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January 28, 2010
*Calliopie is a 21 year old deviant of many talents, as her gallery of works covers many of deviantART's main sections. Her love for steampunk sticks way out. I bet Gramophone Girl's burlesque costume sounds as great as it looks!
Featured by MidnightExigent
Suggested by TomWilcox
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Gramophone Girl

Costume design for a steampunk themed burlesque girl looking somewhat like a vintage gramophone player.

It's amazing what I do at 5 a.m in the morning...

Gramophone Girl (c) to me 2010

All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written and expressed permission. All rights reserved.

WOW a DD! A special thanks to ::icontomwilcox:: For suggesting me! :) I would love to reply to every single comment individually but I'm lazy, so thank you sooooooo much everyone! Your kind words are inspiring and I appreciate them so greatly. <3
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Anim3Panda's avatar
Wow really cool :icongoodjobplz: :)
Welliame's avatar
The style and the originality of this draw is amazing..I like the idea of the gramophone and the clothes..Woderful
RobinVirga's avatar
Amazing things do happen at 5am! The important next step is to hit Waffle House, shower, & if you're very lucky, have a nap. If you don't get a nap, eat Japanese food for dinner.

Tried & true method.

Awesome work!!!!
flowers-are-forever's avatar
I am featuring this beauty in my journal :heart:
bip-bebop's avatar
Finally, your genius is recognized <3 This is beautiful. But well...that's getting redundant, isn't it? I especially adore the details on her torso and the feathers and things in her hair. It's totally original, which is hard to do with steampunk these days...xD;
Cupcakes-and-Caskets's avatar
dinabova's avatar
very interesting
Preseas88's avatar
Nice! I adore steam punk!
Tavi-chan's avatar
It makes me think of a macabre mardi gras
Flordeaqua's avatar
WOAH. What kind of paint/materials did you use?
I like the color scheme.
Calliopie's avatar
I hand draw everything with pencil and a blender then I digitally color and add textures. :)
Flordeaqua's avatar
kolkhoznik's avatar
Aaah! So lovely!

Congrats on the DD!
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
"Put a penny in the slot, luv,
If you wants to 'ear the music..."

Calliopie's avatar
Ain't tha truth luv!

Ah quartah will give'ye a tap dance.
:skull: This has Mad-Scientist Approval. :skull:

:la: Congratulations Calliopie on the daily deviation!!! <3

.....^ You are hot. ^.....
Calliopie's avatar
Thank you Hyv <333 :la:
Adhago's avatar
really good, congs!
Gazdesnake's avatar
Stupendous amazing work!
Great detail, colors, creativity and atmosphere. For the first time ever I cant find anything rong with a deviation Its perfect!
can you tell if you went to any tipe of art school? and if you know any good digital painting /drawing tutorials?
I am still leaning to paint and draw with photoshop soo it would be a great help.
Calliopie's avatar
I am actually self taught though I did go to a visual arts high school. I was going to attend Cooper Union but I got a job offer for costume design in feature film so I took it. A lot my work is inspired from various things...but most of my work is hand drawn (this one is). I do everything in pencil, detail with my blender and move forward with digital tweaking and coloring to get exactly what I want.

I mainly scour around youtube and on dev art for random tutorials. It depends really what style you are going for. Right now I'm working on concept painting in my free time. :)
Gazdesnake's avatar
Ok ... please dont get offended by my question and if you dont want to dont anwser! ... Lets say that I only work in digital painting / drawing (for videogames movies or anything else) is it enough or would I have to get a second job / part time ?
Is it worth the risk?
Because I know a case of someone who lives in a warehouse because he doesnt know any other professions and he doesnt get hired for anything (I never saw his works soo I cant say if he is good or bad)
Calliopie's avatar
Oh I'm not offended at all! No worries!

Unless you work for a company that pays you to do digital work all the time and or unless you are gaining commissions for pay quite regularly it's not enough and you'll have to get a second job. Most artists don't make it because they don't price their work correctly or don't get the right job for their type of design.
Gazdesnake's avatar
Tanks... that explains why my uncle is praticly a Bum LOL
Tanks for everything you have helped me more then you think :)
Keep up the great work I will be watching :) Literally XD
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