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An artist and writer that likes to create works for both her stories and her friends'. There's nothing quite like seeing a story come to life through pictures, after all!

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Alphonse Mucha
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Harry Potter series
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Rome (HBO); The Simpsons; Supernatural
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Nightwish; Lacuna Coil; Kamelot; Serenity
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Harry Potter series; Neverwhere; The Hunger Games;
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J.K. Rowling; Neil Gaiman
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Pencils, paper, coloured pencils, Photoshop CS2, Wacom Bamboo tablet
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History, fashion history, drawing, writing


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My hips are screaming in agony just looking at that stretch 😂 they’re so flexible and they make it look effortless!

Two Dancers

ahahaha I drew this while cringing at my 14-year-old self's design choices. I didn't think they were good. I just made them look less bad, and 99% of that is getting better at art. Apparently I made the skirt too long, since looks like the original was more like the senshi as far as skirt length goes, but I just...forgot all about that. :XD: It did turn out nice after 20 years of practice though. ;p

I think the only thing that I can't wrap my head around with Hera is the sleeves, in the sense that I just have no idea what's going on there. It works well enough here but it just looks...a bit off, even now. But yeah Hera was Beryl except toned down because I couldn't draw all that detail. But hahahaha yeah, the wine apparently got mentioned in her bio so it felt like a natural fit to put in there.

(The posing was I think @AdorkaStock ? I referenced something to make it seem more interesting, since they'd just be standing otherwise. But yeah, Artemis was the angry one with lots to prove so it'd make sense to give her the dynamic pose.)

Yeah, it does look nice! I'm a little afraid these are becoming overdone (or I start fiddling with them too much so they start becoming overdone), but I an step back and then pick them up again. Suddenly it's fresh and new again. But I think it works with the senshi especially because the designs are pretty simple and consistent. Then again, I haven't tested this theory at all, I probably should do that ;)

Queen Hera and Artemis

I was going to say, I was surprised you waited this long to do Swift Star, but then I see you...actually didn't, you just waited longer to colour. :XD:Not much I can say about her that I haven't already, but it is nice to see a concise summary of her powers there. I know she either doesn't have access to her full repertoire after the accident (or she's deliberately holding some back, not sure which one it is, or a mix of both?) but it is good to see how she markets herself as Swift Star.

The pose turned out nice as well! It's probably hard to keep the flowy feel to some of these pictures (since I know that's why you started drawing these) but the pose sort of works for that, even if the outfit isn't flowy. She looks so serious there, regarding that ball of light, like Hamlet with the skull. But I like it! It's a cute picture and she's cute!

Swift Star

I'm glad you did this because I keep forgetting about Nova's siblings, especially the fact that one of them also is a freaking superheroine. >.< I like Cosmic Moon's design -- maybe it's the high collar (which I'm guessing is intended to duplicate Cosmic Star's bodysuit) but it looks really polished, even while still looking like the "newbie" designs otherwise. The purple colour scheme goes really nicely with her hair!

Also, she looks really good with the glasses. I know she doesn't need to have them to look related to Nova (because they look similar), but I like how the glasses make her look even more like Nova's sister.

I don't know why I find the sabre as funny as I do, maybe because it looks so elaborate and it really doesn't need to be. Any sword would have done, if that's the weapon you want, but she went with the ornate sword just because. I like it. :D

Cosmic Moon

Haha yeah, Matrix doesn't exactly fit the bill for flowy. Although there's some electrical component to his powers (technology requires electricity and conducting electricity through circuits to work) so I suppose if you were really stuck you could find some way to use the electricity aspect to add some flow...although I don't know how you'd do that. Plus I like the buttons you have here, that works just fine. But...yeahh, the love interest has to have some art too, especially with how cool his outfit it. Seriously, I like the redesigned hoodie, something about that chevron shape that just looks really cool.

That and his hair, his hair looks cool too. Maybe it;'s the flip. I like the idea that he can't stand his father and has nothing in common with him but like, genetics being what they are, he inherited the flip. :XD: Also the idea of glowing eyes sounds a bit creepy but I like it. I think what you'd have to do is probably skip the shadows and really amp up the highlights/brightness (and to emphasize it, maybe add a little blue light or glow just underneath/above the eyes to show the light reflecting off the skin, or add a little Outer Glow set to Screen around the eyes). I know you say it only happens when he's using his powers, but now I'm picturing him like a cat in a dark room, where all you see are just these glowing eyes. I know the cat's eyes just reflects light, not creates it, but it's now an image stuck in my head.

Did I say I really like that shirt? Because I do. The redesign looks so nice and I like how you veered him away from the monochromatic look, while still keeping the dark, it's nice and it fits his theme.