating a little...  The reason I'm pretty sure this file has to be older than the 2nd is because I had this image of Swift Star revealing herself as Cosmic Star to her boyfriend (in this case, by showing off her flying skills, something that's rare and unique to Cosmic Star). Plus, I really do love role reversals like this, and Nova's powers of strength make it super easy to do in a 'realistic' way. I drew Gabe/Matrix as being too into this concept, whereas now that I've read the story I don't think he'd really be the type (he wouldn't object if Nova wanted to do it, but I don't know if he'd like it or be nearly this enthusiastic) all for the 'gram i guess though

also you ever feel like you've ruined a perfectly good picture? I had it set at night in my head, maybe because I pictured the glow from the phone screen.It makes things so dark though, and I thought I lightened it up a lot. I don't think cell phones glow that much though, even with Matrix's technology-bending powers. Also, man, I knew Gabe was pale, but setting this at night under cold blue light really amps up the pale, poor boy looks like a ghost here. Also I pictured Swift Star putting her hood up as a weaksauce way of hiding who she is, since Swift Star can't fly. Plus, hoodies? Are great at keeping the back of your neck warm, which is a must when you have the half-shaved look like her. Plus, it's nighttime and they're higher up, surely it's cold. I didn't just want to draw the hoodie up or anything.

I was mostly putting this off because of the background. I like Clip Studio's generating a background from a 3D object but then...I shade it?? ????? NO

I forced myself to do it and this is the result. It works. But I don't like doing it. XD You can tell they're buildings, that's all.

also also I used the 3D models and adjusted the heights appropriately and I am amused at how Matrix just looks to be like, all legs. It's surely just the pose but it's hilarious.

Nova Blackburne/Swift Star and Gabe Wolfhart/Matrix © erin-hime 
Cataclysm © erin-hime 
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This is just…I know this has been sitting around for almost a month now and all, but I still get blown away every time I see it. I’ve always wondered how Nova would be able to carry Gabe, and you answered the question somehow. I absolutely love this, and really can’t get enough of looking at it.

The be fair, I had considered having her tell him, but, somehow, the opportunity never presented itself in the chapter I decided to do it in. :shrug: He really wasn’t supposed to find out in the first book, but I had started to get annoyed at him hating on Cosmic Star while she was trying to help, but then he sort of, like, eased up the next chapter, so…yeah. The second book was always going to at least start with her struggling between these two lives, and I had considered giving her an ally from the beginning, but…yeah, didn’t work out, so I gotta stick with my plan. ;P

I could spoil you and say this is 100% plausible, though. *cough cough*

I do love that Gabe is super into it, because he actually would be, funnily enough. That’s the neat thing about Gabe – he wouldn’t give two shits that his girlfriend is more powerful than he is (once he finds out, of course). He’d probably find it hilarious that she could princess carry him – once they figured out how to do it, since the boy is all leg, after all. Of course he’d take a selfie, cuz they’re having fun and all. :love:

I don’t think you ruined it at all! I love it so much! Maybe it’s just your screen, because I can see it just fine. ^^; Gabe tends to look especially pale next to Nova, so that probably doesn’t help matters, but I still like it. A lot. I like her with her hood up as well, both hiding herself and trying to look cool. The whole point of the hood originally was to hide herself, after all, so why not now, too? Plus, it hides how weird her hair tends to look from that side, lol.

I always love your backgrounds, and you definitely always put more effort into them than I do, and it shows. I mean, if this is the only time you do something like this, that’s fine, because at least I have one picture with a background as cool as this, and I really like it.

Gush gush gush.

I can’t even with this, really. Any flaw you see in this doesn’t matter, because I love it and I can’t get enough of it, and I want moar! I mean, sometimes I can’t stop staring at it.

Thank you so, sooo much for this! :heart: