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Showgirls Hypnotica

I totally forgot about submitting this on here. This is the center image of a big piece I did for the Jebile! cast and crew reunion art contest. This piece is printed on archival canvas and mounted on a huge rustic polymer glossed wood mantel painted with art deco designs in each corner.

The central idea was behind the scenes or who is the showgirl under the lights.

Right now it's hanging in Reno's National Historical Society museum with some other works so that's perty neat huh? :P

anyways image was all hand drawn, watercolors, PS and some vector.

I rather like it
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OH MY GOD. YOU DID GO TO LVA. I'VE SEEN THIS PIECE HANGIN' OUT IN MABEL'S ROOM. Sorry, excuse my capslock. I'm so excited! *fan*

It really is amazing. No one else thought of doing the showgirl assignment in this style, it's really beautiful and has this old-fashioned elegance to it, with the browns and the patterns and detail. :heart:
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aye, was a bitch to get back honestly. It had been on tour for over a year or so (it is again this year actually) so I hope I don't have to go digging around to retrieve it again hehe.

I tend to do alot of old world victorianism mixed with complicated elegance fashion design of the 20's. :3...I'm a sepia tone addict...-__-
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Ahaha! Nice that they like it enough to keep it touring for a couple years, though. Everyone should see iiit.

Nothing wrong with that~ Definitely one of the prettier addictions out there. x]
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I love this. You are soooo talented.

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ty Tom, always wonderful to hear you're comments :heart:
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You are one of my favorites. :-)
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oh wow! this is so awesome.
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Thats really awesome, would make a fantastic print. My Mum is a choreographer and it would be an ideal present for her dancers for a show.
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well if you'd like a print I can get one made for you. On archival canvas paper it is $70 for getting it made and obviously shipping costs. If your interested note me :)
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beautiful, the attention to detail is amazing, and the use of colour. the shading on the legs looks great too!
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thanks for the great critque comment :)
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oh, you are welcome :)
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