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Image to be used in a painting I am doing. Decided to try something new by incorperating my PS style and cutting it out and doing stuff with it on canvas. I rather like the costume design, sorta went with an Amano approach mixed with my stuff. :P

It's not done haha, this is just the rough draft image, I just felt like posting something to say that I am not dead XD

copyrights to me, yadda yadda, steal and I hurt you, yaddayadda

YES I AM GONNA SUBIT A LATE HALLOWEEN DEV....just gottah get around to doing it XD
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In all my years of analysing art I have never seen such art, it is extremely extrodinary, I love it

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very oringinal name and very
beautiful work well done
-pats on the back- you should
be proud you have a real
telant here. and for your
other work aswell.
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Calliopie -

You have so much talent and I think you have a brilliant mind too. Very intelligent girl.

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aw thanks so much Tom, I always appreciate you're input :D
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Always a pleasure. :-)
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i really dig the pose and the colours. great work
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Oh... my... god... That is awesome! Especially since I can see the Amano influence in it through your style :D FAVED!
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hehe glad you like it ^^
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ooooooo 0_o purrrdy...
i like heather dear
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It has a really cool feel to it, and I love how intricate it is.
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wow, I love this.
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