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Evening gown costume design I came up with. Did something reminiscent of a vintage perfume bottle.

Personal work for costume portfolio

(c) to me 2009

Please do not use my work without permission.
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beautiful, i love all the details. and the see through skirt is great
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Outstanding work!
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Ohh, cool! I like that it's quite literal, but doesn't appear literal at the same time. I have a hard time coming up with things that aren't really obvious, haha. It's really cool. What would the skirt part be made of, in theory? Just curious. Also, something about her shoulder area looks a little off, but I certainly don't claim to be a master of proportion and perspective, so it might just be my untrained eyes. Overall really nice, as always :P
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Most likely a clear plastic to keep it's shape :3

as for the shoulder...meh it was modeled off a photo of me, I guess my shoulders are off then XD I am kinda lopsided atm anyways XD *craiz*
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love all the detail in the bodice :)
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Thanks so much :)!
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this is absolutely beautiful :D
Check out my gallery!
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hand drawn in pencil, textures and colors were added with PSCS4. :)
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absolutely loove it. good job:D
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