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The Secret World

My character concept for the upcoming MMO Secret World.

A mixture of my love of puppetmaster from FFXI with my view of a battle engineer.

note: I've posted a link with the actual reference photo and the angle of my legs used for this drawing....obviously with the puffy pants on top it's going to give the illusion that the knee looks funky, so there you have it XD [link]

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Very Clockwork Orange.... horrorshow! 7@=e
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She could pass as a Droogie...though I would need a cold glass of milk to make that happen.
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those boots look to fancy for such a dirty job such as a war engineer..
my heel hurts only by the thought of walking in those...
oh my calcaneus!
artwise..always liked those colors you pick, concept is good but, that right leg is bugging to some point...
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if there's one thing i'm partial's fancy boots XD This costume I'll obviously never get away with in the game mechanics for clothing so I think it's approving for now.

Pah! Heels hurtin runnin around? Man...try dancing in pointe shoes for 10 hours that'll hurt XD It's at times like that I wish I had some comfy sexy boots...*steals them out of drawing*

What's the right leg doing that's bugging you? The pose itself was taken directly from a photo I took of myself..hmm maybe my hip was set to back a little bit to much >.<
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its the angle, looks like the leg its bending the other way.. maybe its the baggy pants Im not sure.
but yes those are fancy boots..
I have a pair of Harley Davidson boots which I treasure... I do appreciate fancy boots.
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i think it may be because I have hyperextended legs, which means where the joint is at the knee cap I have this over extended curve shape down all the way to my foot. Kinda puts off the illusion the leg is bending weird. The puffy pants covering such a muscle and bone structure may be putting off to the eye....and now that i look at it, I agree with you. Sadly, I can't cut my leg off and make it straight XD
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I like the colors! : D
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