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Easily replaceable, or easily broekn...whatever this word is that I got damned confused on for my AP winter assignment....this is what popped up in my head.

My lightbulbs easily break all the time, but are easily replaceable. My ideas get put back all the time, or don't happen, but it's easy to replace them later and they evolve into something cooler. My wings have been broken by heartbreak, but were easily replaced by the true love of my life. Tree branches of life are easily broken, but they grow back every spring, stronger and more beautiful than before.

Time on the other hand, can easily be broken with daily life, but can never be just keeps going.

it's amazing what tiredness can do to you XD I have so much shit to post....BUT I CAN'T FIND MY DIGITAL CAMERA CORD!!! rrwwaaarggg....!!! >:3

well something new for now, hope it pleasures teh eyes and such.

don't steal my art or I'll eat you...or sue you. You can do so much better.
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i don't have any idea of what's that but is cool
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Wonderful - simply wonderful !
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Uwa...I utterly and completely LOVE this piece. *sighs* It's no wonder you've got everyone eager to get you into their school. XD

Keep it up, as always, dearie...seriously, I always feel inspired when I see your work. ^^

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wow, like..only person to give me a comment on this one....I lurve you Jurei >.< :heart: Glad i can be inspireing ^^
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:? I thought that was "frangible"
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i think our teacher misspelled it or something..she gave us "Fangible" though...says it means the same thing i guess XD if not i used the closest word to it and it was "Frangible"
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