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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:14 PM

Celestial Souls

As a child, Christine Schumacher was imaginative and in her own world, but now, as a teenager on the threshold of graduation and adulthood, she has few ambitions beyond getting out of Little Hill and making something of herself. However, there are still some months to go before she can even consider that, and in those few months, a string of strange circumstances occur that bring the past to the forefront again. Alongside her friend Eric Dessler, her attempts at digging deeper reveal something she never thought possible – and the consequences of learning that information are nothing like she imagined. With the two of them thrust into a world they know nothing about, they must try and sort out the truth behind everything they ever knew.
STATUS: Bullet; Red  Temporary hiatus

Essence in the Heart

Ganadagowa is a sleepy little town with a long history. That makes it the perfect place to find ghosts. Teresa Hawthorne is a little obsessed with ghosts. They’re the perfect link between life and death – not really alive, but not some far-off entity, either. She wants to find them and befriend them. She has accomplished the first task many times over, but she hasn’t even come close to the second, no matter what she’s attempted. With the assistance of her grandmother, now seems like a perfect chance to try again.
STATUS: Bullet; Yellow  First draft complete (NaNoWriMo version)

Mad Blood Stirring

Anselme Lavoisier has problems. His struggling on-again off-again relationship with his wife, for one. His unofficial 'ward', the millennium-old Thanassis Kaloethes, whose vampiric powers are so immense he can barely function in the real world, doesn't help. After centuries on the run, small-town New York feels great, and he can do what he loves, helping people. All is well and good until a plague develops. It's nothing anyone has ever seen, and ravages vampires, humans, and werewolves in equal number. As the doctors and scientists try to keep the city calm, the plague spreads. Anselme must deal with some ugly reminders of his past as the city collapses around him.
STATUS: Bullet; Yellow  First draft complete (NaNoWriMo version)

The Sixth Epoch

She awakes with no name, no home, no history. The world that greets her is unfamiliar and alien -- the city of Smytheville seems to exist in a vacuum, a country in itself; Johannes Fredericksson, the man responsible for saving her life, seems to live in a world of his own; "Patriarch" Aaron Walker is the only source of leadership for the people, but even he claims to be working on behalf of a higher authority, though only he knows who that is. Zoe, as she is christened, tries her hardest to navigate this strange new world, all the while trying to cope with her disturbing lack of identity. Her search for answers leads her to uncover several strange things about not only herself, but also of Smytheville and its' secrets.
STATUS: Bullet; Yellow  First draft complete (NaNoWriMo version)

Ursa Major

Calista Orsini is a young girl whose talent in archery is impressive. One day, Olympic archer Diana Ephesus wanders into her hometown, and to everyone's surprise, agrees to coach her. Things have a rocky start, as Diana seems to hold a personal, and bizarre, grudge. Yet after a while, she seems to earn the older woman's grudging respect.

Until Diomedes Kalonimos shows up. Supposedly seeking to do business with her father, it seems like his real plans are something else entirely. The appearance of Diomedes sparks off a rapid and immense series of changes in Calista's life, one that has her questioning who she is, where she came from, and whether or not everyone in her life is as they seem.
STATUS: Bullet; Yellow  First draft complete (NaNoWriMo version)

Aspera Virtus

Michel Benoit’s world is slowly falling apart. Coral is a young girl who knows of nothing of life outside her village, but when a strange man arrives one day, she finds her world turned upside down. Amir Roshan is struggling to stay afloat in a cutthroat world.

When their paths meet, they find themselves influencing each other in ways that none of them imagined. But with catastrophe on the horizon, what does this mean for Cerulande – or the Empire? And more importantly, what influence does the Light-Bringer have on these events? As their fates collide, they must figure out who is friend and who is foe.
STATUS: Bullet; Yellow  First draft complete (NaNoWriMo version)

The Cog in the Machine

Jodi Kawikani has the job of her dreams, working in the Sakow Public Library, in the Teens department -- she gets to meet new people, help out schoolkids, and occasionally notice that one of those kids no longer shows up. One night, after the library's closed, a quick sweep reveals something's been left in the stacks -- an egg. A harmless breed of dragon, supposedly. It's on the government's list of acceptable pets, so she decides to keep it. Then it hatches, and her life changes forever -- because it's not a common dragon. It's a venomous wyvern. It's on government watch lists, and if she's not careful, they'll find out, and then she'll disappear too.
STATUS: Bullet; Yellow  First draft complete (NaNoWriMo version)

  • Reading: "His Majesty's Dragon," Naomi Novik
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An artist and writer that likes to create works for both her stories and her friends'. There's nothing quite like seeing a story come to life through pictures, after all!



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