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String Theory

I'm excited for FF14....

I hope to god they bring back a Puppetmastery class. I saw game footage today and I was totally blown away over how friggin awesome it looks.

Anyways..a fancier version of the artifact armor 2 from FFXI, I suppose. :P My old mithra character Calliopie. Sadly I retired the game last Feb.

FFXI (c) to SE
drawing and concept (c) to me 2009

Please do not use nor distribute my artwork without permission. Thank you.
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© 2009 - 2021 Calliopie
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simply amazing.
Sorasha's avatar
wow this is beautiful and amazing! :heart:
WilanSerulia's avatar
beautiful concept and composition!
not to talk of colors, love the overall style :star:
Zantara's avatar
loooove it as usuall :)
blacktear-ale's avatar
wow *_* i love FFXI *_*
RinTheYordle's avatar
god the detail...GOD.

DarkChildx2k's avatar
that's wicked Calliopie!!! :D
LaFlor-D-Lingo's avatar
gotta love the effort you put into details, armor & puppets, and probably the first mithra I see with hairy tail tip, only young mithras seem to have it..shave?
I gotta say you've changed the position of the ears and I'm sure I quite like it but, everything else looks delicious to me..
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thanks so much LaFlor :) I made the hat more clingy to the head so her ears are pushed down :3 But yeah...I spent like 3 months off and on on this one. XD Glad it's finally done
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It would be interesting to see them come back. But they already said that there are no pet/summoning classes.

Although the little puppets are making a return, it seems like they'll just be mobs. [link]
Calliopie's avatar
Though the puppets could be considered a type of weapon actually. Since the game will be revolving around such. I am was my fav class though XD

Awesome picture, I love the new shapes they've given them :D
Shawnzy's avatar
Hmm...using them as a weapon, that's an interesting concept, and I could see it happening that way in fact. I still think we won't see them until an expansion though.

I do like the way they look now even more though, with the little glowing eyes.
LaFlor-D-Lingo's avatar
i was looking for my cooking pot, that little bastard has it!
Shawnzy's avatar
Why does your cooking pot have a fluff-ball on the bottom of it? o.o
LaFlor-D-Lingo's avatar
that was added later on..
mathieuryan's avatar
Very crazy nice, great color
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